As an email marketing platform, ConvertKits main goal is to build reliable deliverability so that your emails reach your readers inboxes.

Email marketing software is provided by Drip to e-commerce marketers. By putting up engaging forms at the right time and place, you can use them to generate new leads. Additionally, it enables you to send tempting marketing-related emails and SMS messages, as well as follow-up emails and support emails, to customers who abandoned their shopping carts.

Drip VS Convertkit: Overview


A free everlasting account with Drip is available for up to 100 subscribers. You might not need more than 100 subscribers to get a huge return on your email marketing investments.

Drip VS Convertkit

However, it is more than sufficient to allow you to explore the platforms features at your own speed.
Lets examine the menu choices now:

Campaigns: This is where you design email sequences for autoresponders, much like you would in programs like Aweber and GetResponse. You could, for example, construct a series of 10 emails that are automatically sent out over the course of two weeks.

Broadcasts: This is comparable to the email service providers newsletter features. You have the option of selecting a list of subscribers to send an email to right away or to schedule it for later.

Subscriptions: You may import, manage, and remove email subscribers here.

Forms: Using this part, you may design forms that you can embed on your website to gather subscriber information.

Automation: The beauty of the visual email automation builder is found here. With the ability to initiate complex automation workflows, you have a lot of creative freedom here.

Analytics: As of the time of writing, this tab has settings for conversion monitoring and 9 distinct reports.


ConvertKit was developed by and for engineers and marketers. This implies that the ConvertKit team has created the functionality you require to build your online business successfully on your own.

You can manage your internet business thanks to the user interfaces clarity and simplicity without complicating your email marketing too much.

Drip VS Convertkit

The platform is simple for a novice to grasp and master, yet robust enough for a seasoned marketer to create intricate funnels.

Their Success and Support teams are the best in the business at assisting creators in making a career online and are constantly on hand to assist whenever a problem arises-even on live chat.


Email Marketing

The pricing starts at $39/month and is based on the size of the contact list.
Email Marketing Pricing Plan plan includes:
Chat and Email SupportCustomizable Number of ContactsDedicated Customer Manager
$39/Per monthFREE

For 1000 subscribers
$0/per month

For up to 300 subscribers

The creator plan includes all of the tools you need to automate and develop your email list. The free plan differs in that you can submit automated sequences. That is an excellent method for monetizing your list while also assisting your subscribers. The monthly fee of $29 is limited to 1,000 subscribers. This quantity is implemented when you choose to pay monthly rather than annually. When you pay annually, users get two months free. As you grow in size, you will be billed with the new rates.
$29/per month
Creator PRO

For up to 300 subscribers
When you choose Convertkits Creator Pro plan, you will be able to build custom Facebook Audiences, can use Referral systems, Subscriber Scoring, and access advanced reports. Its Creator Pro is designed for people who use Facebook Ads. This review will go over all of these features.
$59/per month

Pros and Cons:


Their multiple touchpoints enable users to reach clients where they are most likely to see them while maximizing the amount of contact they have with them.Expensive compared to other tools on the market, which is a hardship for freelancers and new bloggers.
Ive observed that Drip is the most excellent CRM for developing individualized marketing tracks and offering comprehensive segmentation.When you dont pay for the following month in advance, they fully lock you out of your account.

When should you use Drip?

  • if your website is an online store.
  • If you offer a wide variety of goods, courses, etc.
  • if you need to employ sophisticated automations that ConvertKit does not provide.
  • If you dont mind paying more and having a somewhat harder learning curve.


It provides a free plan that helps to manage a maximum of 1000 email lists (a great plan for beginners)
There is no phone support.
Even inexperienced users will find it extremely simple to use.
Expensive for low-volume emailers.
Provides free migrations, which means you can switch from your current email marketing provider to ConvertKit for free
ConvertKit has the highest rate of email

When should you use Convertkit?

  • if your main job is blogging.
  • If you want to learn anything quickly and easily.
  • If you want to improve your automation game and stop using old products like Aweber.
  • If you wish to cut costs.

Photos, Videos, and Screenshots:



Reliability and Support:


Overall, we have a favorable opinion of Drip support. Service is prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable, and agents are skilled at resolving issues. We appreciate that they sent you an email after the event with a summary of the interaction so you may refer to it as needed and have a record of the conversation.

It may displease some that Drip does not appear to offer phone support or specific account services, regardless of the size of the account. I can understand why many people would choose to make a phone call when you take into account how complicated the eCRM system may become when you explore its complexities.

A list of Drips support options is shown below:

Contact: You can email support, but response times are slow; if you can, choose another method.

Form of Assistance: To receive prompt answers to questions of that nature, choose your need from a constrained dropdown selection. You can send information to Drip and anticipate a response if it doesnt work.

Live Chat: When using the Drip platform, you never have to worry about how to get in touch with Drip. No matter where you are, you may start a chat session by pressing a simple-to-find button.

Interactive Help: Use the learn tabs search feature if you want something specific. Additionally, you can access the User Manual, manuals, courses, webinars, and other easily navigable materials and articles. There is a ton of information accessible to help you on your journey.

Guides: Get in-depth answers to your Drip-related questions as well as step-by-step lessons on a variety of subjects.

Videos: Drip has a Youtube page with numerous how-to videos.

Online documentation for Drips REST API is available.

Blog: Look for topics like quality standards, case studies, email marketing, marketing automation, and headlines that are special to agencies.


ConvertKit offers its clients email and lives chat support (8 am to 8 pm EST).

Additionally, they offer a free migration service that enables you to transfer the email lists from your existing email client to ConvertKit.

You will also receive access to their extensive knowledge library, which has hundreds of articles and a user manual for ConvertKit. Videos that provide instructions on how to utilize ConvertKits email program are also available.

ConvertKit also provides on-demand training and live training to help you learn how to succeed as an online creative.

Above all, you can ask any questions regarding their product in their ConvertKit creator community. The good news is that because of how active their network is, youll get responses within a day.

Awards: Drip VS Convertkit:


  • SaaSworthy Top 20 Most Popular Software - Marketing Automation (Q1 2022)
  • SaaSworthy Top 20 Most Popular Software - Marketing Automation (Q2 2021)
  • SaaSworthy Top 20 Most Searched Software - Marketing Automation (October 2019)


  • SaaSworthy Top 20 Highly Rated Software (Q4 2020)
  • SaaSworthy Top 20 Fastest Growing Software (Q4 2020)
  • SaaSworthy Top 20 Most Popular Software (Q4 2020)


Contact Management, Reporting/Analytics, Mass Texting, OTHER FEATURES, Campaign Management, Lead Management, Segmentation, Email Marketing, Referral Tracking, Alerts/Notifications. Drip Campaigns, Reporting/Analytics, CAN-SPAM Compliance, Event Triggered Actions, List Management, Auto-Responders, Landing Pages/Web Forms, Creating an online form to capture new lead information, Mobile Optimized Emails, Template Management, Dynamic Content, Subscriber Management, AB Testing, WYSIWYG Editor, Customizable CTAs, Marketing Automation, Campaign Management, Segmentation, For Small Businesses, ROI Tracking.  

Technical Details:


Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Business ModelSaaS
Supported LanguagesEnglish
OfferingsFree Trial, Free/Freemium Version


Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Business ModelSaaS
Supported LanguagesEnglish
IntegrationsShopify, WooCommerce, SumoMe, ConvertPlug

Who Is The Champion?

Ease of Use4.03.5
Customer Service4.54.5
Value for Money3.73.0

The rating table shows that Drip is the winner in this instance.



What is the price of Drip?

Drip cost varies according to the number of contacts on your list. The price goes at $19 for up to 500 contacts.

Drip is a CRM.

Yes. Drip is primarily an email campaign automation tool, but it may also be used for customer relationship management.

What exactly is Drip software?

Drip is a cloud-based e-commerce solution that enables businesses, among other things, to automate their email marketing campaigns.

How do you implement Drip email marketing?

Drip functions by enabling users to develop triggers and actions. A marketer, for example, can send emails whenever a customer gives up a shopping cart.


Is ConvertKit a CRM?

ConvertKit was designed solely as an email marketing automation platform, with no CRM included. However, it does provide flawless integrations with CRMs such as Zero BS CRM.

How long does the ConvertKit free trial last?

ConvertKit is currently offering a 14-day trial for free of their Complete plan, which you can get here.

Is there a landing page in ConvertKit?

Yes, ConvertKit offers a completely free landing page builder that allows you to create beautiful landing pages without understanding any code. It also integrates seamlessly with Unsplash, where you can discover and use more than 100,000 royalty-free images. All of their landing page layouts are mobile-friendly.

Can I make money using ConvertKit?

Yes, you can use ConvertKit to establish and expand your email list before monetizing it through various methods such as product selling, course selling, combined product selling, consulting, and so on.

Is there a ConvertKit mobile app?

No, it does not have a dedicated app for smartphones such as Android or iPhones. However, there is a desktop app (also known as a dashboard), which you will use after having to log into your ConvertKit account.


A well-known email marketing software program is ConvertKit. It is so easy to use and has a short learning curve that even a novice can do it without any trouble.

It frequently releases fresh functionality that can help web entrepreneurs maximize the most of their email lists. In comparison to alternatives like Drip, it is also less expensive. We made the decision to switch to ConvertKit mostly for this reason.

Although weve tested many email marketing and automation programs, Drip is one of the best.

Despite being more geared toward e-commerce companies, they have one of the best email automation toolkits on the market. Furthermore, compared to competing automation systems, the platform is substantially more user-friendly.

Drip is thus one of the best solutions if you want real email automation that can grow your business while youre busy focusing somewhere else!


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