is among the most affordable options on the market. Its also pretty simple to use, making it an excellent email marketing solution for novices.

In this post, We will discuss SendX reviews & ratings, features & details, pricing, pros and cons, discount, and more.

Overall Rating3.6
Dependability & Aid4.0
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What Is SendX?

SendX is an easy-to-use, low-cost, feature-rich email campaign software for marketers and company owners. SendX takes pride in providing marketers with one of the industrys most user-friendly interfaces. SendX offers unlimited email delivery with every package, advanced automation tools, live support 24×7, and best-in-class email deliverability. SendX is trusted by over 3000 businesses globally for email marketing.

SendX’s Overall Ratings (3.6/5)


Johnny Pellham (

Were here for the good people who are growing genuine subscriber bases - no matter what business youre in, even those that are wrongly outlawed, such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain, affiliate marketing, and so many more.

SendX is an easy-to-use, low-cost, feature-rich email campaign software for marketers and company owners. It allows users to send an infinite number of email campaigns, construct email lists, compose emails with a drag-and-drop editor, and implement email automation and series. SendX also offers 24×7 Live Support, a free ESP migration service, a collection of responsive email templates, and 500,000 stock-free photos for your email campaigns.

Pricing plans are offered on a yearly and monthly basis. Email, online chat, and phone support are all available.

SendX, for example, wasnt one of those all-encompassing email marketing tools. It does not attempt to integrate email marketing with different promotional platforms or CRM capabilities. 

Instead, SendX appears to focus on straightforward all-around email marketing. As a result, consider it an easy-to-use SaaS service designed for simple consumers that want maximum email marketing efficiency.

As a result, we can all agree that SendX does not necessarily attract advanced marketers. Its features are primarily tailored to the needs of busy company owners and ordinary marketers. They would undoubtedly welcome a simpler email marketing program with enough automation features and capabilities.

But dont misunderstand me. SendX is not built for starters and intermediate-level users. Even skilled marketers can occasionally benefit from its simple features, especially when normal rule-based automation is required.

And what functionality are we discussing here?

SendX, on the other hand, provides a drag-and-drop email editor for creating and customizing pre-built layouts (interactive email templates), email signup forms and pop-up forms for establishing mailing lists, a contact management solution, an Opti-send email deliverability booster, and a drag and drop automation builder.

When these functionalities are combined, SendX can execute standard email initiatives, email drip marketing campaigns, focused marketing emails, and email newsletter advertising. It may also be used for email automation, customer segmentation, site targeting, lead creation, and A/B split testing.

Unfortunately, SendX does not offer any of these services for free. Sorry to break your heart, but there is no free plan in this situation. On SendX, the most you can receive is a 14-day free version. Other than that, everything else has a cost.

Key Features and its Benefits:

  • Send an unlimited number of email campaigns
  • Use forms and pop-ups to grow your email list.
  • Effective Automation Tools
  • Create an email using the Drag & Drop Email Designer (no coding required)
  • Best in Class Email Deliverability (emails are sent to the principal inbox).
  • Complimentary Migration Services (we will migrate your email marketing account from any ESP for free)
  • Used by over 3000 businesses globally - 14-day free demo (no credit card required, instant setup)

Users’ Ratings

We asked Johnny Pellham, one of our in-house specialists, to open a SendX profile and test it out. The various email marketing services that SendX provides are rated by Johnny Pellham and are listed below.

By signing up through our link, you could be able to receive a discount if you choose to use SendX. Although we frequently receive commissions from purchases made using our connections, Johnny Pellhams review was unaffected by this.

Lets look at what Pellham found while reviewing SendX: 

G2 Trustpilot Capterra Trustradius Overall

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Contact Management

SendX provides tools for generating your email list, importing contacts, and arranging the resulting contact details when it comes to customer relationship management.

If you need to grow your contact list, for example, you may use SendXs sign-up forms, landing sites, and popups. The platform provides a large range of professionally created layouts for sliders, scroll boxes, greeting mats, and greeting bars, among other things. Its simply a matter of picking the best ones and then modifying their characteristics.

However, for the greatest results, you should consider utilizing SendXs targeting features. They may be used to provide customized popups depending on clicks, site scrolls, browsing time, exit intent, and so on. Thats how you generate several signups on a consistent basis.

Additionally, contacts from external sources may be imported. SendX lets you generate a mass contact list by simply uploading the data in the form of a CSV file.

Its as simple as going to the Contacts section and then choosing New List. Then, from the list of options that appears, select Import Contacts, and youre done! SendX simply allows you to select a CSV file from the PCs folders and then upload it.

When the procedure is finished, you must still execute the mapping to methodically arrange the contact information extracted from the CSV files. That is, establishing the type of information on each column in order to create well-structured contact profiles.

Speaking of which, SendXs contact profiles may include a vast range of information. You may see the names, email addresses, and company names of your subscribers.

You may also get advanced data such as their lead sources as well as the accompanying long-term values. This was really useful in finding the top turning website traffic and high-ROI clients for me.

Aside from that, you might personalize the basic contact profiles by adding your personal custom fields. SendX has dynamic editing possibilities for users who want to add additional information fields and labels.

Now that weve brought them up, how do you utilize tags on SendX?

Tags, on the other hand, are basically used to designate contacts based on shared events, hobbies, or behaviors. As a result, you end up with various lists that you may use for targeted marketing and automation.

Segmentation is another grouping method you might employ on the platform. This basically means categorizing contacts and grouping them according to specified attribute constraints. For example, you might combine many relevant tags to create a single group of contacts that you could subsequently target with automated marketing.

Building Marketing Campaigns

The best part about developing marketing strategies with SendX is that you can send limitless emails. There are no constraints on the number of campaigns you may run. You may send however many emails as you wish.

Then to make things even better, SendX further gives around 50 free email themes. Although 50 possibilities may not seem like much, it is an astounding quantity for an email advertising business thats only been operational for four years.

Furthermore, every one of the pre-built email templates has a beautiful style and a distinct use case. Furthermore, they have been intended to be consistently responsive. In other words, they could automatically modify their display ratios to accommodate different devices.

Once youve chosen a suitable template, SendX enables you to further personalize it with a drag-and-drop editor.

And, as the name implies, the editing interface allows you to alter email layouts by simply dragging and dropping different parts. That implies you dont need any HTML coding knowledge. A graphical interface is used to customize each component.

To give you a good idea of the final product, the full design is presented as it will display on mobile and desktop devices. 

Thus far, so good. But make no doubt about that. You can create more than just emails using SendX. It turns out that the email advertising platform also has the ability to create landing pages and forms. In essence, you may use its built-in form and new site builder to create your custom forms and landing pages.

Of course, none of this would be complete without a collection of pre-built templates. As a result, the builder will be complemented with a good selection of landing sites and form templates. The idea is to spare you the hassle of having to create everything from scratch.

SendX, on the other hand, aims to assist you in creating comprehensive automated campaigns that connect forms, popups, plus landing pages with email campaigns. For the highest engagement rates, you might want to follow this up on your tailored popups using drip sequences.

But what exactly are drip sequences?

In essence, conducting a drip campaign means engaging your consumers through a series of emails that maintain a predetermined pattern. As a result, its wonderful that SendX allows you to create drip sequences that include numerous customized emails.

You may, for example, send a welcome email to a new registration as early as they react to your forms. This email may then be followed up with a second email asking them to spread the news with others, and then a third one highlighting things they could be interested in.

In retrospect, such drip patterns would be ideal for upselling as well as rehabilitating cart abandoners.

SendX also provides A/B split testing methods for the best results. They are deemed effective when you want accurate information on the sorts of emails that your target audiences respond to.

Marketing Automation

SendXs marketing automation is mostly controlled using its built-in automated builder. Yes, you read it correctly: this is where you construct and customize your marketing automation sequences.

Having said that it itself has a drag-and-drop interface that I found to be quite fluid and simple. In contrast, the automation rules are shown in graphical form for methodical modification and tracking.

So, how exactly does this automated rule builder work?

Fortunately, you dont have to rebuild the entire system from start. SendX has over 30 prebuilt automation causes and actions which have been tuned for certain use cases.

Instead of creating all of the rules from scratch, you could just choose an appropriate automation template and tweak it till it corresponds with your marketing initiatives.

Overall, SendX is competent at creating and executing basic automated campaigns depending on characteristics including an email client, web address, time zone, user behavior, and so on. Because the editing procedure is pretty simple, you may expect a reasonably seamless user experience.

There is, however, one condition. Because the automation generator is designed for simplicity, it cannot be used for complicated automated campaigns. In other words, it cannot be used to generate dynamically sophisticated automation rules.

Service Provider Integrations

When it concerns email campaign integrations, the most crucial link is the one that connects the solution to your website. It comes as no surprise that the two must be thoroughly connected (automated solutions) if you want to focus your site visitors efficiently with automated campaigns.

SendX users are fortunate in that the email campaigns platform has been designed to interface with all websites. That is not all. In truth, embedding is a rather straightforward procedure, even for those who have never written before.

The idea is to copy some code on SendX and then put it onto your site. If you wish to try it out the code is available on SendXs Site Setup page. Youll then copy the code and paste it exactly before the tag on each and every single web page.

SendX now supplements that with a collection of native applications that integrate with the majority of the webs prominent platforms.

If you use WordPress, for example, there is a SendX WordPress plugin that connects seamlessly with your site. You might then integrate SendX with marketing funnel builders or checkout systems to help you link your email marketing strategy with your sales processes. Samcart, along with PayPal and Stripe, is one of the most well-known.

Aside from that, SendX may be integrated using email service providers enabling dynamic campaigns. Gmail, PostMark, SendGrid, and Amazon SES are among the systems that are supported.

And guess what? Although SendX has already built a sizable number of connectors, it is only getting started. Its creators continue to add new features every few months.

If they continue on this path, the future of this email marketing strategy appears to be quite bright.

Meanwhile, if youve gone through each of these connectivity choices and still cant find your desired app, dont give up. It turns out that the Zapier integration may provide a solution. It simply acts as a bridge between SendX and hundreds of other famous third-party programs.

Ease of Use

I was intrigued by SendXs general usability because it prides itself on offering extraordinarily easy email marketing. Weve seen a lot of marketing software make similar claims only to fall short when it comes to the actual thing.

That, however, is not the situation with SendX. This approach appears to be very concerned with user-friendliness and is unwilling to compromise it for anything.

In fact, SendX makes an effort to simplify things from the start. Onboarding begins immediately once you join up again for a 14-day trial. Then during the duration, SendX will keep delivering you advice on how to appropriately maximize the platforms features.

You might also take full advantage of SendXs demo offer, which will walk you through the full platform as well as the email marketing capabilities. However, in my opinion, you wouldnt need it because SendXs mechanism is very easy and intuitive.

Yes, SendX offers an extremely user-friendly UI. It is intended to be incredibly user-friendly while offering a continuously rich user experience. In fact, even for inexperienced marketers, there is no learning curve here. Expect to comprehend all of the fundamentals straight away.

The primary dashboard, for example, is not only clean and uncluttered, but it will also assist you in getting started with mailing lists and email marketing campaigns.

The dashboard will then provide real-time performance information during the campaign. As a result, every time you log in, you ought to be able to quickly check the overall effectiveness of your marketing activities from the home screen.

But it doesnt stop there. SendX extends beyond the dashboards and uses a similar straightforward design approach in its marketing products. As a consequence, designing emails, call-to-action pop-ups, landing pages, or registration forms is simple. SendX blends pre-built templates with an easy-to-use editor for quick and easy modification.

Overall, we can say that SendX is quite useful when you need to build up fully automated marketing for sales leads swiftly.

SendX Pricing

Business Plan Pricing

The business strategy caters to average consumers with contact numbers ranging from 1 to 15,000. You can begin with a 14-day free trial, following which you will be charged the following rates:

  • If you pay yearly, 1 to 1,000 members will cost $7.49 per month, or $9.99 each month when you pay monthly.
  • If you have 1,000 to 2,500 subscribers, you will pay $14.99 a month if you are invoiced yearly, or $19.99 every month if you are billed monthly.
  • If you have 2,501 to 5,000 members, you will pay $29.99 each month if invoiced yearly, or $39.99 a month if billed monthly.
  • If you have 5,001 to 10,000 members, you will pay $44.99 each month if invoiced yearly, or $59.99 a month if billed monthly.
  • If you have 10,000 to 15,000 members, you will pay $59.99 a month if invoiced yearly, or $79.99 each month if billed monthly.

It has all of the necessary elements, such as

  • 24-hour phone support
  • 24/7 live chat assistance
  • Email help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Rules for automation depending on website activity
  • Rules for automation based on several segmentation factors
  • Automation of autoresponders
  • Automation rules that include actions and triggers
  • HTML and CSS alterations
  • Page optimization
  • Automation of forms
  • Web forms through email
  • Booster of Deliverability (Opti-send tool)
  • Split testing (A/B)
  • Email drip campaigns using a drag-and-drop editor
  • Email sends are unlimited.

Enterprise Plan Pricing

SendXs Enterprise Plan is designed for large-scale users including over 15,000 subscribers, who will pay a specific price cost depending on the mailing list volume. You can expect the following features:

  • Executive ROI evaluation for advanced email marketing instruction
  • 24-hour phone support
  • 24/7 live chat assistance
  • Email help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Rules for automation based on online activities
  • Rules for automation based on several segmentation factors
  • Automation of autoresponders
  • Automation rules that include actions and triggers
  • HTML and CSS alterations
  • Page optimization
  • Automation of forms
  • Web forms through email
  • Booster of Deliverability (Opti-send tool)
  • Split testing (A/B)
  • Email drip campaigns using a drag-and-drop editor
  • Email sends are unlimited.

Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Business ModelCloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Supported LanguagesEnglish
OfferingsFree Trial
IntegrationsPayPal, Slack, WordPress, Shopify, Stripe, Zapier, Pipedrive

Pros and Cons

1. All SendX users have the ability to send an infinite amount of emails.
2. SendX is a user-friendly interface that simplifies email marketing.
3. SendXs user-friendly drag-and-drop editors make it simple to create marketing emails, landing pages, and forms. They provide a good selection of customizing possibilities.
4. SendX includes a variety of professional-looking emails, landing pages, plus form layouts. You may use them for an endless number of advertisements without incurring any additional fees.
5. SendXs automation builder includes over 25 pre-built triggers and events for creating automation rules. They are all fully free and completely customizable.
There are over 500,000 royalty-free stock pictures available for use in your emails, landing sites, and forms.
6. SendX is a low-cost email marketing service that lets you utilize all of its features and capabilities for as little as $7.49 per month.
7. SendX has an Opti-send tool to improve email deliverability.
8. SendX enables you to consistently engage your consumers using drip email campaigns.
9. SendX provides a 14-day free trial on all plans, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. Furthermore, no credit card is required for the free trial. Simply sign up and start running your marketing campaigns.
All users have access to phone, web chat, and email client service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
10. SendX provides a heatmap analysis to provide you with visual information on the most effective CTAs and links.
11. SendX is compatible with any website. It accomplishes this by automatically creating code that can be pasted into the web pages of your site.
12. You may use SendXs A/B split testing techniques to check email features that are popular with your target audience.
13. SendX allows you to alter HTML and CSS.
For dynamically complicated automation sequences, the automation rule builder is inflexible.
Contacts may only be imported using a CSV file.
The customizing and targeting options available here are rather rudimentary.
Although SendX has a robust knowledge base with multiple articles and lessons, it is missing certain critical documentation.
Its SendX Business Plan supports up to 15,000 members.
SendX does not provide a free email marketing strategy indefinitely.

Photos, Videos & Screenshots

SendX Deals and Coupons

To avail of the most exciting discounts and offers, please click here:

Reliability and Support

Given the high degree of rivalry in the email marketing field, SaaS solutions that streamline customer service are becoming increasingly vital. Only just a few services which have optimized their assistance continue to outperform the rest.

SendX, on the other hand, isnt about to be outdone by its rivals in this space. Its customer care mechanism is well-optimized to provide you with all the assistance you require at the correct moment.

You may contact its help team and support team by email, web chat, or phone, to name a few options. The best part is that you may contact them at any moment because they are available 24/7 for each paid customer.

The SendX level of expertise, on the other hand, is a different matter. While SendX has taken the effort to develop a wide range of articles and courses, these are not as in-depth as you may expect.

I observed that it is missing some important documentation from time to time. But, on the other hand, I suppose the corporation requires more time to totally close all of the gaps in its knowledge set.

Another benefit of SendX is that theyve been relatively attentive to consumer criticism and recommendations for development (so far). This is the benefit of a more recent marketing device with more to show!

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Awards & Featured

  • Capterra Best Value 2018
  • Capterra 5-Star User Reviews
  • G2 Crowd High Performer Spring 2018
  • Software World Top Rated Email Marketing Software 
  • HostingAdvice Developers Choice

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FAQs about SendX

How Do I View My Account Information?

To view all of your SendX Accounts account data, go to the account information by clicking Setting and then Account Details.

How Can You Tell If Your Email Contacts Have Unsubscribed?

With SendX, you can see not only who has unsubscribed from your email list, but also who has reported your spam emails and who has bounced. You can view all of this data by navigating to your accounts Segments section and selecting the Lists+Tags+Segments choice from the dashboard. You may construct a new section with all of those requirements in this section.

How Do I Make My Own Email Template?

Go to Settings in your SendX profile and pick the Templates tab on the right-hand side, then create and name your template and include the templates code under the name.

Final Thoughts about SendX Email Marketing Software

Based on the elements weve reviewed, it appears as SendX excels at straightforward email marketing.

For starters, the drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to create email marketing campaigns. Contact tools, on the other hand, handle all of the basic organization and clustering tasks, while the automation developer facilitates the creation of drip campaigns.

However, if you are an experienced marketer who loves to use large dynamic automation processes, SendX isnt the platform for you. You could have greater results using MailChimp, AWeber, and ActiveCampaign.

Now its your turn. What do you think about SendX? And do you believe it will be able to challenge its direct competition in the coming years?

SendX Alternative Software

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  • Soffront CRM
  • Propago
  • Bannerwise
  • Engage360
  • SoAmpli

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