The Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing For Lawyers

With the rise of technology, the legal field has slowly adapted to change. However, one area where lawyers have been quick to adopt new technology is email marketing. Now Well know that Guide to email marketing for lawyers.

Email marketing is a great way to build your brand and reach new clients. But what does it mean for a lawyer to be doing email marketing? Email marketing for lawyers is a powerful tool to reach potential clients and build relationships with existing clients. However, it can be not easy to know where to start.

Its not just about sending out emails to your existing clients, its about finding new ones as well. Email marketing is all about keeping in touch with current and potential clients, so you can ensure they know theres something on the horizon that will help them further their interests in your field of law.

Lets look at why email marketing is essential for lawyers, how it works, and how you can use it effectively to grow your practice!

What Really Is Email Marketing

The process of interacting with clients and prospects via email is known as email marketing. Email newsletters, advertising campaigns, and event invitations are examples of frequently used email-based marketing messaging. Unlike numerous other distribution channels, email marketing often has a substantially greater ROI than social media.

Email marketing is among the most effective tools in the armory of todays advertisers and is a terrific method to spread the word about your firm. Strategies for email marketing get a prolonged shelf life and can provide a positive return on investment. The most significant benefit of email marketing is the opportunity for direct client interaction.

In todays commercial world, the capacity for client connection development is essential. Businesses may genuinely develop their reputations as reliable institutions by fostering trust through regular communications.

You can communicate directly with your audience using email, which is the main factor that makes it more efficient than social media and SEO.

Relevancy of Email Marketing

E-mail is still a crucial component of daily digital life. Four billion people will be using email worldwide in 2020. This is anticipated to increase to 4.6 billion by 2025. Here is a closer look at the statistics.

With these figures in mind, it is obvious that failing to utilize email and its user base would be a waste of time.

Email marketing has made its own place amongst other marketing channels for being an all-rounder option. Heres why:

  • With little investment, it is a powerful medium for reaching out to new clients
  • It provides personalization by helping to create communications that are specifically targeted for particular clients
  • Law firms can reach a larger audience, and it offers a greater return on equity (ROI)
  • Comparing it to television, news, and outdoor commercials, it is a more affordable marketing tactic
  • It connects quickly to various marketing channels

The idea may sound unimportant if you have never thought about email marketing for your legal practice. However, email marketing strategies have a lot of advantages.

  • Email marketing enables earlier lead collection. You may quickly direct potential customers to get in touch with you when you manage the traffic that gets to your website using an email campaign. This is quicker than if theyd done it naturally
  • Additionally, email marketing keeps you in the minds of past, present, and potential customers. Clients will see your firm and have the chance to remember what you are doing and how you might be able to help them when your emails show up in their inboxes
  • Finally, email marketing is, first and foremost, economical. Compared to other digital marketing strategies, email marketing is comparatively cheap to launch and maintain. You will probably just need to budget a few hundred dollars per month, whether you decide to manage the ads personally or choose to outsource.

What Can You Gain From Email Marketing

You may improve your connection with your clients by using email marketing. This can assist you in raising the effectiveness of your direct marketing operations. The following are just a few of the many advantages of email marketing:

  • Email marketing is more practical for clients than call marketing. They can more easily unsubscribe or read the email whenever they want.
  • The expense of email marketing is lower. Compared to many other forms of marketing, email marketing is far less expensive. There are no printing or advertising costs.
  • Determine the effectiveness of your email marketing by evaluating the results of various text and design variations in your messages.
  • Email marketing can be used to reach a bigger audience or a specific list because it is scalable.
  • You can tailor your emails to different client segments based on their unique habits.
  • Through email marketing, you may communicate with your clients instantly. You may reach the right audience with the right offer at the right time by using automated triggers like website clicks, actions, purchases, etc.
  • Email marketing is simple and easy to share to be quickly forwarded and spread through viral marketing or word-of-mouth.
  • Email marketing is essential for conversions and growing sales so that you may inform clients about new discounts and maintain their loyalty after a purchase.
  • Evaluate and rank improvement opportunities using email benchmarking reports.
  • You have more freedom to communicate your companys branding when your design is versatile, and you have options for design elements like text or images.
  • Since email marketing does not require printing, it is more environmentally friendly than direct mail marketing.
  • People who agree to receive contact will be added to a marketing list and will only learn about your product with their consent.
  • Automation in email marketing is practical and saves time. Clients can have emails sent to them based on actions they perform on a website, and you can also receive welcome instructions via email.

Does Email Marketing Have Any Disadvantages

Weve only just finished talking about the benefits of email campaigns. Is there anything wrong with email marketing? Well, it changes a bit depending on the circumstances.

Unsurprisingly, some legal firms avoid email campaigns because they believe they are spam. Given that most of you reading this article likely receive a lot of spam mail, it makes sense that they would respond that way.

If you engage them in conversation about a subject they are passionate about, it wont feel intrusive to actual customers who are not on a list you purchased online. People need to exchange emails frequently. And all you have to do to join those notable ones is fulfill the requirements.

For instance, if you manage a legal aid firm, your target audience would undoubtedly find it useful and beneficial to get a message that includes topic-wise legal guidelines and practical advice and instructions regarding legal actions.  Clients may grow tired of seeing frequent adverts from your firm if you start sending them in that manner.

You wont run into any issues if its entertaining, relevant, and doesnt oversaturate your mailing list. Clients may also choose to unsubscribe if they decide they no longer wish to receive your emails. Well go into more detail about this in this article.

How To Get Started On Email Campaigns

In our case, three fundamental components are required to begin email marketing. Spend time perfecting each component:

  • Contact List: You can be sure that your prospects are anxious to receive from you if you have a top-notch email list
  • Applications: With the appropriate software, you can monitor your likelihood of success and return on investment while automatically sending the correct individuals the information at the right time
  • Content: If you produce high-quality content, your target audience will be successfully engaged and will be more likely to perform the desired action such as: Request a no-cost consultation?, Get in touch?,  Why not get an eBook?

Develop A Personal Email List

The best strategy to increase your subscriber base is to ask for contact information in exchange for free material. These are referred to as lead magnets at times. They are made to entice your target audience with valuable content demonstrating your subject-matter expertise, offering them useful assistance, and enabling you to collect their contact information.

However, access to the content requires filling out a sign-up form and is only granted in exchange for contact information.

This material must be valuable and original. Consider the following types of inquiries when choosing your offer:

  • How do I offer something succinct and to the point that is also valuable?
  • What can I do to solve their issue?
  • What exactly are they looking for?
  • What questions does my intended audience have?
  • What are the pressing concerns on their minds?

You get the idea. Then, provide something worthwhile that solves a problem for your target audience and is centered around them rather than you.

Here are a few notable examples of freebies to capture client emails:


This Georgia law firm produced the following regulatory investigation guidance for financial advisors:

Often, clients need manuals or guides to various issues, whether a car loan or criminal legal aid. Sending them a proper guide will make them know you have the resources and potential to help them through their legal side.


E-Books can cover almost any legal subject. When you get into an accident, follow these steps, according to an eBook written by a Wisconsin law firm:

An E-book is almost always the most clicked and lucrative item for potential clients who are in the market to try out law firms or trying to determine your expertise. A good ebook is often considered a long-term investment that always pays back the effort you put into it. Keep an eye on your ebooks title, as it will be the first thing your client sees after opening their email.

Encourage them to give their emails so they can access more resourceful ebooks.

Public Speaking Engagements

Certain lawyers speak to the public. These might include educational sessions on various legal topics, like estate planning sessions for the elderly or those with aging parents.

To inform other attorneys about your practice, you might also give continuing legal education (CLE) sessions.

The event should feature a sign-in sheet to capture guests contact information regardless of the presentation kind. Then, after the event, include them in a list or automated sequence designed especially for this target market.

White Papers

A white paper on how to handle business issues was produced by Thomson Reuters in Canada for other law firms:

Whitepapers can also be a good prompt to ask for your clients email addresses, as theyd want to know more about what you wrote on that page.

Sign Up Prompt For Newsletter

Having a Subscribe to our newsletter button on the website is the most common strategy used by law firms to increase the number of people who subscribe to their newsletter.

Anything is preferable to nothing. It is unlikely that you will have clients knocking on your door demanding a legal consultation, though.

Proactive marketing will result in greater results; consider gated content and beneficial, downloadable materials created for your target audience.


Everybody has encountered pop-ups that seek your email address when they appear on websites. Typically, they just request that you sign up for their weekly email in the beginning. Possibly tedious, but really straightforward and far superior to anything.

Exit intent popups are a fantastic example of how this capability works. An attempt is made to keep a client on the site by opening a popup window with an enticing offer when they move their cursor to exit a webpage.

To further customize any bargain, you can create more complex pop-up windows that only appear when a potential buyer lands on a particular page (or location) on your blog. Its a clever tool that could help you quickly expand your email list.

Tips and Worksheets

Another way of gaining email addresses is to procure viable worksheets for your clients to try out and use. It not just works toward your goodwill but also grants you a potential client with an email address as a bonus.

This Indiana law practice produced an estate planning spreadsheet that is publicly offered for free on its main website.

Reference Materials

In exchange for contact information, this Ohio estate planning company offers access to a comprehensive library of resources:

Youll learn how to build up an automated sequence of emails using free digital lead magnets using email marketing software in the later chapter on drip campaigns.

Although every app has a unique setup, most of them let you make new form fields for downloading content and automated sequences for users who have completed it.

Once your form is created, you typically add the following code to your website (or combine it with an already-existing web form using a third-party integration):

The person who fills out the form is automatically linked to your list and gets the emails from the automation sequence and the downloadable content.

The automated sequence begins with an email that contains a link to the subscribers desired downloading content.

After that, you draft a string of nurturing emails to inform your subscribers and convince them to schedule a session.

Your form may resemble the following:

You may well be saying at this point, I dont want to give out my knowledge of the law for free. Thats what my clients pay me for.

The information you offer for free, meanwhile, wont persuade actual potential clients that they can handle a lawyers task. If anything, the fact that you created this information regarding your area of expertise will increase their confidence in your skills.

Some people refuse to pay for legal assistance ever. People who wont ever hire you or another lawyer can find enough information online to handle their own legal matters. These individuals are not your intended market. Ignore them.

The people who wish to be well-informed before employing a lawyer are your target audience. They are currently doing research and gathering information to find a lawyer. They are curious and may not immediately need to retain the services of a law firm.

They will eventually hire the same attorney who advised them along the road. If you provide the other person with useful information, they will probably feel obligated to you and believe you are sincere and knowledgeable. When they do, they answer the phone.

Content Creation For Newsletters

Weve discussed email marketing formats, structures, testing, reporting, and mechanics, but what should you write about?

What will the content of your emails truly say? How are they made to be interesting?

Newsletters that are published weekly, biweekly, monthly, or quarterly are a great method to keep on your audiences minds. Most attorneys and recipients are accustomed to this format. You can send newsletters to:

  • Prospects
  • Sources of referral
  • Colleagues
  • Existing customers

They are a great long-term technique for creating leads and establishing trust. Many attorneys, however, find it difficult to comprehend the information in their newsletters. Given your options, it shouldnt be too challenging.

Here are some suggestions:

Respond To Commonly Asked Questions

What are the most frequent queries you receive? As a legal advisor, naturally, people will have quite a few legal questions. Responding and adding answers to these questions makes you more connected with your potential clients, and more people get to know your expertise.

A fantastic technique to keep your content interesting and current for readers is to respond to FAQs. You could even dedicate a whole column to elucidating specific legal ideas.

Utilize Your Most Popular Blog Posts

Write a summary of the blog posts that have drawn the greatest attention. So that your viewers may read the original content in its entirety and link back to it. As currently, view time is quite short for most content, people generally tend to love the summarized version of a good topic. Aim for that.

Inform Changes To The Law

Your opinion and any pertinent advice should be included, along with any legal changes that impact your readers. To address the changes, you might even want to offer a free seminar; include the sessions time, date, and place in your newsletter.

As the law is constantly evolving and new sections and rectifications are being made every day, keep an eye out for the ones which impact your target audience most. By letting them know about the changes in the law, you are keeping them safe from legal issues and staying fixed in their mind.

Support For Mobile Devices

Most of your newsletter subscribers wont be waiting impatiently for it to arrive in their inbox. If they have more time, they might read it on the train later. Make sure all your campaigns are mobile-optimized because people are more likely to read them on a mobile device than on a desktop.

Share Information About Your Company

News and behind-the-scenes glances from your law firm are other forms of content appropriate for newsletters. Maybe an interview with one of the attorneys or a new employee, a look at a significant case youve been working on lately, or information on an honor youve won.

By doing this, you are essentially standing out and creating a bond with your clients as theyre in the loop of whats happening in your firm.

Give Market Related News

Does your legal firm have any industry-specific practices? Medical? Financial? the surroundings? Or perhaps estate planning and family law are your primary practice areas? Whatever your area of interest, Google allows you to search for pertinent news articles related to your field of expertise. Include them in your newsletter if you think your audience might find them interesting.

Publicize Neighborhood Events

You are a well-respected member of the neighborhood and a lawyer. If you support neighborhood events, write about them. Your viewers might be interested in nearby events like health fairs, county fairs, or other noteworthy local news, even if you arent directly engaged.

Directly targeted posts for your neighborhood makes your presence known amongst other rival firms and solidify your position as a friendly neighborhood lawyer!

Include Pictures In Your Newsletter

Take this article as an example. When there are graphics, reading is made simpler. Choose images that enhance the narrative rather than using stock photos for their own sake. Infographics, tables, graphs, and diagrams are excellent for breaking up text.

Most Popular Email Templates For Your Firm

Contact Form Confirmation Email

Send a confirmation email as soon as someone approaches you via your website. This should ideally be automated. The confirmation email informs potential customers that you received their application. Furthermore, it increases the likelihood that they wont call another attorney in the interim and will wait for your call instead. A confirmation email should, in essence, convey the following:

We appreciate you contacting us.

As quickly as we can, we will respond to you.

This is how your confirmation email might look:

Hello, [First Name]

I appreciate you getting in contact. Well call you soon with a call from one of our associates. We are eager to speak with you.

Best wishes

(Your Name)

Here is an illustration of a confirmation email that is more focused:

Greetings, [First Name]

We appreciate you contacting us about your car accident. Soon, well get in touch with you.

We are aware that this is a very trying time for you. You undoubtedly have many concerns and are attempting to determine how to move past your ailment. Here are a few tools you might find useful as we work with you to help you get the compensation you deserve:

Check out the profiles of our attorneys.

- Download our guide on filing a lawsuit following a vehicle accident.

- View the honors that our company has won.

- We anticipate speaking with you shortly.

“Win The Client” Emails

Send emails throughout the coming weeks that inform, engage, and exhort the potential customer to contact you again.

Here is an example of a teaching email:

Hello, [First Name]

This article piqued my curiosity, so I thought you would too. Its an essay that our company just released that discusses what to do because you are hurt and cant work. [Add your article link here]

Please dont hesitate to ask me any questions.

(Your Name)

Additionally, you ought to send follow-up emails aimed at reestablishing contact, like this one:

Hello, [First Name]

In order to update you on our previous talk, I simply wanted to get in touch. Would you have a couple of minutes to discuss your issue with me? We can communicate by email or phone at [phone number].

(Your Name)

Re-Engagement Emails

Consider an automated re-engagement effort to let prospective customers know that you are still active and accessible. A recent piece of exciting news to share is the ideal way to launch a re-engagement campaign. This email can be frequently updated to keep it somewhat up to date. Heres an illustration:

Hello, [First Name]

Im sorry its been so long since our last conversation, but I have some fantastic news to share with you. For the year in family law, our firm was just named an Awesome Law Firm. This award is a great honor for us, therefore, we wanted to spread the word. Here is the complete statement: [link]

(Your Name)

Think about exchanging accolades, judgments, media appearances, committee participation, papers printed in prestigious journals, etc. You can send a follow-up casual email to see if they received your first email after you restart the conversation.

Getting Started On Your Email Campaign For Your Legal Firm

Some email campaign techniques could use statistical, preference-based, and individual-level data to generate knowledge that is then used to increase traffic and sales.

An email system, for instance, can track which users are more likely to read and respond to emails that, say, provide legal assistance. Your business may offer brochures, information, and emails specifically focused on houseware products to reach this market.

According to the report, up to 7 out of 10 clients favor email marketing over all other types of advertising. It will be up to you to decide how to interact with and understand your audience.

Source: MarketingCharts

Advanced methods are necessary if you want to elevate your email campaign plan. Youll start to see significant advantages for each piece of mail you send as you start using these concepts in your marketing:

Email Subject Lines That Work

It could appear easy to write an email. Even if we usually send five to fifty emails each day, email marketing is still not a simple task. Emails that dont have an intriguing subject line will be immediately discarded, so if you want to get your audiences attention, you need to think of one. Dont worry if you ever need some advice; weve got a couple to share on how to grab your audiences attention.

Devise A New Topic

Check to see whether you frequently use the same subject lines. Make sure the email subject line accurately summarizes the information contained in a weekly newsletter if you send them out regularly. When someone receives emails with the same subject line repeatedly, they are inclined to dismiss them.

Be Specific & Direct

When someone opens an email, they would like to understand what they are looking into and whether it is worth their attention. The email will probably be deleted if the subject is lengthy, complicated, or unclear. Keep in mind that individuals will be reading the subject lines; they do not wish to read an entire book. 40-50 characters should be the maximum.

Contribute To The Consumer’s Gain

Describe the advantages for the recipient of opening the email. Will they make a profit, expand their clientele, or acquire something new? Why would they even respond to emails if there was no reason for them to do so?

Stay Away From Words That Trigger Spam

Our final advice is to avoid spam trigger words. Email service providers classify these terms as possibly fraudulent or harmful. Using just one of these words can make all the difference in whether or not your recipients even get to view the subject line.

Make Use Of More Verbs And Fewer Adjectives

Instead of being overly descriptive in the subject line, you should direct your readers actions. Use verbs like create, respond, and enhance. Take Two Minutes to Change the World is a good case in point. It explains the goal without giving away too much and challenges the reader to take action. Remember that the subject line should be attention-grabbing while presenting the emails main content.

Make It Sound Urgent

A superb subject line should entice the reader to act immediately. If they do not read the email, they should feel like they are passing out something. It is more probable that someone will open your email if you can convey the urgent importance of the information you send in the subject line.

An emails subject line will initially catch peoples attention. Any marketing campaign must start with the finest subject line possible because it will enhance the likelihood that recipients will accept and read your emails.

You might approach this in several ways.

Create a variety of subject lines for your mail first. Many content marketers will advise you that the initial concept you come up with is typically not the greatest, whether its for an email subject line or a forum post title. You can choose the best subject line by doing this activity to help you eliminate the bad ones.

Analyze your decision or choices using an email subject line analyzer. The analyzer will bring out the flaws in your subject line so you can change them and produce a truly fantastic one.

There are numerous popular subject line analyzers on the market.

Email Subject Line Grader by Net Atlantic

Cost: Free

Email Subject Line Grader gives a performance number based on four different criteria. These are:

Combination of Words And Harmony: An indicator of how many actions, passion, and power words were employed. The tool will suggest adding a handful to enhance your copy if your subject line lacks any of these.

Number of Characters: How many characters were used? According to research, email subject lines with 60 characters or fewer are the most effective. The tool will inform you of the length of your subject line and provide suggestions based on that length.

Words Used: How many words were used? Get opinions on how many words should be used to engage readers.

Subject Line Format: An explanation of the several subject lines you can use. Consider subject lines with how-to or question. Additionally, users are advised on how to make their subject lines stronger.

Send Check It

Cost: Free

Check to Send One of the most thorough topic line testers is this one. It provides a list of the 16 factors that subject lines are judged against, an overall score, and advice on improving your subject line. The list of requirements is also quite useful. It examines the presence of emojis, punctuation, and spam elements.

Check to Send It offers a comprehensive email subject tester. It analyzes your messages headline by comparing it to those from more than 100,000 marketing emails. This comparison serves as the foundation for the tools scores. You are given a solution that has been successfully tested.

Along with the grade, it offers guidance on how to improve your subject line more compellingly. Your subject line received a score of 16 out of 10. Check to Send It assesses the readability and length of the headline. Additionally, the tool shows a sample of the mail currently sitting in your intended audiences mailbox.

It specifies how the email subject line and senders name will display on both desktops and smartphones. You might also pay close attention to the subject line of your newsletter.

Using the tool, you may determine whether your subject line will give readers a positive, negative, or neutral opinion of you. The computer does a thorough examination to find phrases that spam detection might be able to comprehend.

For instance, it checks to see if your subject line includes a false RE: or FWD: which might boost your open rates momentarily.

The application also addresses proper grammatical usage, punctuation, emoticon utilization, and reading level. Technology, among other things, allows you to customize the newsletters content to increase open rates.


Cost: Free

Concerned that spam filters will mark our emails? Attempt ISnotSPAM. It can be used for subject lines even though its normally used to test an emails body copy. It runs five tests, including the following:

  • Sender-ID
  • Check SpamAssassin
  • DKIM Verify
  • Check SPF
  • DomainKeys Verify

Visit the tools page and copy the offered special email address to begin going. Use the email address and paste your subject line in the email body to send it. Click View Your Report to see the results after that.

The display of results may take up to three minutes.

CoSchedules Email Subject Line Tester

Cost: Free

Although CoSchedule is more renowned for its content marketing software, one of the most useful tools right now is its email subject line tester. Its intended to assist marketers in writing subject lines that are more empathetic and increase conversion. It achieves this by assigning grades to your copy based on eight factors.

Several criteria are:

  • Emojis are valid. Counts the number of emojis used
  • Appearance sneak peek. View a sample of your subject line on a desktop, and a mobile device
  • Find out from others which instance makes the finest subject lines
  • Count the characters based on how many characters were used
  • Word totals based on how many words were used
  • Numbers, Whether you have incorporated any figures
  • Terms that increase openings are used. These are encouraging words or words from the Word Bank at CoSchedule. The program also alerts you if you use any unfavorable language that can lower your open rates
  • Total score in cents. Your topic line will be more impactful the higher your score

The tool offers suggestions on how to use newsletter subject lines best. Additionally, you may find out more important details like the number of characters, phrases, and emojis.

Test Subject by Zurb

Cost: Free

Most people are unaware of this, yet mobile devices frequently shorten email subject lines. What happened? Subject lines are difficult to read because they are so long. Test Subject was created by their product design team to guarantee that mobile email subject lines receive the attention required to produce outcomes.

And that was a wise decision. More than 57% of all internet traffic in the US is generated by smartphones, and by 2023, analysts predict that there will be 347 billion emails sent and received worldwide. Email subject line optimization for mobile will result in smarter, more enticing, and more successful email marketing.


Cost: Free

Your mailing headline receives a data-supported score (%) from the Omnisend tool. The software evaluates your writing, gives it a grade, and provides feedback.

The length and breakdown of the words and characters are shown by the Omnisend headline analyzer. It offers safer term substitutions for expressions that encourage spam. It also looks at how capital letters and digits are used.

The subject line for your newsletter can be previewed using this tool, similar to Omnisend, on desktop and mobile devices.

Mizy by Automizy

Cost: Free

According to Mizy, it uniquely approaches topic lines. Mizy employs AI and deep learning, in contrast to other subject line testers, to assist you in finding the ideal email subject line. Additionally, Mizy has access to an email database and is aware of each emails open and click-through rates.

Mizys deep learning neural network makes this possible. It can gather information and reorganize itself to deliver more beneficial insights on what is and isnt producing the best email results. After you submit your subject line, Mizy will produce an overall performance score (out of 100) and offer suggestions for how to make your copy stronger.

Cost: Free

One of the more thorough topic line screening tests is available at According to the provider, the tool tests and evaluates filtering and deliverability difficulties using more than 800 different rules. In other words, your findings should be a reliable predictor of how well your text will do. The outcomes display a score and a breakdown of the areas in which your subject line is penalized. A brief paragraph with suggestions for how to make your copy stronger is also provided.

Campaign Sending Tools & Rhythm

Maintain Your Sending Rhythm - Maintaining your campaigns sending rhythm is critical. Plan to send frequently rather than sometimes if you want to nurture your subscribers continually.

You might be wondering, what is the best sending rhythm? Simple answer: There isnt a single sending frequency that works for everyone. Whatever serves your firms needs the best should be used. It may be weekly, monthly, or quarterly, for instance. Make sure its a target you can achieve and that it aligns with what your subscribers expect.

Before sending an email, it should always be tested. This allows you to check any errors and see how the final product will appear in inboxes. The most effective email subject line, content, and send time can all be identified through A/B testing.

Examine campaign reports and put the information to use. Analyzing campaign reports will assist you in determining which links are attracting the most visitors and what your subscribers are responding to. To increase your overall deliverability, you may utilize this information to create ideas for future content, segment your subscriber list based on interests, and choose the optimum time to send your letter.

If you stick to these recommendations, your business will only experience pleasant sending!

Examine Your Newsletter Open Rates Over Time and By Subject

Consider that you have respectable open rates. The moment has come to compare past and present newsletters to determine which subjects most interest readers.

Its crucial to analyze the data from your emails to comprehend marketing tactics and trending issues that you can omit. We must convey this crucial information to our sales team members. We might be underestimating how much our clients need to update their websites. It also suggests that we should revisit this subject in the not-too-distant future.

Potential IP Address Blacklisting

Lets imagine you send it yourself instead of using the email marketing businesses sending platform due to their annoying authorization requirements. Sending this from your personal network puts you at risk of being added to spam blacklists like You only need to be reported to the appropriate parties a few times to end yourself on a blacklist.

Legitimate customers wont be able to get your email if you end up on a blacklist, and it will either be blocked or end up in trash mail. This has happened frequently. When you try to run your business, it causes chaos. Due to how difficult it is to remove yourself from the list, your IT worker will also despise you. It nearly usually necessitates moving your email servers to a new IP range, which adds time and expense to the process.

Management Considerations:

You will often be informed of any bad email addresses in the first email sent, and you should remove those addresses from your list.

It is required to have an unsubscribe option available, typically in the footer, so that receivers can opt out. The names of these unsubscribers will be automatically deleted from the list. You wont need to perform it yourself.

You can (and should) include a sign-up form on your website so that visitors can choose to opt in and receive communications from your business.

For categorizing your clients, you can create multiple lists.

Examining the Results

Lets imagine your law firm or company agrees to publish a newsletter every few months. The following stage is to use these data reports to decide whether or not e-Newsletters are right for you, where and how to focus your efforts, and where and how to improve them.

First, compare your open rate to the industry average. If your average is low, a potential issue could be that your newsletter fails to clarify to your readers what it is about and how the material can be helpful right away. Work on making your newsletters title, which displays in the email subject line, better.

Put a catchy title in its place, such as Tax Update: How New Regulations Affect Your Business & Family, instead of something nonspecific like March Newsletter for Tax Attorney, LLC.

Examine the Click Rate

The number of people that open your newsletter is known as your open rate. The proportion of people who click on a certain item is your click rate.

You may better understand the information your clients want by looking at your click rate. Perhaps they enjoy reading legal news but pass over the story about the new lawyers at your firm. You want to provide them with more of what they want in future emails while keeping other information as simple as feasible (or improve the presentation so that they see more clearly how this info can benefit them).

Unsubscribe/Complaint Rate

You should carefully consider who you are sending your newsletter to and how you received their emails if you discover that a significant portion of your newsletter subscribers are complaining and/or unsubscribing (the average for the legal profession is only 0.02% and 0.12%, respectively).

Did these individuals voluntarily consent to receive this information? The appropriate response is yes. Having a modest, quality list that grows over time is preferable to be branded a spammer.

Pick A Top-Notch Email Marketing Tool

Although getting started with email marketing doesnt have to be difficult, there are a few things youll need to consider, such as the structure and content of your emails, the best way to schedule them, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Your email marketing tool will be useful in this situation. You may accomplish all of those tasks on a single platform with the aid of a professional email marketing service (or tool), saving you time and energy that could be better used on billable work.

CAN-SPAM Federal Act

On January 1st, 2004, the CAN-SPAM Act was signed into law in the United States. According to their website, the FTC claims that if you break the law, you risk being penalized $16,000 for each infraction (multiply $16,000 by the number of recipients on your list). Oh my my, that can become pricey fast. ISPs all around the nation have already used this statute to sue spammers for millions of dollars successfully. The FTC has provided a summary of the law here.

Due to this regulation, all significant email marketing companies demand that your list be permission-based; typically, users must double opt-in to receive emails from their networks. A list that has received both a confirmation email link and a double opt-in signup from your website is known as a double opt-in list.

Customers have purchased lists from us without letting us know where they got them, and we have then uploaded the list for distribution to the mailing service. As it turns out, the list was declined on the first send because the recipients did not opt-in. All other bar associations and the Florida Bar have lists available for purchase. They might have given their consent to the Bar, but not to your list.

Using pre-purchased lists is a huge time and money waste. Small campaigns can occasionally fly under the radar. Nevertheless, the fact remains that you are breaking the law if it is not permission-based.

Characteristics Of A Top Email Marketing Platform

What are the key characteristics to look for in an email marketing platform if you plan to employ one? However, these four elements are a fantastic place to start. The ideal email marketing tool fulfills the requirements you have for your law practice.

  • Aesthetically Attractive Design: You require a platform that enables you to develop stunning emails that will draw recipients attention. You need a service that provides a gallery of email templates and an email builder with drag-and-drop capabilities if youre just starting with email marketing.

With more experience, you could also require a platform that allows you to create customized emails from scratch. Flodesk is ideal for both novices and experts alike and comes with everything you need to get started immediately.

  • Email Automatization:  Time is money, so choosing a platform that lets you schedule your emails without constantly monitoring them would probably be more beneficial. By delivering emails to your list based on subscriber behavior, automation can help enhance customization.
  • Prompt Service: Your emails must be viewable on any device your subscribers use because 60% of Americans read their mail when they are on the go. For subscribers to read your emails wherever and whenever they choose without having their experience affected, look for systems that generate emails where the content and design adjust throughout displays of varying sizes.

Use Efficient Methods To Expand Your Email List

Several various platforms, including your website, other peoples websites, social media, and in-person sign-up opportunities, can be used to grow your email list. To help you start developing your email list, lets look at a number of these channels in more detail.

Your Online Presence: Most of your clients visit your law firms website to learn more about your services; it serves as your online storefront. Additionally, they will use it to schedule a meeting with your staff or ask for a call from you. Include a place to join up for your email list on your Contact Us page or as a pop-up form on well-known website pages.

Documents of New Client: Customers that work with you are likely to provide you with their email addresses along with other contact information. Even though you can technically add them to your email marketing database right away, youll develop a more reliable relationship if you ask for their consent first. All you need is a checkbox on your form.

Vanguard, a trade periodical for the legal industry employs this strategy by using a pop-up form on its website to collect readers contact information when they pursue their journal archives or read their blog.

Social Media Platforms: You can also promote sign-ups using your social media outlets. Utilizing your platforms doesnt require much work; you can use your blog material to repurpose it across several channels to boost interaction. Remind readers at the end of your pieces that they should sign up for your emails if they dont want to miss any future stuff from you. Put a link to your sign-up page in your Instagram bio or other appropriate places, and thats all.

Events: Attending business or social events in your neighborhood can be a wonderful way to meet potential customers and persuade them to join your email list. They are the ideal location to provide free consultations or a gift, such as an ebook, in exchange for email sign-ups.

Paid Advertisements: You can use paid advertisements, like Facebook Ads, in addition to organic traffic, to direct visitors to your websites opt-in page.

Third-Party Websites:  Establish connections with companies whose offerings complement yours. Offer to write a guest post for their website, utilizing your legal knowledge to produce information that would benefit their intended audience. In the byline of your article, you can provide a link to your sign-up form.

Write A Welcoming Email

Since 74% of subscribers anticipate receiving a welcome email right away after joining an email list, its essential to establish a positive relationship with your subscribers right away. A welcome emails objectives are to introduce you and your company to new subscribers, highlight the advantages of subscribing to your email newsletter, and start to establish trust.