Drip was created specifically for e-commerce. We have all the automated marketing tools, knowledge, and know-how to transform pop-up ads, emails, and shopping experiences into profitable data streams.

ActiveCampaign manages contacts by staff group, automates features, and sends email campaigns.

With the help of Mailchimp, you can manage and communicate with your clients, customers, and other interested parties.

Drip VS Activecampaign VS Mailchimp: Overview


Email marketing software is offered by Drip to e-commerce marketers. By putting up engaging forms at the right time and place, you can use them to generate new leads.

Drip VS Active Campaign VS Mailchimp

Additionally, it enables you to send tempting marketing-related emails and SMS messages, as well as follow-up emails and support emails, to customers who abandoned their shopping carts.


ActiveCampaign can help developing businesses connect and engage with their customers more deeply.

Drip VS Active Campaign VS Mailchimp

The Saas platform enables businesses to create better customer experiences by automating a number of back-end processes and using personalized, intelligence-driven messaging when communicating with customers across channels.


Mailchimp has joined the e-commerce market, making it possible for companies to open online stores,

Drip VS Active Campaign VS Mailchimp

and evolved its platform into an interactive marketing hub in order to maintain its long-standing dominance in the email marketing field.


Email Marketing.
The pricing starts at $39/month and is based on the size of the contact list.
Email Marketing Pricing Plan plan includes:
Chat and Email, Support, Customizable Number of Contacts, Dedicated, Customer Manager.
$39.00/per monthFREE 
This is a free plan with all the multi-channel tools needed to build a business and is based on 2000 contacts.
The Free (Marketing Platform) plan includes the:
2000 ContactsCreative, AssistantForms and Landing Pages, Mailchimp Domain, Marketing CRM, Website Builder.
$0.00 Per MonthLite

The Lite plan starts from $15/month for 500 contacts and scales with a number of contacts. This plan is for B2C, B2B, and E-commerce.
Lite plan includes:125+ Email Templates,1 User500+, Automation, Recipes, Apis, Chat and Email Support, Customer Analytics, Developer Tools, Email Marketing, Import, Contacts, Import, LeadsMarketing, Automation, Newsletters, Sales, Emails, Segmented, Outreach, Site and Event, Tracking, Unlimited, Inactive, Contacts, Webhooks.
$15/per month

The plan includes all features from the free plan and is ideal for email senders.
The essentials (Marketing Platform) plan includes:
24/7 Email and Chat, Support500, Contacts, A/B Testing, Creative Assistant, Email and Landing Pages, TemplatesForms and Landing Pages, Mailchimp Domain, Marketing CRM, Website Builder.

$11.00 Per MonthPLUS

The Plus plan starts from $70/month for 500 contacts and scales with a number of contacts. This plan is for B2C, B2B, and E-commerce.
Plus plan includes:50+ Landing Pages, TemplatesAdvanced Integrations With E-Commerce, Applications Such as Shopify and Bigcommerce, Advanced Mobile, ReportingAutomations Map, Conditional Content, CRM With Sales, AutomationCustome,r Health, Scoring, Customer User, PermissionsDeal, AssignmentLanding Pages, Lead Scoring, Mobile CRM, AppSales CRM, Sync, SMS, MarketingSMS, Prospect Nurturing, Task, Reporting, Up to 25 Users.
$70/per month
CRM Platform by $449.00Per MonthStandard

The plan includes all features from the free and essential plans and is ideal for data-driven automation.
The Standard (Marketing Platform) plan includes the:
24/7 Email and Chat Support,500 Contacts, A/B Testing, Behavioral Targeting, Creative Assistant, Custom TemplatesDynamic, ContentEmail, and Landing Pages, TemplatesForms and Landing Pages, Mailchimp Domain, Marketing CRM, Send Time, OptimizationWebsite Builder.
$17.00/per monthProfessional

The Professional plan starts from $187/month for 500 contacts and scales with a number of contacts. This plan is for B2C, B2B, and E-commerce.
Professional plan includes:1:1 TrainingsAttribution Reporting Conversion Reporting Dedicated Onboarding SpecialistIn-App Messaging Predictive ContentPredictive SendingSite Messages Split AutomationUp to 50 Users Website Personalization
Win Probability
$187/per month

The plan includes all features from the free, standard, and essential plans and is ideal for customized solutions for your business.
The Premium (Marketing Platform) plan includes the:
10000 Contacts,24/7 Email and Chat Support, A/B Testing, Advanced SegmentationBehavioral Targeting, Comparative Reporting, Creative Assistant, Custom Templates, Dynamic Content, Email, and Landing Pages, TemplatesForms and Landing Pages, Mailchimp Domain, Marketing CRM, Phone and Priority, Support, Send Time, OptimizationWebsite Builder.
$299/per monthEnterprise

The Enterprise plan starts from $323/month for 500 contacts and increases with the scale in the number of contacts. This plan is for B2C, B2B, and E-commerce.
Enterprise plan includes: Contact EnrichmentCustom DomainCustom ReportingFree Design ServicesHIPAA SupportPhone SupportSocial Data EnrichmentUnlimited UsersURL Customization
$323/per month

Pros and Cons:


Their multiple touchpoints enable users to reach clients where they are most likely to see them while maximizing the amount of contact they have with them.Expensive compared to other tools on the market, which is a hardship for freelancers and new bloggers.
Ive observed that Drip is the most fabulous CRM for developing individualized marketing tracks and offering comprehensive segmentation.When you dont pay for the following month in advance, they fully lock you out of your account.


Overall, Mailchimp is a fantastic solution that never ceases to amaze me. Id strongly advise using them to automate your marketing.However, there is an issue; I was unable to figure out how to link any picture or statement that was available online with a new window.
With the aid of a designer and MailChimp, the marketing team can work on the emails they prefer to use internally and iterate, which is a major victory.You are limited allowed to use certain types of designs and formats, which might be aggravating if your company doesnt fit into those categories.


Since Active Campaign links with everything, its incredibly simple to download new applications knowing you wont require a middleman. Email marketing, campaigns, automation, and excellent analytics are all features youd require. Finding my contacts and viewing their progress is simple. There is a lot of information, which you will find admirable. Excellent customer service. The language might be challenging, especially when creating if/then funnels. And occasionally there may be bugs. It functions other than that. Although it can be pricey, you need a quality email/contact management system if you want to expand, and this one fits the bill.
extremely user-friendly and simple. There isnt a big and steep learning curve.Prior to their current size, customer care used to be excellent. On each page, there was a live chat option where we could simply request assistance. The customer support section is currently obscured, difficult to discover, and buried.
Since you can completely customize all email sign-ups and pop-up messages using this program, that was the only factor in my decision to begin a free trial. Nobody likes clicking through email sign-up forms that seem odd or are operated by a third party. With the help of this, you can design a system that will match your current website perfectly, giving the impression that the two were completely connected.The system currently has more features than you will probably ever utilize. This, however, is hardly a dislike. Although people dont now use (or understand) many functionalities, they might in the future. Fortunately, there are so many videos and papers that can assist you to learn these additional features. 

Photos, Videos, and Screenshots:




Reliability and Support:


Overall, we have a favorable opinion of Drip support. Service is prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable, and agents are skilled at resolving issues. We appreciate that they sent you an email after the event with a summary of the interaction so you may refer to it as needed and have a record of the conversation.

It may displease some that Drip does not appear to offer phone support or specific account services, regardless of the size of the account. I can understand why many people would choose to make a phone call when you take into account how complicated the eCRM system may become when you explore its complexities.

A list of Drips support options is shown below:

Contact: You can email support, but response times are slow; if you can, choose another method.

Form of Assistance: To receive prompt answers to questions of that nature, choose your need from a constrained dropdown selection. You can send information to Drip and anticipate a response if it doesnt work.

Live Chat: When using the Drip platform, you never have to worry about how to get in touch with Drip. No matter where you are, you may start a chat session by pressing a simple-to-find button.

Interactive Help: Use the learn tabs search feature if you want something specific. Additionally, you can access the User Manual, manuals, courses, webinars, and other easily navigable materials and articles. There is a ton of information accessible to help you on your journey.

Guides: Get in-depth answers to your Drip-related questions as well as step-by-step lessons on a variety of subjects.

Videos: Drip has a Youtube page with numerous how-to videos.

Online documentation for Drips REST API is available.

Blog: Look for topics like quality standards, case studies, email marketing, marketing automation, and headlines that are special to agencies.


Before investing in new software, its crucial to consider customer service. Below are comparisons of the support scores for MailChimp, Constant Contact, and iContact.

Despite providing a wide range of customer service options, MailChimps lowest levels have a somewhat limited selection. You can only use the knowledge base of the platform under the free plan. However, you might be able to find all you need online, including instructional videos or step-by-step guides. Once youve paid for a membership, you can contact support via email and live chat whenever you need to. You must choose the most expensive option if you want phone support.

Mailchimp offers chat assistance as well as 24/7 email support (during business hours). Free users have access to support for the first month; after that, they are on their own. Although occasionally slow, Mailchimps responses to our few questions have been mostly favorable.


Consider the needs of the customer and enhance every contact.

For a completely customized and unified customer experience, connect the interactions taking place throughout marketing channels, fostering automations, and customer service.

  1. Make the Customer Support System More Personal

You must be aware of a customers previous interactions with your business before you talk with them or send them an email. Determine their demands by looking up any issues or inquiries they may have previously had.

  1. Recognize and Reward Your Greatest Clients

Offer discounts or incentives to clients who make frequent purchases, or build communities of loyal customers who will promote your company, so expanding your client base from within.

  1. Keep Tabs on Client Interactions and Activities

Recognizing what your clients want to see is the first step in offering a great customer experience. Find out what your top customers like to buy by tracking past email clicks, sales, and live conversations throughout the ActiveCampaign platform.

  1. Avoid Unpleasant Customer Experiences

Tracking client health and taking action so you can intervene to provide assistance is made simple by lead scoring, engagement tagging, and pipeline automation. Recognize when clients and accounts run the risk of receiving unfavorable reviews, having a poor experience, and other things.

  1. Help Clients Whenever and Wherever Possible

There are instances of excellent customer service anywhere and at every level. To offer the finest customer experience, you can now go further than the conventional help channels and make use of the most recent chatbot automations, multi-channel support, and fostering email workflows.

Awards: Drip VS Mailchimp


  • SaaSworthy Top 20 Most Popular Software - Marketing Automation (Q1 2022)
  • SaaSworthy Top 20 Most Popular Software - Marketing Automation (Q2 2021)
  • SaaSworthy Top 20 Most Searched Software - Marketing Automation (October 2019)


  • The 8th Annual Shorty Awards
  • TrustRadius Top Rated 2022
  • TrustRadius Best Feature Set Summer 2022
  • TrustRadius Best Relationship Summer 2022
  • TrustRadius Best Value for Price Summer 2022
  • TrustRadius Best Relationship 2022
  • TrustRadius Best Value for Price 2022
  • TrustRadius Best Feature Set 2022
  • TrustRadius Top Rated 2021
  • TrustRadius Best Usability 2021
  • TrustRadius Top Rated 2020
  • TrustRadius Top Rated 2019
  • TrustRadius Top Rated 2018


  • Best Marketing Team 2022 
  • Best Places to Work in Chicago 2022
  • Best Company for Diversity 2021 
  • Best Marketing Team 2021
  • Trustradius Top Rated 2022
  • Trustradius Best of 2022
  • Trustradius Best Value for Price 2022
  • Trustradius Best Feature Set 2022
  • Trustradius Top Rated 2021
  • Trustradius Most Loved 2021
  • Trustradius Top Rated 2020
  • Trustradius Top Rated 2019
  • Trustradius Top Rated 2018


Contact Management, Reporting/Analytics, Mass Texting, OTHER FEATURES, Campaign Management, Lead Management, Segmentation, Email Marketing, Referral Tracking, Alerts/Notifications. Automated SchedulingMobile AccessOTHER FEATURESEmail TrackingSimple MailTransfer Protocol (SMTP)Click TrackingCollaboration ToolsAlerts/Notifications, API, Conversion Tracking, Drag & Drop, Email Marketing, Email Templates, Social Marketing, Survey Builder, Activity Dashboard, Campaign Analytics, Campaign Management, Email Management, Lead Nurturing, Third Party Integrations, Auto-Responders, Contact Database, Contact Management, Customer Segmentation, Data Import/Export, Engagement Tracking, Interaction Tracking, List Management, Marketing Automation, Reporting/Analytics, ROI Tracking,  Auto-RespondersCalendar/Reminder SystemContact DatabaseContact ManagementData Import/ExportDrip CampaignsEmail MarketingList ManagementMarketing AutomationMobile AccessMobile Optimized EmailsReporting/AnalyticsROI TrackingWYSIWYG Editor  

Technical Details:


Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Business ModelSaaS
Supported LanguagesEnglish
OfferingsFree Trial, Free/Freemium Version


PlatformsWeb, Phone
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Business ModelSaaS
Supported LanguagesAfrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, Irish, Hebrew, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Central Khmer, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Serbian, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified), Maltese
OfferingsFree TrialFree/Freemium Version
IntegrationsGoogle Analytics, Ambassador Referral Marketing Platform (discontinued), Pipeliner CRM, ClinchPad, Provide Support Live Chat, Planyo Online Booking System, Deal Maker, LiveChat, Insightly, Mautic (open source), RealtyJuggler Real Estate Software, TrenDemon, Teamgate CRM, Yapsody, SoClever, TeamSupport, Boingnet, Survicate, Miva Merchant, Devart Excel Add-ins, FreshBooks, Freshdesk, Zyprr Inc, Skyvia, Scoro, Musqot Marketing Planner, Zoho Forms, LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail, Aurea List Manager, 123FormBuilder, JRNI (formerly BookingBug)


PlatformsWeb, App
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApples iOS, Android
Business ModelSaaS
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese
OfferingsFree Trial
IntegrationsLiveChat, Survicate, BigCommerce, Calendly, Dropbox, Facebook, Business Manager, MINDBODY, Pipedrive, Shopify, Slack, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Unbounce, Zendesk Support Suite, Twilio Programmable SMS, part of Twilio CPaaS, Magento Commerce, part of Adobe Commerce Cloud

Who Is The Champion?

Ease of Use4.04.44.0
Customer Service4.54.25.0
Value for Money3.74.45.0

The rating table shows that Activecampaign is the winner in this instance.



What is the price of Drip?

Drip cost varies according to the number of contacts on your list. The price goes at $19 for up to 500 contacts.

Drip is a CRM.

Yes. Drip is primarily an email campaign automation tool, but it may also be used for customer relationship management.

What exactly is Drip software?

Drip is a cloud-based e-commerce solution that enables businesses, among other things, to automate their email marketing campaigns.

How do you implement Drip email marketing?

Drip functions by enabling users to develop triggers and actions. A marketer, for example, can send emails whenever a customer gives up a shopping cart.


Is Mailchimp free? What’s the catch here?

Its not a bad deal at all. You are allowed to mail up to 10,000 emails each month to 2,000 subscribers. The caveat is that you arent allowed to utilize all the capabilities (reporting and testing are restricted, for example), and your emails will have a little MailChimp advertisement. Once you reach the 2,000 subscription cap, it becomes rather expensive.

Can affiliate links be included in newsletters delivered using MailChimp?

In general, you are allowed to include links in the newsletters, but there is a list of sites that are prohibited. They wont allow you to send the email if it contains your affiliate link.

What is the purpose of Mailchimp?

An all-encompassing marketing tool called Mailchimp is utilized by people and businesses of all kinds. You can control everything, including e-commerce and email newsletters, and automation.


Is ActiveCampaign a CRM?

Yes! To handle your contacts, negotiations, and leads, utilize ActiveCampaign. There is automation available to aid with process simplification.

What is ActiveCampaign Used for?

Anything from mail production to contact management can be done with ActiveCampaign. This all-in-one software for marketing automation has a ton of capabilities and is a fantastic option for businesses of all kinds.

What is ActiveCampaign capable of doing?

You can do a ton of things with ActiveCampaign, including sending email newsletters, keeping an eye on discounts, and managing connections. The potential for sales and marketing automation are the most prominent aspects, though.

Does ActiveCampaign have landing pages?

Yes! With the help of the landing page builder from ActiveCampaign, you can make dynamic content blocks for modern landing pages that let you customize the content for each visitor.

Does ActiveCampaign have a mobile app?

Yes, both iOS and Android devices may use the ActiveCampaign mobile app. You can plan and distribute campaigns, examine campaign and email automation information, monitor email performance data, handle contacts, and do a lot more.

Can you trust ActiveCampaign?

A reliable email marketing solution for small organizations is ActiveCampaign. It provides a secure approach to managing your users and securely maintains your client data.

How reliable is ActiveCampaign deliverability?

In our twice-yearly tests, ActiveCampaigns deliverability percentages consistently rank in the top five.


Drip is among the top email marketing and automation solutions, despite the fact that weve evaluated a lot of them.

They offer one of the greatest email automation toolkits on the market despite being primarily geared toward e-commerce businesses. Furthermore, the platform is far more user-friendly than rival automation systems.

As a result, Drip is among the best options if you want true email automation that will help your business develop even when youre not there.

You can manage and communicate with your clients, customers, and other interested parties with the aid of Mailchimp. Our marketing plan places a strong emphasis on good contact management practices, beautifully designed campaigns, and efficient data analysis.

The most potent automation tool we evaluated, ActiveCampaign allows you to set up almost any automation you can imagine, including triggered campaigns, sales follow-ups, automated segmentation, dynamic email content, and more. Now, you can use your own inbox to automatically send one-to-one sales emails.


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