To give your consumers the greatest experience possible, Gist combines live chat, marketing automation, chatbots, planning, and customer care.

In this post, We will discuss Gist review & ratings, features & details, pricing, pros and cons, discount, and more.

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What Is Gist?

A cloud-based customer support platform called Gist assists small to large businesses in managing client inquiries and streamlining lead communication. Users can personalize greeting texts and embed chat widgets into corporate websites.

Marketing teams can use Gist to highlight particular messages from consumer interactions and classify them using different tags. Users can communicate internally with team members and solicit input on client inquiries, which enhances departmental teamwork. Additionally, it provides mobile apps for Android and iOS devices that enable users to reply to customer inquiries and modify the open, snoozed, or closed state of chats.

Gist makes it simple to integrate a variety of third-party programs, like Google Calendar, WooCommerce, Stripe, Zapier, and more. Both a free version and a monthly fee are offered for the solution. Support is provided by email, manuals, and other online tools.

Gist’s Overall Ratings (4.0/5)


Johnny Pellham (

Raghavender Rao Jitta founded the client messaging service Gist (GetGist) in 2017. The business, which was once known as ConvertFox, changed its name to Gist in late 2018. The company has approximately 10,000 customers at this time and has its headquarters in Delaware.

Gist provides a wide range of marketing and support features. Live chat, chat triggers, bots, and agent progress reports are examples of support features. Contact maintenance, email marketing, and website pop-up windows are some of the marketing capabilities.

Customers of Gist have three options for plans: the Support Suite, the Marketing Suite, or the All-in-One Bundle. There is a permanently free option, a Professional plan in the middle, and a Premium plan for each of the three categories. All of the programs are free to sample for 14 days for potential clients.

The gist is a potent cross-channel advertising and messaging platform overall. It needs to be at the top of your wish list if youre looking for a free or mid-tier option. In comparison to its direct rivals Crisp and LiveChat, it provides more marketing options and is more reasonably priced. Larger businesses could pick high-end alternatives like Intercom because it is more advanced than this one.

Best For

SaaS, marketing agencies, business services, home services, bloggers and publishers, and e-commerce.

Users’ Ratings

We asked Johnny Pellham, one of our in-house specialists, to open a Gist profile and test it out. The various email marketing services that Gist provides are rated by Johnny Pellham and are listed below.

By signing up through our link, you could be able to receive a discount if you choose to use Gist. Although we frequently receive commissions from purchases made using our connections, Johnny Pellhams review was unaffected by this.

Lets look at what Pellham found while reviewing Gist: 


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In this review, well go over Gists main features and talk about how those features might help your company. Well provide screenshots and descriptions of the software, along with general layout descriptions and screenshots of Gist.

  1. Live Chat

Live chat enables customer service employees, sometimes known as chat operators, to communicate with website users in real-time. To chat with a business on a website, users will utilize a browser or chat widget. Businesses who want to provide live service to website visitors can benefit from live chat. The live chat service passed our tests and was satisfactory.

  • Inbox

Every conversation is saved in the messengers inbox. Every chat agent has a personal mailbox in addition to the group inbox. Agents will have access to a thorough list of visitor information within the inbox, along with the visitors address and local time, the very last site page they visited, and the most recent time they were seen on the website. The newest, oldest, most important, or visitors who have been expecting the longest response are the options for agents when sorting their interactions.

In the inbox, agents have further options:

  • Before visitors write messages, check what they are typing
  • Calendar meetings with attachments
  • Transmit and receive documents, photos, and GIFs
  • Make chatting a top priority.
  • Apply segments and tags to every chat.
  • Delete, pause, or end talks
  • Within each chat, send colleagues private messages.
  • Email visitor chat transcripts
  • Visitor Chat Window

Users will interact with the Gist chat window installed on your companys website to communicate with chat agents. This panel can be personalized with the colors, logo, and positioning that correspond to your business. The panel has a generally sleek, contemporary appearance and offers a wide range of adjustments, making it simple for you to effortlessly include it into the layout of your website.

Forms that request consent for data processing, the option to only install the window on particular pages, and average reply rates to control visitor expectations are a few further features you may add to the window.

  1. Outbound Messages

Gist gives you the option to carry out marketing campaigns via email and the chat widget in addition to chat. For various objectives, these messages might be broadcast to different user groups. You could, for instance, send out a monthly email newsletter to your best clients or use chat to let website users know when a new feature is going live. Considering that almost all outbound emails are generated in the same manner, this tool within Gist is generally relatively simple to utilize.

Both email and chat use the same creation technique. Customers of Gist create the message content, pick the rules for its presentation, and send or schedule it. Once messages are live, a few analytics, such as openings, clicks, and replies, are supplied. Customers will be able to assess the success of their outbound messaging in this way.

  1. Forms & Popups

The purpose of forms and popups is to engage and collect visitor leads through the use of attractive windows that pop up on a website. For instance, this tool may be set up to open a pop-up window after a user has visited the site for about 20 seconds and requested their email. Overall, this function is really helpful for generating leads and is a little different from mostly what other live chat competitors are offering.

The forms can be altered extensively. The forms and popups are generated similarly to outbound messages by authoring the content, selecting display rules, and specifying when they will be distributed. Gist offers a variety of popup types that varies in both position and design.

  • Popup
  • Slide-in
  • Sticky bar
  • Fullscreen
  • Welcome mat
  • Embedded
  1. Chatbots

When customer service agents are not available, software programs known as chatbots can communicate with website visitors. Bots can be designed to carry out straightforward tasks, such as requesting visitors names and email addresses, or they could be more sophisticated and have whole conversations. Customers can design complicated and diversified bots using the chatbot workflow builder that Gist provides. We discovered the workflow generator to be more user-friendly than some alternatives when creating bots.

Chatbots Capabilities

A few of the Gist chatbots features are listed below:

  • Deliver a warm greeting
  • Get the name and email of the visitor
  • Contact is tagged
  • To schedule meetings, send a calendar.
  • Pose a query with predetermined responses.
  • Pose a query with an open response.
  • Send the chat to a representative
  • As soon as a chat is over, request visitor ratings.
  • End the discussion

You can also establish limitations on when chatbots can be shown. Sections, visitor location or activity, and the website that the user is on can all be used to display the bot.

  1. Events Tracker

Event tracking is a marketing method that assists companies in comprehending how users engage and use their websites. Customers can use this tool, which is largely exclusive to Gist, to figure out which areas of their sites are receiving the most attention. Additionally, setting up each occurrence to track is simple. Two options are available for the proprietary event tracker provided by Gist: Simple Mode and Event Visualizer.

  • Simple Mode

Your business may keep track of how many people have visited each page of your website with Simple Mode. To remember what the event is for, give it a name, and then choose which URL you want to track.

  • Event Visualizer

You can use the Event Visualizer, a more sophisticated event monitoring tool, to monitor clicks on particular buttons or links on your website. This will enable you to identify the specific elements of your website that are attracting users attention. With Gist, its easy to establish events to track by choosing on-page components from the visual editor.

Other Features

Gist provides extra tools to help with team productivity goals and customer engagement objectives.

Agent ProfilesCustomers of Gist can set up public agent profiles so that others can schedule meetings, look up contact details, and chat.
Calendar IntegrationsTo avoid exchanging emails, chat agents can integrate Google Calendar, enabling users and leads to schedule appointments. Additionally, visitors can be immediately invited to events via the chat widget.
Import and Export ContactsCustomers can upload their critical contact lists right into the Gist interface if they are switching from another program or have them saved as CSV files.
IntegrationsOver 30 software applications have been integrated by Gist. Gist interfaces with Zapier, which enables integrations with more than 3,000 applications, despite the fact that the amount of integrations is rather lower than that of competitors.
Knowledge BaseCustomers of Gist can build a Knowledge Base that contains informative articles that customers can read to understand more about their companies. The Knowledge Base contains a chat widget so users can communicate with chat operators, and it can be modified.
Live ViewChat agents will have the ability to see a list of site visitors and read details about them, including email addresses, the visitors current URL, and how long they were on the site. From this function, agents can immediately speak with visitors.
ReportsTeams can analyze their web chat and customer care performances with Gists dashboard of reports. Conversation volume, agent reactivity, and overall team efficiency are some examples of KPIs that are provided.

Ease of Use

When it comes to managing your contacts, Gist pretty much accomplishes whatever you ask of it. Sometimes we wish it updated more quickly, but if we wait for a few beats, it does. We particularly appreciate that when we explain how to utilize the chat messenger to a coworker, they immediately grasp it. really user-friendly

It is rather straightforward, but because it accomplishes so much, there are more complex features that depend on the software implementation skills of the user. Others who are more tech-savvy would find everything easier, but even though I am not an IT specialist, I was able to do everything myself.

The much more expensive packages include more possibilities for simple design choices, whereas the free plan just has a few features.

Drag and Drop Interface

Drag and drop illustrations are a feature of email-building tools.

Landing Page Creator

To make it simple for you to create your landing page, a similar method is used.

Email Templates

There are some straightforward email template choices.

Inside the Newsletter Tool, sign-up forms (opt in-opt out process)

With just a few clicks, you can quickly create forms for your site, emails, and newsletter.

Gist Pricing

The monthly cost of Gists Support, Marketing, and All-in-One plans ranges from $19 to $548. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gist is providing discounts on all premium packages as of late October 2020. For each of the three plan types, there are free choices with constrained functionality.

Support Suite

  • Free Forever: Free, two seats, and minimal live chat features
  • Professional: $29 monthly; five seats and Knowledge Base are included.
  • Premium: Unlimited seats and customized chatbots are included in the $499 per month (now discounted to $99 per month) plan.

Marketing Suite

  • Free Forever: Free; 200 contacts and simple email templates are included.
  • Professional: $19 monthly; 1,000 connections and triggered emails are included.
  • Premium: Currently priced to $29 per month from $40, this plan comes with 1,000 contacts and automatic event monitoring.

All-in-One Suite

  • Free Forever: Free; includes Free Forever Marketing and Support plans
  • Professional: Both professional help and great marketing options are available for $48 per month.

Premium: Combining the Premium Support and Premium Marketing plans for $548 per month (now discounted to $128 per month).

Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Business ModelSaaS
Supported LanguagesEnglish
OfferingsFree Plan
IntegrationsWordPress, Meta for Business, Zapier, Stripe, Zoom, Google Analytics, PieSync, from HubSpot

Pros and Cons

It is incredibly convenient since EDMs, transactional emails, help chat, bots, and knowledgebase capabilities are all in one location and are linked through automation triggers and workflows. By layering all these components on top of a specific user database that also includes user behavior, you may accomplish a wide range of personalization.Some elements, like the pop-ups, are still being worked on, but we can see that the Gist team is making steady progress, so we have no doubt that these features will eventually be finished.
Everything is connected and functions well. Cross-platform chat is available on your website, Twitter, and Facebook (javascript can be placed on any website that allows it including many 3rd party apps). In just two short years, the email product has matured significantly compared to others on the market.A truly ambitious product would do everything. Doing that in just two years is amazing. Even though some features arent yet finished, the product may compete with others in its field. Additionally, customer service and communications need to be updated, particularly concerning product upgrades.
Run a good amount of other features in this software. Some elements, like the pop-ups, are still being worked on, but we can see that the Gist team is making steady progress, so we have no doubt that these features will eventually be finished.

Photos, Videos & Screenshots

Gist Deals and Coupons

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Reliability and Support

Overall, we discovered that Gist offers mediocre customer service. Although the business claims to provide 24/7 chat help, we once had to wait nearly 3 hours for a response. However, during the chat, the agents were courteous and responded to all of our inquiries regarding the program.

fantastic assistance Every time you ask a question, youll get a response within a day. And occasionally in only a few minutes. Even when you have a problem, they are always there to help and to point us on the proper route.

Customer Support ChannelsLive Chat
Other Support ResourcesHelp Center, How-To Documents, Blog, Demo Videos
Application Status PageYes
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Gist vs Other Software

Gist Vs.

You can observe how many people visited your website and how much longer they remained by using the tracking solutions offered by

Gist Vs. Intercom

The intercom works nicely for processing email. To automate client responses at the initial point of contact, we are now testing the integration of IBM Watson.


Gist Vs.JivoChat

JivoChat makes it incredibly simple to talk to customers. For small to medium-sized sales and customer service teams, it works well.


FAQs About Gist

What is Gist?

A single system for marketing, sales, and support is called Gist. This comprises opt-in forms, live chat, a help desk, a level of knowledge, email marketing, and email marketing.

Who are Gist’s main competitors?

Common Gist substitutes include Intercom, Drift, and HubSpot Marketing Hub.

What is Gist’s strongest point?

Reviewers give Support Rating an average score of 8.5 out of 10.

Who uses Gist?

Small Businesses (1-50 workers) and the Marketing & Advertising sector have the highest percentage of Gist users.

Final Thoughts about Gist Email Marketing Software

The gist is a consumer interaction tool with a huge selection of marketing and customer service functions. The program offers all-around customer service and has certain distinctive marketing capabilities that are not included in other substitutes.

Ultimately, Gist is a strong platform with rich marketing capabilities that will increase lead generation and give a comprehensive picture of visitor activities. The All-in-One Bundle is especially helpful for businesses of any size who want to offer live customer service while reaching marketing objectives. Although the Premium plan is often a bit pricey, the present discount is quite helpful.

Gist Alternative Software

Looking for Gist substitutes? Youve arrived at the right place.

  • Froged
  • EngageBay
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub

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