Intercom is a Customer Engagement Platform that enables in-context discussions to deliver an exceptional user experience that connects customers throughout their lifetime.

In this post, We will discuss Intercom reviews & ratings, features & details, pricing, pros and cons, discount, and more.

Overall Rating4.2
Dependability & Aid4.5
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What Is Intercom?

With Intercom, you can increase activation while decreasing time to value. With code-free and relevant product demonstrations and multi-channel message campaigns, you can swiftly onboard new customers and assist consumers to find value in your offering. Prompt new customers with an in-product survey at sign-in to identify their goals, then take them through a customized tour depending on this information, and follow up with interaction messages - within and outside your app - to ensure theyre getting value, acting, and returning.

Intercomā€™s Overall Ratings (4.2/5)


Johnny Pellham (

Intercom bills itself as the engagement OS, bringing all customer experiences under one roof. The small chat box in the heart of everything is what makes Intercom renowned and what people may recognize Intercom for.

You may contact someone by selecting the little chat box, which is largely focused on lead generation (through chatbots) and customer assistance. If a client has a question, you may direct them to a particular SDR if they are a prospect or to customer support if they are an existing customer. So, whenever someone becomes a customer, or you have their email address or whatever else, youll be able to communicate with them through several channels.

Intercom has been expanding and shedding its reliance on the chat box in recent years. Today, you can also operate product tours (similar to Pendo), surveys (similar to Typeform), and include a banner to draw attention to something new youve just launched or operate a multi-channel marketing campaign to send in-app or email messages to active or fallen away users, build segments based on product usage, and more.

When is it OK to use the Intercom?

For a long time, Intercom was regarded as an excellent tool for engaging with consumers. However, in order to defeat a worthy opponent, Drift, Intercom veered off course.

They were caught in the Lets create a category debate and added to the confusion by branding themselves as the Conversational Relationship Platform.

Intercom, in my opinion, is a terrific tool for every use case you can think of when someone joins up for your tool.

Following a sign-up for your product, you may perform the following with Intercom:

  1. Conduct product tours to encourage adoption and assist new users in better grasping your product. Its code-free, easy to use, and perfect for highlighting key product components and assisting consumers in discovering new features.
  1. One of the well-thought-out options for making life simpler for your support personnel is the ability to initiate product demonstrations as a support response to an inquiry.
  1. To give speedy in-app help, keep the live chat inside the product. If youre utilizing Intercoms helpdesk, the assistance bot is a great way to decrease inbound requests that are already being addressed in your service center.
  1. If you have a mobile app, you may utilize carousels to onboard new customers.
  1. Create a multi-channel campaign with Series. For example, you may send an email to greet new users, then tour them around using a Product Tour, and then urge them to enable app alerts with Mobile Carousels.
  1. You may build up automated systems such as routing, assigning, and SLAs using rules and automated workflows. This will be really beneficial to your support crew.

What constantly strikes us is how beautifully Intercom is constructed as a platform with so many interwoven use cases. And we feel that is their most powerful asset.

Usersā€™ Ratings

We asked Johnny Pellham, one of our in-house specialists, to open an Intercom profile and test it out. The various email marketing services that Intercom provides are rated by Johnny Pellham and are listed below.

By signing up through our link, you could be able to receive a discount if you choose to use Intercom. Although we frequently receive commissions from purchases made using our connections, Johnny Pellhams review was unaffected by this.

Lets look at what Pellham found while reviewing Intercom:Ā 

G2Ā TrustpilotĀ CapterraĀ TrustradiusĀ OverallĀ

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Intercom provides a variety of live chat options, enabling the service to chat with clients in real-time, as well as chatbots that assist consumers automatically when support is unavailable.

More than merely a customer service tool, these bots qualify incoming leads and incorporate them into multi-channel messaging sequences that lead to conversion. This article focuses on these qualities, which are similar to marketing automation.

  1. Chatbots that are powerful

Chatbot types available

When customer assistance is unavailable, a chatbot is built to acquire recommendations and contact details for visitors. It assists the visitor by answering frequently asked questions.

Intercom Operator, the Intercom bots area, provides two types of chatbots: Task and Custom.

Intercoms Task Bot is meant to automate simple activities like suggesting articles from the Help Centre and refers to a form to score chats. The Task Bot is a focused messaging machine with simple and effective capabilities.

Custom BotsĀ 

Custom and solution bots from Intercom are more complex bots that engage with visitors based on specific and targeted criteria. Intercom provides both existing bot templates and the ability to construct new bots from start.

Intercom has a block builder to let you develop a customized bot (a chatbot workflow with elements):


Based on the scoring and segmentation criteria, rules allow you to choose which types of leads to pushing what information.


Finally, by defining your bots aim, youll be able to monitor its effectiveness and comprehend how visitors engage with it.

  1. Contact management

Intercom provides a comprehensive picture of everyone who has interacted with your chatbot.

Intercom enables you to pose a question and capture the users response directly using a custom feature or by giving a tag. All chats may then be filtered based on this data and the tags supplied.

When you click on a person, you can view their custom fields, tags, and the pages your site users have recently visited.

  1. Channels

Intercom provides three routes for deploying the chatbot:

  • WebsitesĀ 
  • iOS apps
  • Applications for Android

You may also host a live conversation on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Slack. This live chat, however, will not be connected to your chatbot.

  1. Commitment

Message sequences using several channels

Message sequences with several channels are supported by Intercom. Prospects who add an item to their shopping cart but leave the website before checking out might be emailed. You may reach them via chat, email, or through media where your firm publishes product releases. These engaging communications can be sent to certain consumer segments once or on a predetermined basis.

You may create these multi-channel email sequences using the Series tool. You may either design these emails from scratch or utilize one of the 12 provided templates.

A variety of information may be provided, such as new subscribers, new items, or the activation of dormant members. You must use the workflow builder to build this series. It enables you to specify the target as well as the channels to be used.

Other features

  • Product tour: The program has a product tour function that was created to lead the user through goods in the gallery. This enables you to integrate video chats, specify the most significant aspects of the page seen to stimulate involvement, or direct the possibility to a different feature.
  • Carousel for mobile: Creating a carousel for mobile enables you to use swipe activities on the interface. Support, instruction, and other important information may be simply added.
  • A/B testing: Intercom enables you to create A/B tests to identify which piece of your approach is the most pertinent: mobile carousel, or outgoing emails, the testing possibilities are vast and allow you to optimize the user experience.

Ease of Use

We cant yet give it a 10 because were still adjusting to the new inbox. Having said that, we believe the Intercom to be rather user-friendly and have discovered additional functions over time. Like, its incredibly simple to utilize straight away. But its also adaptable and extendable enough that you can gradually add new features and expansions to make it even more effective. So wed conclude the mix of usability and flexibility is spot on.

We were eventually able to login in after much trouble (without a corporate domain email address, Intercom would not give you access to its website). The home screen is straightforward, with a white backdrop and instructions regarding how to get started using Intercom that really can range from a few procedures that take a few minutes to apply to 45-minute sessions. Everything you need is on the left side of the screen, plus if you get lost, there is a chatbox with a live person on the right where you may ask for assistance.

Intercom Pricing

The price guide for this platform is particularly perplexing. Heres what we discovered after much research:

Active contacts/monthSeats
StartFrom $59/month1000
max 5
2Slack$9/month/ additional
GrowFrom $199/month3000
max 25
4Hubspot, Github
AccelerateFrom $499/month10,000
10, max
10Twitter, Salesforce, Facebook, Zendesk$49/
ScaleFrom $499/monthOver 10,00010, max
330 integrations$99/

Intercoms price guide isnt very user-friendly. We had to visit third-party websites in order to get the information we required for this post. The cost of using this platform soon skyrockets as you start accumulating active contacts and buying extra add-ons for fundamental functions you require. Intercom also gives you 2000 free contacts each month, after which you must pay an additional $50 for every 1000 newly introduced contacts. Furthermore, all membership levels have a monthly restriction of 50,000 new clients.

Optional Add-Ons

Product ToursFrom an additional $199/monthPersonalized guided tours
Tours through video
Builder with no coding required
Advanced Lead GenerationFrom an additional $499/monthMarketing by Account
Salesforce Support for sandboxes
Integrations with Clearbit Reveal as well as Marketo
Send applications through bots
Advanced Customer EngagementFrom an additional $499/monthPush notifications and texts
With Series Message A/B testing and control groups, you may create multi-channel campaigns.
Integrations with Clearbit Reveal with Marketo
Versioning of messages
Advanced Support AutomationFrom an additional $249/monthAutomated responses to frequently asked questions
Reporting on Resolutions
Send applications through bots

Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Business ModelSaaS
Supported LanguagesArabic, Bosnian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, German (Formal), Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latviski, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and ŠŠ½Š³Š»Šø хэŠ» (Mongolian).
OfferingsFree Trial
IntegrationsWhatsApp Business, Jira Service Management (Jira Service Desk),, Slack, Stripe, Twilio Segment, Zendesk Support Suite, Statuspage, HubSpot Service Hub, Meta for Business, Calendly, Pipedrive, Google Meet, Zapier, Heap, Tribe Community Platform, Zoom Webinars, Adobe Marketo Engage, LiveSession, Instagram, Twitter

Pros and Cons

Intercoms knowledge library and support center are extensive and constantly expanding. There is also a blog, podcasts, publications, webinars, newsgroups, and courses to help you become completely acquainted with all this site has to offer.Expensive: The capabilities of Intercom are ideally suited for a profitable enterprise-sized firm that can support its expensive pricing options. Furthermore, the price criteria for this platform are really imprecise and misleading, since you cant tell how much youll be spending at first sight.
Campaigns: With this system, you can design campaigns that include both chat alerts and emails.Learning curve: If you want to do anything on this platform, such as create an email or a bot from start, you must first hunt for a guide. Either that or employ the 24/7 live support available to assist you in properly using and comprehending all of its capabilities.
Integration: You can easily integrate Intercoms software into your website, allowing you to enter data from your website straight into its servers.Intercom does not allow you to design templates from scratch. Instead, youre forced to use seven pre-made, basic templates that arent really configurable.
Setup: It merely takes a few minutes to set up and implement this platform. After you sign in, helpful alerts will assist you through the process of producing your initial email or chatbot.

Photos, Videos & Screenshots

Intercom Deals and Coupons

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Reliability and Support

Intercom provides help via chats and e-mail regardless of the package your firm chooses. Unfortunately, many users complain about Intercoms support teams being unresponsive.

The tools functional depth is such that it is critical that users may rely on self-service tools, and this is the case! Theres an Intercom Academy that allows you to acquire an Intercom certification and take extremely well-structured courses with any bundle!

Furthermore, Intercom hosts webinars on a regular basis, and community members may then offer their helpful suggestions and advice from the forum. Intercom emphasizes this community component by rating the finest contributions. All of it is done to minimize the problems associated with the tools learning curve as much as feasible.

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  • TrustRadius Top Rated 2022
  • TrustRadius Best Feature Set (Summer 2022)
  • TrustRadius Best Relationship (Summer 2022)
  • TrustRadius Most Loved 2022Ā 
  • TrustRadius Top Rated 2021
  • TrustRadius Top Rated 2020
  • TrustRadius Top Rated 2019
  • TrustRadius Top Rated 2018

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FAQs about Intercom

What are the pricing plans of Intercom?

Intercom offers the following price packages:
Starting at $67.00 per month
Subscription pricing model

A free trial is available.

Typical Users of Intercom?

Intercoms usual clientele is as follows:
Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid-Size Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, and Small Businesses.

Does Intercom support mobile devices?

The intercom supports the following devices:
Android, iPad, iPhone

Does Intercom have an API?

Yes, Intercom has an API available for use

What extent of support does Intercom offer?

Intercom offers the following support options:
FAQs/Forum, Email/Help Desk, Knowledge Base, Chat

Final Thoughts about Intercom Email Marketing Software

We found the Intercom to be quite difficult to use. You wont get even past the login screen if you will not have a business email account with its own domain. Before we got acclimated to it, the website was unclear and overwhelming. Despite its flaws, Intercom has certain advantages, such as the sheer amount of connectors available and some of its useful features. It is completely up to you if the benefits of the Intercom outweigh the costs.

If you want to streamline your present operation and automate certain components of your email marketing strategy, Intercom can undoubtedly help. However, youll need some IT knowledge, and the cost is very hefty for what youll get.

SendX is a less expensive yet similarly responsive service. The majority of the same functionalities are available, and customers profit from additional pre-integrated apps. Furthermore, the initial monthly fee is only $7.49.

Intercom Alternative Software

  • Zendesk Support Suite
  • Freshdesk
  • HubSpot Service Hub
  • Drift
  • Help Scout
  • Kustomer
  • Helpshift
  • Freshchat

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