What qualities do you seek in email marketing services? good value? powerful attributes Simplicity? Do you want all three? Then opt for Moosend. In this post, We will discuss Moosend review & ratings, features & details, pricing, pros and cons, discount, and more.

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Dependability & Aid4.0
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What Is Moosend?

A platform for email marketing called Moosend assists small firms in running effective marketing campaigns. Compared to many of its comparably priced rivals, Moosends automation processes are more reliable. However, the free plans customer assistance is only offered five days a week and does not consist of phone or priority service. Additionally, it has a small number of pre-made templates and third-party connectors.

Moosend’s Overall Ratings (3.9/5)


Johnny Pellham (eliteemailsoftware.com)

In order to handle user lists, customer segmentation, product suggestions, landing pages, and membership forms, organizations can use the cloud-based software for marketing automation Moosend. Lead management, marketing services, multi-channel advertising, tracking website visitors, lead scoring, contact management, and spam monitoring are some of the key features.

Companies can use the cloud-based marketing automation tool Moosend to manage user profiles, customer segmentation, product recommendations, landing pages, and subscription forms. Some of the most important functions include lead management, marketing services, multi-channel advertising, tracking site visitors, lead scoring, contact management, and spam checking.

To aid in decision-making and improve sales performance, Moosend assists managers in generating data on upselling and cross-selling, abandoned carts, replenishment, and more. It provides an API that makes it easier to integrate with already-existing systems and outside programs like Google Contacts, Integromat, MailChimp, Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal, and more.

Key Advantages of Using Moosend

  • To collect any visitor data needed, custom opt-in forms can be made and placed onto websites, blog posts, Facebook pages, and other third-party websites.
  • Users may build new emails from start or modify pre-existing templates with the drag-and-drop newsletter generator. They can also display emails to view how they appear on different devices.
  • Marketing automation allows customers to determine the activities to be taken by selecting from a variety of event triggering and filtering. These events include abandoned shopping carts, user enrollment, and lead scoring.
  • Users can monitor the click-through rate (CTR) for numerous links inside the same email campaign, view campaign performance by nation, and view statistics for the platforms and email clients used by subscribers.
  • Users can automate marketing tasks, interface with outside programs, and more thanks to the Moosend API.

Users’ Ratings

We asked Johnny Pellham, one of our in-house specialists, to open a Moosend profile and test it out. The various email marketing services that Moosend provides are rated by Johnny Pellham and are listed below.

By signing up through our link, you could be able to receive a discount if you choose to use Moosend. Although we frequently receive commissions from purchases made using our connections, Johnny Pellhams review was unaffected by this.

Lets look at what Pellham found while reviewing Moosend: 

G2 TrustpilotCapterra Trustradius Overall

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Well go over Moosends salient characteristics below. To help you get a feel for the user interface and functionality of our solution

  1. Dashboard

The dashboard provides a broad overview of any Moosend marketing initiatives. Your subscriber count planned and previous broadcasts, and other email lists are all displayed on the dashboard.

  1. Data Integration and Storage

Data about your clients can be gathered and stored using Moosend. This information is essential for segmentation, content personalization, and the use of trigger emails. We go over the data fields in Moosend and provide information on importing users and data in the sections below.

  • Data Field

Data fields are how Moosend organizes the contacts you gather and store. You segment your lists using these data variables to send more precise messaging. Email, name, and mobile number are the three data source categories in Moosend. A limitless amount of customized data fields can also be created by you to capture information that is pertinent to your organization. Here are a few illustrations of typical custom data fields.

  • Age
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Recent purchases
  • Data and Customer Import into Moosend

In Moosend, you may import data using a number of methods. We have highlighted some of the main data collection techniques below.

Data Collection MethodDescription
Manual EntryManual entry of customer information is possible through copying and pasting. With this approach, 500 new members can be added at once.
SpreadsheetsSpreadsheets with client information in CSV and TXT file types can be uploaded. The maximum file size is 40MB.
Pre-built integrationsMoosend can seamlessly communicate data with and from third-party systems thanks to built-in connections. When compared to other solutions, Moosend only provides 39 native integrations. Later in the assessment, we go into further detail on Moosends integrations.
APIMoosend features an open API that enables companies to build specialized integrations. This allows you to transfer data into and out of Moosend and create unique apps that make use of Moosends features.
Signup formsTo collect customer information, you can include signup forms on any website and emails.
  1. Segmentation

You can utilize the segmentation capabilities on the Moosend platform to group customers into groups based on the stored data. An excellent practice for improving email relevancy and cutting costs by sending emails less frequently is using segments.

By including excluding parts of your list, you can specify the requirements of each section. Each segment can have up to 20 conditions. The segmentation conditions in Moosend include some of the following:

Data SourceDescriptionExample Data Points
Contact ActivityBased on touch behavior, this kind of segment situation exists.launched a campaign certain campaign successfully bought a product
Contact InformationThis particular segment condition is dependent on the characteristics that each consumer has.EmailNameMobile numberVerified for double opt-inDevice type
TimeThis kind of condition divides contacts into groups based on the import or signup date.Date added date updated
  1. Email Builder

An email editor is provided by Moosend and is used to draft personalized and expert communications. To add different content kinds to any email templates, drag and drop the following:

  • Article
  • Button
  • Image
  • Product
  • Social media icon
  • Text
  • Timer
  • Video

Conditional blocks can also be incorporated into email templates. Using this tool, you may build dynamic emails that present your subscribers with particular material based on the information you have gathered. For instance, you may add a limited-time offer for a getaway in the hills that is only visible to recipients in a specific region.

Moosend offers fewer pre-made email templates than most of its rivals, with roughly 70 available. For instance, AWeber offers more than 700 pre-made email templates.

You can see a preview of how emails will look in a browser and on a computer. You can also experiment with emails to yourself. However, you cannot examine how emails appear on various email service providers clients to assess cross-client display consistency.

  1. A/B Testing

You can utilize Moosends A/B testing tool to make your emails and subject lines as effective as possible. You produce several variations of your email and distribute each variation to a different group of your clients. Each versions performance is tracked by Moosend, and you may select a successful email to distribute to the remainder of your test group. We have highlighted the key elements of Moosends A/B testing in the table below.

A/B Test ComponentDescription
Variables Emailcontent, from information, subject line
Email VariationsUp to 2 versions
Testing Pool Size1% to 100% of the list
Testing Length Period24 hours
Winning MetricsUnique clicks, unique opens
  1. Marketing Automation

You may build drip campaigns using Moosend, which let you send clients a set of automated messages. There are 18 different drip campaign types already integrated into Moosend with preset triggers and timelines, including

  • Discarded cart
  • Emailing birthday wishes
  • Reminding of future purchases
  • A reminder of a special offer
  • Cross-sell and upsell

The flow builder on Moosend may be used to develop sophisticated drip campaigns. You may create your automation processes using the flow builder, a visual canvas that you can drag and drop objects onto. A few of the actions you can include in your workflow are listed below.

  • Add and delete tags
  • Increase & decrease custom field value
  • Post a webhook
  • Send email campaign
  • Set custom field value
  • Split flow
  • Subscribe & unsubscribe to list
  • Trigger another automation
  • Wait for a specific time interval
  1. Deliverability

Select an email platform that delivers a large proportion of your emails to recipients inboxes. In the world of email, this is referred to as deliverability.

Email systems should adhere to some recommended practices to improve deliverability. It adheres to the best practices, as youll see below.

Deliverability FeaturesOffered by Moosend
Deliverability analytics and reportingYes
Deliverability-specific benchmarksNo
Double opt-inYes
Automated contact removal for soft & hard bouncesNo
Dedicated click trackingYes
Email authentication (DKIM & SPF)Yes
Dedicated domainYes
Dedicated IP addressYes
Unsubscribe optionYes
  1. Analytics and Reporting

You may create a number of reports using Moosend that illustrate important data and provide insights you can use to advance your company. The following are a few metrics you can monitor in your reports:

  • Activity Map by Region
  • Bounced
  • Most frequently visited by
  • Clicked
  • Complained
  • Devices used most frequently
  • The email client is mostly used on
  • Opening and not opening
  • Sent
  • Unsubscribed
  1. Integrations

In comparison to its rivals, Moosend only has 39 native third-party integrations, which is a fairly small number. For instance, Mailchimp now has over 250 integrations already built in. Users may link with a wide range of applications thanks to Moosends partnerships with PieSync and Zapier, however doing so requires a separate membership. Some of Moosends integrations are listed below.

  • Convertful
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop
  • Salesforce
  • Verifybee
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress

Ease of Use

Moosend takes pride in being incredibly simple and approachable. Its user interface is clear and simple to use. The homepage is well-structured and has useful links to various Moosend features.

The layouts can adjust to fit different device screens and are very responsive. You may quickly filter designs using the template collection in order to discover the best choice.

You can keep track of your contact details and running campaigns from the dashboard. Numerous helpful analytics are readily available in graphic formats like graphs. You may test your email messages before publishing them to find any flaws and get employee feedback, which is a significant bonus.

The layout of mailing lists is appealing, and you can replicate lists or import members from outside services to build up as many connections as you can. To send targeted emails, you can tag clients based on their past purchasing behavior.
Usability should be enhanced: The email writer and form creator has been criticized by some users for being too difficult to use and clumsy.

Moosend Pricing

When compared to certain other email campaign platforms available in the market, Moosend is reasonably priced. Costs rise when you add more users after a 30-day free trial.

Considering the caliber of its marketing resources, Moosend is inexpensive. If you purchase for a year in advance, the price starts out at an astonishingly low $7 monthly for 500 contacts. Be aware of no email marketing solution in this category with lower pricing than this one.

The straightforwardness of Moosends pricing is very praiseworthy. The Pro tier is the solely paid package. You can use all the features for a single fee. The price increases as you have extra contacts.

For our readers, Moosend has kindly extended an additional 10% discount. Additionally, there is a 20% savings when paying annually. Those that send with 100,000 or more contacts also receive additional stuff!

Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Business ModelSaaS
Supported LanguagesArabic, Greek, English, French, Italian, Spanish
OfferingsFree Trial

Pros and Cons

The same straightforward drag-and-drop editor is used for forms, landing pages, and emails.Although the free trial is excellent, a free plan has always been preferable.
Email marketing, categorization, and analytics are all advanced by web tracking.Although the drag and drop operators are simple to use, there were a few minor bugs.
Automations that are unbounded.Usability needs improving.
The simple automation templates and workflow editor.Design templates are limited.
Fantastic value for the money.
Live chat customer service that is quick and helpful.

Photos, Videos & Screenshots

Moosend Deals and Coupons

To avail of the most exciting discounts and offers, please click here:

Reliability and Support

Lets talk about customer service. How can you contact them if you have a question about Moosend?

A number of Moosends resources are intended to enhance your use of the service. For advanced, novice, and intermediate readers, their blog has content. News reports, blogs, and product updates are all educational.

To get you started, the Moosend Academy offers a variety of courses. There are beneficial courses designed expressly for publishers and e-commerce. Additionally, Moosend provides webinars to increase your understanding of marketing automation and email marketing.

There is an online inquiry form you can use to get in touch with Moosend directly, or you can do so through social media.

Moosend Support

  • Various levels of support could be obtained in the blog posts.
  • Access beneficial courses for publishers and e-commerce.
  • Moosend offers expert webinars to expand your expertise.
  • To get specialized Moosend support, fill up the online inquiry form.
Moosend Review
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Awards & Featured

  • G2 High Performer Spring 2020
  • G2 Momentum Leader Spring 2020
  • G2 Users Most Likely to Recommend Spring 2020

Moosend vs Other Software

Moosend Vs. Bitrix24

One of the few CRM systems, Bitrix24, combines a fully functional CRM alongside email marketing tools. Bitrix24 differs significantly from other email marketing providers in a number of ways.

Moosend Bitrix24

Moosend Vs. GetResponse 

Professional email templates, simple design tools, and shown deliverability are all features of effective email marketing software.


Moosend Vs. Emailicious

A cloud-based email campaigns platform called Emailicious is made for companies of all sizes. List management, client segmentation, multilingual support, compliance with spam laws, and reporting are important aspects.


FAQs About Moosend

How good is Moosend?

A top-notch email advertising platform is Moosend. The features are top-notch for the price. At this price, you wont find better marketing automation. There are many ready-to-use customized email marketing options if you manage an eCommerce store. This would include web tracking, which enables you to monitor campaign revenue. And to top it all off, using Moosend is quite easy. The editors for creating landing pages, emails, and automation systems appear and work beautifully. You wont have any trouble learning these, even if you are new to email marketing.

How does Moosend work?

Similar to certain other email marketing solutions, Moosend functions similarly. You may connect it to other applications you use, send and automate marketing emails, manage your subscribers, measure website visits, and increase your database with landing pages and forms.

A 30-day free trial featuring limitless emails, 1 landing page, and 1 form is included when you join up for Moosend. This is a fantastic way to test the system and determine whether its right for you. Paid subscriptions begin at $7 per month for the first 500 users.

Is Moosend mobile friendly?

Moosend does support mobile devices. While you are editing emails and landing pages, Moosend allows you to view the mobile version. As a result, you can constantly check to see if your advertising appears excellent on desktop and mobile. Or create solely mobile-focused ads and pages. There isnt a mobile app for Moosend

Is Moosend easy to use?

Yes, using Moosend is simple. Its user interface is really well made. Excellent assistance, signposting for all the tools, and navigation are all present. The drag and drop editor interface is the same for forms, landing pages, and emails. So, after mastering one, using the other comes naturally.

Final Thoughts about Moosend Email Marketing Software

A system for email marketing called Moosend assists small firms in running effective marketing campaigns. Moosends automation processes are highly strong when compared to solutions with comparable prices. However, Moosend has a few drawbacks that may spell doom for your company.

  • Moosend is a good choice if you want strong automation processes at a reasonable price.
  • We suggest AWeber if you want a system with a free plan which features top-notch customer care and a sizable collection of email themes.
  • For your business, Mailchimp is probably superior if you want a system that works including over 240 third-party applications.
  • You can check out Moosend right away if youre curious

Moosend Alternative Software

Moosend is in direct competition with a number of email marketing programs that provide comparable features. Your preferences for features and spending limit will determine which option is ideal for you.

Top rivals of Moosend include


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