Companies that specialize in lead generation are crucial in the creation of leads for businesses. They offer many ways to find leads. Therefore, before moving on, it is important that we understand the fundamental ideas behind lead creation.

Lets start by defining what Lead means.

Leads are individuals or businesses who are or may become interested in purchasing a product.

There are numerous types of leads. Such as:

New leads:

These are those who have expressed interest or members of the audience who have visited the website and given their email addresses for updates.

Working leads:

Those people or leads who are currently speaking with a corporate representative about a product come into this group.

Nurturing Leads:

Leads that are being nurtured are those that are interested in purchasing the goods or services but arent ready to do so yet. Because they require ongoing nurturing through offers or product knowledge, these leads are also known as nurturing leads.

Unqualified leads:

These are leads that have absolutely no interest in purchasing your goods or services.

Qualified Leads:

Leads that are currently interested in purchasing your product or service are known as qualified leads. These also go by the name sales leads.

Finding prospects who might purchase a product or service, or luring those who have expressed interest in it, is referred to as a lead generation. You can generate leads either for free through SEO or by spending money on marketing.

There are two types of lead generation:

  • Inbound Lead Generation
  • Outbound Lead Generation

Now, let’s jump into exploring the Top 10 Best Lead Generation Companies Of Recent Times:


Best for generating valid leads from various online platforms. 

Who are they?  They are a small group of initiators who are thriving to help people worldwide and make their lives easier and more augmented. Their mother company is called UpStal where this product was made. They aim to help their audiences generate leads for the growth of their businesses. LeadStal is a b2b lead generation tool that helps in extracting information from various online platforms just in a minute without any cost and single lines of coding knowledge. It gives you an ultra-fast lead collection with authentic information. Rest assured that they have an experienced team that designed this tool with utmost care so that it is very user-friendly and flexible. Lets get you familiar with their tools for you to generate leads through them:

LeadStal Tools:

How to use Gmaps by LeadStal to generate leads? 

1. Install the extension by clicking the Add to Chrome button. 

2. Go to Google map and search for a business like Beauticians in New York, US 

3. Click on the Generate Leads button, which will be shown beside the search results. 

4. Done! Now wait some time, it will scrape data from Google Maps and show you the result on the LeadStal result page.

 5. You can easily filter businesses from the result page and extract your google map data as a CSV file. 

This google maps extractor tool extracts Business Names, Subtitles, Categories, Addresses, Phones, Reviews, Ratings, Total Reviews, Positive Reviews, Negative Reviews, Websites, Social Media like (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube), and Valid Emails.

Rest assured that we provide valid email addresses and contacts which are still in use so connecting with our leads will lead you somewhere. Our metaverse is growing bigger and bigger every day so when you enter into our metaverse you will merge yourself with it and that will lead you to more leads. 

What is a Pinterest scraper by LeadStal?

A Pinterest Scraper is an extracting tool that scrapes information about users, posts, pins, shares, etc on Pinterest. It automatically gathers data from this image-sharing and social media service designed to enable the saving and discovery of images, animated GIFs, and videos. 

How to extract data from Pinterest?

You can download our LeadStal extension and add it to your browser. After adding our extension to your browser when you will visit Pinterest and want to extract data from it then you can search for any specific topic in Pinterest and then you can click on our LeadStal button and our software will generate the leads for you, you can also filter the results according to your choice by customization. 

There is another way as well to extract data, and that is - you can visit a profile of your choice and you can get the list of that profiles followers and who he/she follows with their email id and social media handles. You can also export the list as a .csv file to use later on. 

IG Scrapper and Email Finder By LeadStal:

Instagram Scrapper search results can be scraped for all forms of Instagram information. It may also scrape information about Instagram followers and followings, along with likes, comments, hashtags, and location, from any profile that is searched. Users of Instagram and advertisers are permitted to download CSV files that contain information from various companies. The following data will be included in this tool:

  • Username 
  • Display Picture 
  • Full Name
  • Profile confidentiality
  • Number of Followers 
  • Number of Followed
  • Average Likes and Comments
  • User Bio
  • Estimated Post Engagement
  • Post Price
  • Story Price
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Location

Email Validator: 

LeadStal Email Validator is a real-time email authentication tool that can be used to check and verify your single and mass email lists. Its very user-friendly software. Simply type in your email address and press the check button. It displays whether the email address is legitimate or not. Any email address can be authenticated using our brilliant email validator.


There are two unique types of features; One is a free single email address validator, which allows you to authenticate single emails online. 

Two, a mass email address validator,  that enables you to paste a maximum list of 100 email addresses or upload a list of .csv files with numerous email addresses. Youll also be able to export your desired list into a .csv file according to your search in exchange for a fee for this premium feature. With a single click, it will check your inputted email addresses just in a sec. 

Valid Emails:

You can check the validity of your desired email addresses in this powerful tool. It will show you the authenticity of email addresses whether theyre valid or invalid. We offer you legit results so you wont have to worry about a bounce back!

Email Finder:

LeadStal Email Finder retrieves emails from any website or company with a simple click! Anyone can easily search for any valid email and export it in a CSV file with the aid of our robust email finder tool.

And whats the easiest way to use this websites email finder? Simple: Simply enter your desired domain name (for example, and click the Find Emails button. Youll receive all of the domains contact emails.


There are two different features, one is the Website Email Finder and the other is the Personal Email Finder.

In Website Email Finder, if you enter any companys official and valid website into the box below, youll be able to obtain their email addresses. You can either search for a single entry or multiple entries. You can also upload a list of entries into a .csv file and also export your desired results into a .csv file to save for later.

And in the Personal Email Finder, youll be able to find an employees personal email address company. All you have to do is put that persons valid first and last names and their companys website. 

Find Emails:

This tool not only finds the email addresses of a company or a person but also validates them. Our tool always provides you with an authentic email address with a 0% bounce-back rate!

LeadStal Email Template:

Our LeadStal Email Template is a tool that helps you to find various types of email formats that you can copy and use to write your own email, all you have to do is replace the sentences or words with your own. 
Description: Struggling to write emails? Worry no more! LeadStal Email Template is here to help you. We provide various kinds of email formats that you can copy and write your own email, just copy the formats and insert your own writings into it with a simple click.


Ultra Fast Lead Collection:

They are the fastest in the business when it comes to gathering leads. There is no need to sit in front of your computer for hours to get your following list.

Laser-targeted Emails:

Sick and tired of leads that dont fit your company? Theyll present you with the most appropriate options. Thus, more of those prospects end up becoming open-wallet customers.

No Email Bounces:

Sick of emailing nonexistent email addresses? Well, thats it for now. Theyll test to see if each lead is real before sending you the emails.

Unbelievable Prices:

Their rivals perform comparable work for 10X or more of what they charge. However, while working with them, you can get better service at a much lower price.

Technical expertise is not required:

There are way too many sophisticated tools. But theyre unique. Anybody, regardless of their professional expertise, can utilize this tool with ease.

Multiple Platforms:

For the purpose of generating leads, we created solutions for a variety of platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Maps. We created unique tools for each platform so you could use them with ease.


$9.99/M2800 Credits/Month
$35/M10,000 Credits/Month
$250/M100,000 Credits/Month
Fact:1 Credit = 1 Authentic lead you wont be charged by LeadStal for any false leads. If your lead had email addresses, phone numbers, or both, they would only charge you one credit.

Judgment: They are one of the great tools to use for generating leads with low pricing. 


Best for improving email deliverability rate.

Belkins is a lead-generating company that aids users in obtaining leads, email deliverability, scheduling appointments, translating MQL to SQL, and many other tasks. It assists in giving everything required to create a sales funnel, including creating a list of qualified leads and scheduling meetings with them.


  • On your behalf, they make contact and schedule appointments with the prospects.
  • Offers skilled copywriters and sales development representatives (SDRs).
  • Generates leads and aids in finding the best leads possible by using all available paid or free sources.
  • Offers deliverability services for emails.
  • Connect with potential clients on LinkedIn by sharing influencer marketing tactics.


Contact for pricingStartup6+Appointments
If your company is new to lead generation, it is best to take extra care with the initial steps. This entry-level starter package for establishing outbound appointments can assist create initial opportunities through this channel and demonstrate to the client value and value for money. To deliver scheduled appointments, we will employ email that has been supplemented with manual lead research.
Contact for pricingGrowth10+Appointments
The most efficient outbound appointment-setting strategy that will maximize your marketing budget. Email marketing improved with manual lead research is included in the pricing package, as is a team consisting of a senior SDR, an AM, and a copywriter who will use the best methods available to schedule appointments on the clients behalf. Power up the generation of B2B leads with one of our special packages.
Contact for pricingGrowth Plus30+appointments
You may maximize the effectiveness of your lead generation campaign with the help of our highest-performing package. Find fresh opportunities for your agencys expansion. With 3 SDRs, 4,500 leads, and about 30 appointments scheduled per month, you may generate a quick return on investment in the first three months. Right away, take your B2B lead generation to a new level.

Judgment: Belkins is recommended due to its features that let sales teams focus more on closing deals or converting leads rather than on problems associated with those leads, such as correcting email deliverability and setting appointments.

CIENCE Technologies:

Best for services with coordinated outbound traffic.

An outbound automation provided by Cience Technologies aids in the expansion of pipelines. It offers a number of features that enable the sales force to focus solely on closing deals while leaving all other tasks to the agency. They offer outbound SDR, inbound SDR, and SRM services in addition to sales data solutions.


  • With the use of cutting-edge technologies, obtain precise data on the intended audience.
  • Utilizes qualified appointments to create sales pipelines.
  • Provides each SDR team with a data researcher, message specialist, account manager, project manager, etc.
  • Different aspects allow Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to be transformed into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs).
  • Connects HubSpot CRM with the leads data.


You have to visit their website and contact them for pricing.

Judgment: The most effective use of Cience technologies is coordinated outbound, which involves coordinating the use of numerous channels to reach people, including phone, email, online, pre-targeting ads, LinkedIn, and other channels.


Best for delivering MQLs and SQLs.

SalesAladin is a lead-generating company that helps businesses expand by offering a range of revenue growth solutions and promotional efforts. B2B appointment setup, lead generation, outsourced sales, outbound SDRs, account-based marketing, content strategy, website redesign, and development are a few of the services it provides.


  • It assists with market research for premium accounts in accordance with the ICPs of the client (Ideal Customer Profiles)
  • Offers a global B2B appointment-setting service using MQLs and SQLs.
  • Creates a clients website with prospects in mind.
  • Offers a range of Mar-tech solutions, including combining sales and marketing tools.


$800 per monthStart-ups
$1200 per monthSMB
$2000 per monthEnterprise
$100 per monthSilver
$250 per monthGold
$500 per monthPlatinum

Judgment: According to the clients ICPs, SalesAladin is advised for arranging appointments with high-quality MQLs and SQLs.


Ideal for generating organic traffic.

The agency Terakeet offers its useful services in order to get the most organic traffic possible to the clients website. It makes use of its unique search engine optimization techniques. Improved brand and reputation management, cheaper acquisition costs, and better return on investment are all ensured.


  • Gives clients solutions for business search engine optimization to increase website traffic.
  • Offers strategies for managing reputation and branding.
  • Continually educating leads about the product and nurturing them can help you generate more leads and keep current ones.
  • Boosts the quality of the content to attract visitors and potential buyers to your website.
  • Increases online product sales by bringing in between 2 and 5 times more organic visitors through SEO.

Judgment: Terakeet is suggested for SEO tactics that assist businesses in maximizing organic website traffic. Lower acquisition costs and a higher rate of return or more income are the results.


You have to contact Tarakeet to know their pricing on their website.

Most effective for unique lead generation campaigns. is a lead generation company that assists its users by formulating plans for targeted prospects in order to move them through the sales process, qualify the leads, and then repeat the process.

They offer a number of crucial services, including appointment setup, sponsored search engine marketing, email marketing, website construction, content distribution, and the generation of whitepapers.


  • Use SEO methods to drive the most organic traffic possible to your website.
  • Offers a toll-free number and a call-tracking function that allows you to monitor and/or record all incoming calls.
  • Offers a range of creative services, including developing original content, branding, inventive advertising campaigns, etc.
  • Creates a website that grows from a beautiful appearance to useful information.
  • It assists with lead follow-ups, such as immediate follow-up, lead scoring, and lead nurturing using automation.


Contact them on their website for pricing details.
Judgment: This business comes highly recommended because it offers a variety of lead generation options. It includes all of the features that other businesses jointly provide. The companys creative services, which include building landing pages for useful information, are its strongest offering.


Best for database management programs and online event promotion.

A collection of lead management tools is called Callbox. It offers a range of services, including lead generation for B2B companies, account-based marketing, database solutions, cross-border marketing, webinar, virtual event marketing, and event marketing services. Utilizing a variety of channels, such as email, voice, social media, chat, websites, and webinars, helps firms expand more quickly.


  • By making meetings, delivers the clients with high-quality leads, contacts, and accounts.
  • Identifies grows, engages, and converts the targeted accounts to provide account-based marketing.
  • Offers a range of sales database solutions, including targeted lists, client profiling, and data cleansing.
  • Offers event management services at all stages, from planning a campaign to marketing the event after it has taken place.
  • Organizes virtual events, such as webinars.
  • Expands the clients business into new markets on a worldwide scale.


Contact them for pricing.

Judgment: Callbox is endorsed for its capabilities, including its database and event management solutions. With the help of these features, you can concentrate solely on converting the highest number of high-quality leads into sales. They take care of everything else, including finding and scheduling high-quality leads.

Visitor Queue:

Best for identifying website visitors.

A lead generation company called Visitor Queue creates contact and make profiles on social media for information for visitors on behalf of its clients. By providing a range of lead management services, such as lead classification, lead hiding, lead exporting, lead archiving, and lead auto-assignment, it aids in lead management.


  • Contains all of the visitors contact information on your website.
  • Gives details about leads website visits, including how long they stayed on each page and other details.
  • Connections to the social media pages of the visiting company are provided.
  • Manages leads by offering features like lead classification, lead concealing, lead exporting, lead archiving, lead auto-assignment, etc.
  • Connects to numerous other applications, including Slack, Salesforce, Zapier, Salesloop, and HubSpot.


$39 per month100 leads
$79 per month300 leads
$99 per month500 leads
$169 per month1000 leads
$249 per month2000 leads
contact for pricing.For more than 2000 leads

Judgment: This company is suggested for identifying website visitors because it offers all information on the visitors contact details, social media accounts, duration of time spent on the website, most popular page, etc.

Salesify HTTP:

For full-funnel solutions, its the best.

Also known as Ziff Davis Performance Marketing, Salesify HTTP (ZDPM). From lead generation to customer acquisition, they offer full-funnel solutions. They identify and engage with your prospects based on your ICPs.


  • Gives the client access to use lead data.
  • Reaches out to potential customers to interest them in your brand.
  • Connects with them through a variety of ways in order to produce quality leads.
  • Enhances the profile of accounts through strategic account management and account-based marketing.
  • Aids in turning leads that were previously produced.


You have to contact them for pricing details.

Judgment: It is advised to use ZDPM for full-funnel solutions. It offers services ranging from finding quality leads to turning them into prospective consumers.


Most effective for creating sales pipelines and phone-verified SQLs.

With the help of SalesRoads, you can create stress-free sales pipelines filled with phone-validated SQLs. They offer a range of appointment-setting and lead-generation services.


  • It assists in making appointments with leads on your behalf.
  • It sorts the leads according to their qualification and only promotes the qualifying ones.
  • Offers phone-verified, sales-qualified prospects who are prepared to invest or make a transaction.
  • Calls the target, evaluates them, and informs the clients team of the results.


Contact their website for the pricing details.

Judgment: SQLs are advised to use SalesRoads. By calling the targeted leads, evaluating them, and communicating the findings to the team, it provides high-quality leads that are prepared to convert to the customer.


Through this study, we came to the conclusion that a lead generation agency is essential for a business to reach its target market and boost income. In the market, there are numerous lead-generation businesses or agencies. Every business offers its special services to finally produce leads for its customers.

Every business has a unique approach to generating leads.

Belkin excels in email deliverability services, just like Science Technologies does well with orchestrated outbound services. Some companies, including SalesPro Leads, Terakeet,, and LeadStal, excel at SEO and lead generation.

We would like to thank you for reading this article. If you have any feedback or suggestions, then please leave a comment below so that we can improve our service towards our dedicated visitors. We wish you all the best!

Lead Generation Companies6.600/$14.15
Top Lead Generation Companies290/$20.08
Best Lead Generation Companies320/$24.25

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