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Overall Ratings3.6
Dependability & Aid3.5
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What Is Sendfox?

You can build up email automations, launch drip campaigns, and construct landing pages with SendFox, a cost-effective email marketing service.

Sendfox’s Overall Ratings (3.6/5)

Amanda Alston

Amanda Alston (eliteemailsoftware.com):

With SendFox, its simple to automatically send personalized emails to your subscribers, followers, and admirers. SendFox markets itself as email marketing for content creators.

Its a method of connecting with both your target audience and those that already adore you, similar to other email marketing platforms.

You advance people through your sales funnel through email campaigns that promote your blog posts, movies, podcasts, and other content.

SendFox is a part of the Sumo Group product line, which was developed by Noah Kagan, a former employee of Facebook, and is currently used by millions of users.

These comprise the list-building tool Sumo, AppSumo (which advertises all the fantastic software discounts available), and KingSumo (which helps you build your list by promoting viral contests and giveaways). Fam recently made its debut.

  • Create your own customized landing pages.
  • Build opt-in forms and include them on your website.
  • Ready-made templates
  • Integrate with popular tools
  • Promote a referral program in your email footers
  • Promoting your own subscriber referral scheme is simple

Users’ Ratings

We asked Amanda Alston, one of our in-house email marketing specialists, to open a Sendfox profile and test it out. The various email marketing services that Sendfox provides are rated by Amanda and are listed below.

By signing up through our link, you could be able to receive a discount if you choose to use Sendfox. Although we frequently receive commissions from purchases made using our connections, Amandas review was unaffected by this.

Lets have a look at what Amanda found while reviewing Sendfox:

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  • Unlimited email sends
  • Scheduled email campaigns at any time of the day
  • Unlimited triggered automation (with unlimited emails per automation)
  • Custom landing pages
  • Custom forms (including GDPR)
  • Lists and tagging to keep your contacts separate
  • WYSIWYG email editor to make writing emails easy
  • Advanced analytics to track opens, clicks, and more
  • CRM functionality to write notes on each subscriber
  • Integrations: Sumo.com, KingSumo, Zapier, API, and POST HTML code
  • RSS feed auto-pull - create email drafts automatically from an RSS feed
  • Manage unlimited brands from one account
  • Translation ability

Ease of Use

SendFox uses automation and customization to speed up the creation of straightforward, attractive, and successful emails. With SendFoxs integrated weekly Smart Campaigns and RSS content updates, users can automatically draft emails, ensuring that fans receive content right in their inbox. This function is touted as being perfect for podcasters, bloggers, and YouTubers that frequently publish fresh content and maintain the satisfaction of their hungry audiences.

In order to spread the word about a business and content, SendFox also assists users in creating unique, branded Smart Pages and landing pages to advertise on social media bios or in an email signature (rate, review, and subscribe).

Smart Pages showcase information from social media, podcasts, and YouTube so that followers can easily access it all in one spot.

Users can start creating and sending emails to an existing subscriber base with SendFox after uploading a list of their contacts and subscribers.

SendFox wants to assist users in converting leads into consumers and followers into devoted fans. Its automation templates are used to establish an automatic welcome email campaign that encourages subscriptions and directs users to popular content. With SendFoxs integrated scheduling and automation features, it is also possible to send a series of emails based on clicks and opens.

Emails, automation, contacts, and high-level performance numbers and data can all be quickly viewed using its interface. SendFox, which was created especially for content producers, assists in addressing all significant marketing needs, from forms and CRM to email campaigns and integrations.

In the end, users can create straightforward, branded emails and landing pages on a single platform to expand their businesses and monitor their effectiveness.

Sendfox Pricing

SendFox - Tier 1$49.005,000 subscribers
- SendFox branding
- Unlimited EmailsScheduled email campaigns at any time of the day unlimited triggered automation (with unlimited emails per automation)Custom landing pages lists and tagging to keep your contacts separate customs forms (including GDPR)

SendFox - Tier 2$98.0010,000 subscribers
- SendFox branding
- Unlimited Emails
Unlimited email sendsScheduled email campaigns at any time of the day unlimited triggered automation (with unlimited emails per automation)Custom landing pages custom forms (including GDPR)
SendFox  - Tier 3$147.0025,000 subscribers
- Light Text SendFox branding
- Unlimited emails
Unlimited email sendsScheduled email campaigns at any time of the day unlimited triggered automation (with unlimited emails per automation)Custom landing pages custom forms (including GDPR
SendFox - Tier 4$196.0020,000 subscribers
- Light Text SendFox branding
- Unlimited Emails
Unlimited email sendsScheduled email campaigns at any time of the day unlimited triggered automation (with unlimited emails per automation)Custom landing pages custom forms (including GDPR)
SendFox - Tier 5$245.0025,000 subscribers
- Light Text SendFox branding
- Unlimited Emails
Unlimited email sendsScheduled email campaigns at any time of the day unlimited triggered automation (with unlimited emails per automation)Custom landing pages custom forms (including GDPR)

Technical Details

PlatformsWeb, App
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationN/A
Business ModelSAAS 
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.
OfferingsFree Trial
IntegrationsWordPress, Zapier, Raklet, Shift, Divi, Etc.

Pros and Cons

One account allows you to manage many domains.Images cannot be included in emails.
The emails can be read on mobile devices.Additionally, attachments cannot be included.
The analytics are really potent.
Since the domains have been verified, it appears as though they have come directly from the person.

Photos, Videos & Screenshots

Sendfox Deals and Coupons

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Reliability and Support

Contacting Sendfox:

Corporate Address

Sumo Group Inc. (d/b/a SendFox)

1305 E. 6th St #3

Austin, TX 78702

For Customers

Customer Service Inquiries | support@sendfox.com

GDPR Terms:

Only EEA residents are covered by the terms and conditions in this Section 12, and only to the extent that they are governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) of the European Union. With respect to EEA Residents, the GDPR Terms shall take precedence over the remaining provisions of this privacy policy in the event of a discrepancy (and only to the extent that they are subject to GDPR). The following is their name and contact information:

SendFox is a service provided by Sumo Group, Inc., a Delaware corporation, 1305 E. 6th St., Suite 3.

Message them at support@sendfox.com

  • Consent. If you give us permission, we may use your personal information as set forth in this privacy statement. Please get in touch with us at [support@sendfox.com] to revoke your consent.
  • execution of a contract. To fulfill our contractual duties, we might need to collect and use your personal information, as appropriate.
  • Authentic Interests. We may use your personal information for our legitimate business purposes in order to deliver our services, the services of our partners, and their products, as well as to enhance our services and the Websites content. In accordance with our legitimate interests, any choices we may give, and any consents that may be necessary by applicable legislation, we may use technical information as indicated in this Privacy Policy and utilize personal information for our marketing purposes.
  • Legal Observance. Your information may be gathered and used by us in accordance with our compliance with applicable laws. All relevant federal, state, or municipal laws, rules, or regulations, (ii) court orders, or (iii) consent decrees are among these legal duties, although they are not the only ones. Provide Products and Services. We may utilize the data we gather about you, including personal data. To deliver to you our services, our partners services, and their products, we will utilize the information you submit to us; to answer your questions, as well as for any customer care and support needs. We use the payment information you give us to notify you of past, present, and upcoming charges, to show you the history of your purchases, and to carry out internal financial operations like checking the status of a credit card transaction. We also provide your bank with account information in the event of a credit card dispute so they can confirm the validity of a charge.
  • Recognize and enhance our items. We will conduct research and analysis of your use or interest in our goods, the products of our partners, our services, or other peoples products, services, or content. We carry out this in order to improve our products and create new ones.
  • Be in touch with you. Communications relating to services. To make sure the goods or services are functioning properly, we could send you service and administrative communications. You cannot opt-out of receiving these communications because they are regarded as a component of the service.
  • Promotional. Depending on your preference for opting out, we may inform you about new SendFox features, other company news, or subjects we believe might be of interest to you. You can choose not to receive these communications at any time by sending us an email at support@sendfox.com or using the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of the relevant email.
  • addressing your requests. Your information will also be used to reply to any queries or remarks you may have.
  • Administrative. We might get in touch with you to let you know about modifications to our services, our service offerings, and other significant service-related communications, like updates to the Privacy Policy or warnings about fraud or security.
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  • Other. With your permission, we may additionally use your information to operate our business or carry out other tasks that were disclosed to you at the time of collection. Before accepting any online agreements, please read them thoroughly.

Security of Information:

They take personal information security seriously and take many security procedures to safeguard it. Unfortunately, no wireless network or the Internet can ever completely ensure the security of any data transmission. Because of this, they cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted to or from the Website and are not liable for the actions of any third parties who may receive any such information, even though they use commercially reasonable security measures to protect data and try to work with businesses that do the same.

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Sendfox vs Other Software

Sendfox vs Mailchimp

When you need to send emails infrequently to a medium-sized list while avoiding expensive fees, SendFox is ideal. Although there arent as many fancy themes as other providers, this can be ideal if you only want to send brief, straightforward emails rather than ones with more detailed graphics. Due to the affordable price, its also perfect for smaller businesses whereas Mailchimp stands out, especially at its affordable price. In order to make things operate easily with other products and internet services, there are also some nice integrations.


Sendfox vs AWeber

Smaller eCommerce vendors and small to midsize B2B firms with mailing lists of 20,000 subscribers or less and no requirement for complex automation sequences or personalized content are most suited for using AWeber. Its cost structure, which is based on subscribers but has no email restriction, makes it ideal for vendors who send out many mailings each month to a manageably small list. The likelihood is that larger businesses will seek a more sophisticated product or bring this in-house using marketing automation tools.


Sendfox vs Constant Contact

The ideal tool for appealingly disseminating information to many individuals is Constant Contact, which offers user-customizable images, material, and links. Additionally, it is the greatest method for keeping track of data on who received the email, clicked through, unsubscribed, etc. This platform makes it manageable to keep track of data at several constituent levels.

SendfoxConstant Contact

Sendfox vs Vertical Response

A wonderful tool for bulk client outreach is Vertical Response. Only when I am contacting one or two customers at once do I not use Vertical Response. Otherwise, I nearly always utilize Vertical Response since I can monitor the success of our marketing initiatives.

SendfoxVertical Response

FAQs about Sendfox

How many customers does SendFox have?

More than 20,000 clients of SendFox have delivered millions of emails to more than 13 million subscribers.

How much SendFox cost?

SendFox starts at $49.

Who uses SendFox?

Small enterprises and the health and fitness sector are the main users of SendFox.

Is There Any Money-Back Guarantee After purchasing SendFox?

Yes, you will receive a guarantee of a 60-day money-back period, regardless of the cause

Does SendFox Offer A Free Plan?

Yes, SendFox offers a free plan. Therefore, there is no cost for you to utilize this tool.

Final Thoughts about Sendfox Email Marketing Software

SendFox is reportedly intended for emerging content producers, small companies, and online shops. An email marketing tools primary goal is to convert users into paying clients. SendFox is doing all possible to give companies the chance to interact with their consumers through email marketing.

Sendfox Alternative Software

  • Zoho CRM
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Smoove
  • VerticalResponse
  • AWeber
  • Sendloop
  • Moosend

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