A growing marketing platform called Klaviyo enables you to provide more individualized experiences across your marketing channels. Through Klaviyo, brands have generated over $3.7 billion in sales. In this post, We will discuss Klaviyo review & ratings, features & details, pricing, pros and cons, discount, and more.

Overall Rating4.4
Dependability & Aid4.5
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What Is Klaviyo?

With Klaviyo, an integrated customer platform, your online business has direct control over consumer information and interactions, enabling you to convert customer encounters into fruitful long-term partnerships at scale. The Klaviyo database interfaces effortlessly with your technology stack and provides you with comprehensive information on each visitor, including what caused them to click, bounce, and ultimately make a purchase. You can automate tailored messages like price drop notifications, pleasant cart notifications, and just-in-time suggestions using Klaviyos collection of tested email and text message templates from the same interface.

Klaviyo’s Overall Ratings (4.4/5)


Johnny Pellham (eliteemailsoftware.com)

With Klaviyo, an integrated customer system, your online business has direct control over consumer information and encounters, enabling you to convert customer encounters into fruitful long-term partnerships at volume. The Klaviyo database interfaces effortlessly with any tech stack and provides you with comprehensive information on each visitor, including what caused them to click, bounce, and ultimately make a purchase. 

You can automate tailored messages like price drop notifications, pleasant cart updates, and just-in-time suggestions using Klaviyos collection of tested email and text message templates from a single interface. 

Clients feel seen rather than targeted, therefore batching and blasting are no longer necessary. With time, Klaviyo even exposes what works out versus what doesnt, spotting patterns that help you draw in and keep new clients while encouraging current ones to make further purchases. 

There is no reason to begin from scratch or rely on other markets and ad networks because everything is available in one simple location. With Klaviyo, its simple to interact with every consumer as though you already know them and expand your company on your own conditions.

Key advantages of using Klaviyo

  • Due to Klaviyos open API, clients may quickly connect their eCommerce systems and get valuable data.
  • Users of Klaviyo can rapidly and precisely measure campaign outcomes thanks to real-time tracking technologies included in the platform.
  • Users are granted access to Klaviyos dashboards and reports, which provide eCommerce businesses with crucial information on ROI.
  • Using AB testing, Klaviyo helps users improve the effectiveness of advertisements and automated email workflows.
  • Users can customize emails and messages by utilizing events, properties, and custom characteristics.
  • Users may use Klaviyos dynamic online registration forms to increase the size of company email lists and get more client information.

Users’ Ratings

We asked Johnny Pellham, one of our in-house specialists, to open a Klaviyo profile and test it out. The various email marketing services that Klaviyo provides are rated by Johnny Pellham and are listed below.

By signing up through our link, you could be able to receive a discount if you choose to use Klaviyo. Although we frequently receive commissions from purchases made using our connections, Johnny Pellhams review was unaffected by this.

Lets look at what Pellham found while reviewing Klaviyo: 

G2 Trustpilot Capterra Trustradius Overall

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Everything you need to expand your business. in a robust platform.

Automatically delivered personalized emails and messages based on how clients engage with your business.

EmailDepending on your customers behavior, increase your income using email campaigns. Ultra-personalization is made possible by pre-built layouts and straightforward segmentation techniques.
SMSUtilize a platform that combines SMS and email advertising to boost sales, communicate with customers instantly, and ensure built-in compliance.
Sign-up FormsUtilize straightforward, ready-made signup forms to start expanding both email and SMS client lists right away.
E-Commerce AutomationDiscover well-liked e-commerce flows readily to use as is including welcome series, unused cart, back to stock, browse withdrawal, post-purchase, and more.
Pre-built template librariesExplore templates for automation, email, SMS, and registration forms that were created utilizing best practices to increase sales. With something like a drag-and-drop (no coding) editor, you can easily modify your templates.
200+ integrationsOur pre-built connectors, which include one-click interfaces for several well-known e-commerce platforms gather historical and real-time client data from all existing applications in one location.
Real-time, marketer-friendly segmentationFor purchases made, website surfing habits, order value, and more, there is a quick, easy, and detailed segmentation available that is ready to be dropped into your user experience.
Real-time customer profilesWith our activity feeds, you can keep track of what your clients do across all of your different platforms and channels (email, SMS, online, etc.), as well as what our data science suggests they will do.
Custom integrationsUse our open API to build the specific integrations that you want.
Immediately capture customer behaviorPut the Javascript snippet from Klaviyo on your website to start tracking visitor browsing habits right away (dont worry, well teach you how).
Predicted dataWe can predict a clients upcoming order date, customer satisfaction, risk of churn, potential expenditure, predicted demographic characteristics, and more with the help of predictive analytics.
Custom and extensive pre-built reportingLearn more about marketing ROI, clients, and performance. Even more, marketing-related data is gathered by us from sources like reviews, subscription invoicing, and customer loyalty software.
Peer values
Benchmarks demonstrate how your campaigns stack up against those of businesses similar to yours and provide suggestions on how to improve so you can concentrate on what matters.
A/B testing software
To discover the most effective methods to connect with your brands loyal customers, test your emails, SMS, and registration forms.
ShowcaseGet automation of the campaigns that worked the best across the many thousands of companies using Klaviyo.

Ease of Use

Although email campaigns are quite simple to use, there is always room for improvement. Regarding Shopify Collections, you have to copy and paste several links; this should be a built-in feature for button alternatives. Replying is a workaround. Instead of constantly altering dynamic lists, there needs to be a straightforward slide choice to resend to non-openers within x hours or something.

The only cause we did not give it a perfect score of 10 is because it does not discriminate between purchases made through subscription renewals and those that were directly prompted by emails. Other than that, we are very satisfied with this email platform because of its automation capabilities, design factors, and segmentation choices.

Its a respectable platform with a user-friendly layout, but trust in it is severely lacking owing to unsafe systems and poor customer care. Support is a major issue if you operate a business and experience a service issue that you are unable to resolve. In contrast to other companies with whom we have transacted online over the last ten years, to our knowledge, there is no help or understanding of the other side of the line.

For starting one-off marketing strategies and growing automated email, SMS, as well as other marketing initiatives, Klaviyo offers a technology that is remarkably simple to use.

The platform provides a quick and efficient method for segmenting contacts so that more pertinent interactions may be delivered. And the personalization options go a step further by allowing you to address contacts by name, alluding to their previous purchases or watching history, and even send out unique messages on the best days and times of the day to accomplish the greatest next steps.

Onboarding and acclimating to the tool take some time, but that is to be anticipated for any product with such a comprehensive and useful feature set. The capabilities for marketing automation are simple to set up, deploy, monitor and optimize.

The workflow automation in Klaviyo might be rather limited compared to more expensive systems, which is a drawback of the softwares simplicity of use. However, it does provide several branching routes dependent on contact acts, making it still a possibility. And while the system comes with a huge amount of pre-built email templates, it appears like tweaking and creating your templates might be a difficult task.

The fact that Klaviyo integrates with virtually all popular e-commerce and online shop builders is maybe the most advantageous feature for Klaviyos use. Your complete tech stack may be connected thanks to these connectors and its open API easily.

Klaviyo Pricing

The cost of Klaviyo is determined by how many contacts you have in your email list and how many SMS texts you send each month. The first 250 contacts can use the email marketing feature for free. Additionally, each SMS message costs $0.10, with an extra $0.03 for any MMS texts.

After the first 250 contacts are free, there are other pricing categories, including:

  • $20/month for 251-500 contacts
  • $30/month for 501-1,000 contacts
  • $45/month for 1,001-1,500 contacts
  • $60/month for 1,501-2,500 contacts
  • $70/month for 2,501-3,000 contacts

Up until you reach more than 150,000 contacts, the price per contact will grow on a monthly basis in this manner. The cost is nonnegotiable after that. Another pricing point is that your monthly cost covers up to 500,000 email deliveries per month if you reach 50,000 contacts. In other words, you can only send 10 emails per contact per month at 50,000 connections and above (up to 150,000).

If you have around 1000 - 1500 contacts:

Email and SMSEmailFree
Starting at $60/ monthStarting at $45/ monthStarting at $0/ month
Reaching clients via SMS or email will help your marketing efforts go even further.Elevate your email marketing to the next level with a straightforward solution that customizes at scale.Ideal for starting up and experimenting with the Klaviyo customer interface.
1,001 - 1,500 contacts15,000 monthly email sends email and chats support1,001 - 1,500 contacts15,000 monthly email sends150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits email and chat supportcontact limit exceeded500 monthly emails sends150 free monthly SMS/MMS credits email and chat support

Some Additional Features:

  • Hyper-precise segmentation
  • 220+ pre-built integrations
  • Detailed customer profiles
  • Drag-and-drop automation builder
  • Templates with built-in best practices
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • Built-in forms and pop-ups
  • Campaigns for targeted, one-off messages
  • Precise multi-channel attribution
  • Personalized benchmarks
  • Automated A/B testing
  • Built-in compliance and deliverability

Up until you reach more than 150,000 contacts, the price per contact will grow every month in this manner. The cost is nonnegotiable after that. Another pricing point is that your monthly cost covers approximately 500,000 email sends every month if you reach 50,000 contacts. In other words, you can only send 10 emails per contact per month at 50,000 connections and above (up to 150,000).

Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Business ModelSaaS
Supported LanguagesGerman, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified)
OfferingsFree/Freemium Version
IntegrationsShopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Adobe Commerce (Magento Commerce), Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Gorgias, ReCharge

Pros and Cons

It is a superb CRM that also automates and targets the correct customers with the right content!Can be expensive, and flow management does call for additional care.
One of Klavyios most significant characteristics is its ability to integrate with virtually any product available. As a result, users may easily incorporate Klavyio into their current workflows and systems. Due to its multiple integrations, Klavyio is a flexible tool that may be applied in various ways.The user interface of Klavyio needs to be improved. It is out of date and does not accommodate users in the present day. The interface lacks the capabilities that consumers want and is cumbersome to use. Klavyio needs to update its user interface and make it easier to use.
Offers an excellent Shopify integration is simple to use and has effective marketing, automation, and categorization If you are unfamiliar with HTML, creating templates using the drag and drop functionality is simple.You must have a different account if you operate more than one shop. They are not inexpensive.
For a good reason, Klaviyo is the industry standard for eCommerce email and SMS marketing. It acts as the nexus for all of your client data and forms the basis of a solid segmentation and CLV strategy. It has a ton of options and is quite strong, allowing you to customize your marketing to fit your unique business situation. Additionally, Ive been really happy with Klaviyos customer service and instructional materials.This isnt the inexpensive email program available, lets face it. It probably isnt the greatest choice for new, tiny eComm businesses. If your site doesnt receive much traffic and has a small list, the price isnt warranted. Additionally, it is complicated, therefore there is a small learning curve.

Photos, Videos & Screenshots

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Reliability and Support

There are 3 Categories in the Support Segment:

  1. Welcome

Check back here for updates on Klaviyo and to examine our forum best practices.

  • Getting Started
  • News & Announcements
  1. Got a Question? 

Looking for assistance with Klaviyo? Ask your question here if you cant seem to find what youre searching for using the Search option, and the Community will assist you in locating the answer.

  • Accounts and Settings
  • Campaigns, Flows, and SMS
  • Lists, Segments, and Profiles
  • Signup Forms
  • Metrics and Analytics
  • Deliverability
  • Email Templates and Coupons
  • Integrations
  1. Community Commons

Learn from your colleagues and discuss what is or is not working from firms of comparable size across sectors. A recent surge lifts all boats, as the saying goes.

  • Show & Tell
  • Learn with Klaviyo

Helpful Resources

  1. Developer Portal
  2. Help Center
  3. Partner Directory
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FAQs About Klaviyo

Who are its main rivals of Klaviyo?

The most popular alternatives to Klaviyo are Mailchimp, Iterable, and Emarsys.

What is the finest quality of Klaviyo?

Triggered drip sequences receive the greatest rating from reviewers (8.9).

Who Uses Klaviyo?

The Retail sector and Small Businesses (1-50 people) are the two industries with the highest Klaviyo usage rates.

Final Thoughts about Klaviyo Email Marketing Software

Weve had a really pleasant entire experience with Klaviyo since its helped me connect with our target audience more effectively. We havent had many problems with the platform, and utilizing it is really simple, so we were able to initiate campaigns right away when we first began using it. 

We wholeheartedly endorse Klaviyo for anybody looking, to begin with, for online marketing in addition to those who have Shopify online businesses as you can link the two to improve repeat business and client loyalty.

Klaviyo Alternative Software

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