A multi-channel email marketing software called SendPulse is used to promote businesses in a variety of ways and keep customers.

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Dependability & Aid4.4
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What Is SendPulse?

A platform for email marketing, SendPulse also offers SMS, online push alerts, Facebook chatbots, and WhatsApp chatbots. With a simple drag-and-drop editor, create emails that are responsive to mobile devices. You may set up autoresponders, and send marketing campaigns or emails depending on triggers. Every package from SendPulse includes unlimited email sending, live chat support around-the-clock, excellent deliverability, and thorough reporting. The monthly limit for the free plan is 15,000 emails, while the price for the premium plan is simply $9.85.

SendPulse’s Overall Ratings (4.4/5)


Johnny Pellham (eliteemailsoftware.com)

With SendPulse, customers can handle email, text messaging, and push alerts from a single platform. SendPulse is a cloud-based marketing solution. Small and medium enterprises can use it.

Users may create emails using a drag-and-drop builder and pre-made templates with SendPulses email functionality. The effectiveness of users email campaigns may be evaluated using A/B testing software. To further assist assure email delivery, SendPulse also offers email servers with reputable IP addresses.

The SendPluse push notifications tool allows users to instantly and individually notify consumers smartphones. Users may send texts to more than 200 nations with SendPulses text messaging service. A user-defined schedule can be used by the messaging service to automatically deliver SMS. When to communicate with clients can be decided with the use of predictive analytics technologies.

Support is offered over the phone, through email, and via an online knowledge base. Pay-as-you-go or a monthly subscription are also options for SendPulse.

The Benefit of Using SendPulse

SendPulse is brimming with helpful marketing automation and email marketing tools. Impressive features include contact management and smart segmentation, which can be used to find the ideal contacts for your projects and deliver more targeted emails.

SendPulse is brimming with helpful marketing automation and email marketing tools. Impressive features include contact management and smart segmentation, which can be used to find the ideal connections for your campaigns and deliver more targeted emails.

This procedure is automated by SendPulse, that not only spares you time and money but also improves accuracy because it is focused on a machine-learning algorithm as opposed to speculation or manual data analysis. Its selection of registration forms also makes it simple to create engaging and practical pop-ups for managing and expanding your email list.

Users’ Ratings

We asked Johnny Pellham, one of our in-house specialists, to open a SendPulse profile and test it out. The various email marketing services that SendPulse provides are rated by Johnny Pellham and are listed below.

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Lets look at what Pellham found while reviewing SendPulse: 

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Given that it offers a ton of many other marketing automation tools, like push and SMS notifications, SendPulse advertises itself as a lot more than an email advertising platform. However, email marketing capabilities will be the main emphasis of this evaluation.

  1. Managing contacts and mailing lists

To construct your mailing list with SendPulse, you may copy & paste, upload connections, or add it one at a time. SendPulse provides several really helpful features to help you manage contacts better, such as sophisticated filters that let you deliver more targeted messages.

SendPulse gives email addresses a star rating out of five so you can identify and eliminate those that are subpar or might be spam. This increases the likelihood that your emails will reach your customers inboxes and raises your email deliverability rates.

  1. Sending email campaigns

SendPulse places a high value on personalization and adjusting messaging components in accordance with consumer data and behavior. From the email campaign builder, you can quickly create segments and add criteria and factors to the subject line. This level of automation speeds up the campaign generation process.

SendPulse expedites the generation of emails by enabling you to create templates for specific email content blocks in addition to emails as a whole. These blocks might include a broad variety of things, such as pictures or videos. The A/B testing procedure is also fairly straightforward and offers a variety of alternatives to ensure that you obtain the finest understanding of what works, such as:

  • Measuring opens or clicks
  • How long to run the test before choosing the winning email
  • Which list to send the tests to

Create categories for all emails, like newsletters or product updates, so that consumers may choose to unsubscribe from just that segment rather than all of them.

You may only select to send emails instantly or at a period of your choosing, which is unfortunate given the restricted scheduling possibilities for emails. Other options enable you to send emails at the ideal time for a clients location or plan emails to be sent at the optimum moment based on previous customer opening behavior.

By automatically delivering campaigns depending on specific user behavior and events, SendPulses workflow builder may assist you in sending the most pertinent emails or taking the best action at the best moment. These actions and occurrences include:

  • Abandoning a cart
  • Making a purchase
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Custom events

These activities include sending an email, SMS, push alerts, and adding or deleting users from a list. They also include other actions.

  1. Generating signups

Create registration forms for the website in order to expand your email lists, but be careful to avoid annoying your clients or interfering with their ability to complete transactions. The ability to alter the type of forms you show is crucial for this reason.

You may select from the following varieties of forms using SendPulse:

  • Embedded
  • Pop-ups
  • Floating
  • Fixed

Additionally, you can alter the notification text users receive when they sign up, modify the style from vertical to horizontal, and use either Google Analytics or Yandex to monitor the forms performance in generating signups. Metrica. Not interfering with consumers workflow or obstructing their ability to make a purchase, all of this enhances the user experience.

With the help of SendPulses dynamic segmentation feature, consumers may be added and removed from categories depending on their most recent activity. For instance, SendPulse automatically adds a consumer to your win-back campaign section if they havent interacted with your business in three months. However, as soon as they do, they are immediately removed from the segment.

Ease of Use

You need email marketing software that is suitable for your specific business requirements and is simple to set up so you can maximize its benefits without requiring a lot of outside assistance and training. SendPulse stands out as a result of its simplicity in setup and operation, which allows you to customize it to your specific demands.

  1. Getting started

You can sign up for the solution using your Google account, which saves a ton of time. In order to direct you in the correct direction, SendPulse questions you about what you want to use the platform for and whether you have ever delivered email newsletters. The next question is about the size of your email list so that the activities displayed on your dashboard may be customized based on that data.

The getting-started list (below) explains the actions you must take to accomplish your objectives (such as sending an email or importing an existing contact list), and the video training that SendPulse offers for each action ensures that you dont get lost. This list is kept brief to prevent information overload.

SendPulse is rationally laid out to let you get going from the beginning. It draws attention to the Create a Mailing List button to suggest that you should start a campaign there.

SendPulse accommodates users of all expertise levels by providing these resources accessible upfront rather than making you seek pertinent support articles after you run into an issue.

  1. Too much information

SendPulse crams too much information onto the primary dashboard, despite the fact that the customized approach and the number of assistance materials make a quick start really simple. The checklist is fairly complex and might be distracting when coupled with side navigation plus two distinct horizontal navigation bars.

The user experience may be greatly improved by streamlining the user experience and placing some of the primary options in menus on subpages.

SendPulse Pricing

SendPulse features a simple price structure and a variety of payment methods to make it easy for you to find the best possible deal for your requirements. You may send a maximum of 15,000 emails to up to 500 users using the free plan. Additionally, it has SendPulse branding and lacks dynamic segmentation.

The functionality in each tier of SendPulses premium pricing plans is the same, but you charge more to send an email to even more subscribers. If you pay regularly six months in advance, you receive a 10% discount, and if you pay for the entire year at once, you receive a 30% discount. Additionally, there is a pay-as-you-go option where you pay a set fee for each email you send.

Email ServiceTransactional Emails (SMTP service) Web push ServiceFree Facebook Chatbots 
Just under 2500 subscribers, a maximum of 15000 newsletters every month with the free plan. Depending on the number of subscribers, monthly subscriptions range from $9.85 for 2,500 subscribers to $840 for 500,000 subscribers. As-you-go billing Email subscription plans range in price from $32 for 10,000 emails to $812 per 500,000 emails.A monthly subscription is based on monthly email volume, ranging from $8.85 for 10,000 emails to $274.86 for 500,000 emails. As-you-go billing Prepaid email packages are available, ranging in price between $15 to 10,000 emails through $780 per 1 million emails.Free for the first 10,000 members, $19.85 per month for the next 30,000, and $199.85 per month for an infinite number of subscribers.A powered by link removal costs $9.85 per month.

Technical Details

PlatformsWeb, Phone
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Business ModelSaaS
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
OfferingsFree TrialFree/Freemium Version
IntegrationsWordPress, OpenCart, Bitrix24, Magento Commerce Cloud (formerly Magento)

Pros and Cons

Flexible setup proceduresUser interface that is too complex
Advanced form-building abilitiesNo scheduling options for emails
Extremely detailed segmentation choicesFewer price options
Good for basic email marketingIntegrations with other software
Affordable for small businessesEmail design and customization

Photos, Videos & Screenshots

SendPulse Deals and Coupons

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Reliability and Support

SendPulse doesnt conceal its contact information; the primary support page prominently displays phone and email numbers (albeit on a tiny link at the bottom of the page).

Additionally, SendPulse offers all customers a live chat service that is available 24/7, as well as an extensive knowledge base that includes articles and videos that walk users through using various features in detail.

All users, including those with the free plan, have access to all of these assistance options. This is a wonderful feature for SendPulse as a lot of email marketing software packages dont provide many support choices to users of free plans or lower-tier premium plans.

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FAQs About SendPulse

How does one sign up for SendPulse?

By using existing Google account information or only your email address, you may quickly and easily sign up for free.

What is the price of SendPulse?

For up to 500 members, SendPulse offers a free plan. The features of the premium plans are the same, but the cost varies according to the number of users.

Does SendPulse an API?

You may utilize SendPulses REST API service to connect it to other business applications.

What forms of customer service does SendPulse provide?

Regardless of the subscription, youre on, SendPulse offers a live chat service that is available 24/7 to all clients. Additionally, a thorough knowledge base is available to assist you in finding answers on your own.

Final Thoughts about SendPulse Email Marketing Software

A great email marketing platform is SendPulse. It is among the few products on the market that offers a variety of avenues for reaching your customers. To connect your users and expand your email list, you may employ any mix of mass email, bulk SMS texts, and online push alerts.

Given SendPulses customized setup procedure, this program is suited for both business users without any prior expertise with email marketing who want a quick and simple approach to improve their marketing efforts and professional marketers who wish to construct complicated campaigns.

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