Email marketing takes time and requires a lot of resources. However, it is a requirement for every form of organization, particularly e-commerce proprietors. Drip is the email marketing software well be concentrating on today.

In this post, We will discuss Drip review & ratings, features & details, pricing, pros and cons, discount, and more.

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What Is Drip?

Drip provides email marketing software for e-commerce marketers. You can utilize it to produce new leads by displaying interesting forms at the appropriate time and location. It also allows you to send emails and SMS messages with enticing advertising content, as well as support emails and follow-ups to customers who left their shopping carts.

Drip’s Overall Ratings (4.0/5)


Johnny Pellham (

Email marketing allows you to send personalized content to all of your consumers while also creating relationships and driving traffic to your site. Is there a quicker method for creating and delivering those messages than by hand? Yes, if you utilize a tool like Drip to help you create, schedule, and deliver those emails. Drip, like any other software solution, will save you time and increase your outcomes, but it will also cost you money. Do Drip reviews indicate that its a good investment?

Most marketing professionals believe that spending on email campaigns is a sound approach that pays off handsomely. Based on the Data & Marketing Association, the average investment return (ROI) for email campaigns is an astounding 3,800%. That implies you can expect a $38 return on investment for every $1 spent on email marketing. Using a platform like Drip to improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns is not just smart, but also cost-effective.

While there are numerous email marketing platforms vying for your interest, Drip stands out due to its eCommerce expertise. The company describes itself as an eCommerce managing customer relationships platform that enables smaller independent online retailers to compete with giant online stores by garnering loyalty and repeat customers. Although any sort of business can profit from the Drip platforms ability to analyze and gather data, as well as tailor marketing for clients, Drip is designed specifically for eCommerce.

Drip will be able to evaluate complicated data from your customers browser history, interactions on social media abandoned carts, transactions, and email engagement when you use the program to place tracking codes on all of your digital platforms.

Overall, Drip outperforms other platforms in terms of eCommerce marketing metrics. Lets go over the specifics so you can evaluate if Drips software is a suitable fit for your company.

Users’ Ratings

We asked Johnny Pellham, one of our in-house specialists, to open a Drip profile and test it out. The various email marketing services that Drip provides are rated by Johnny Pellham and are listed below.

By signing up through our link, you could be able to receive a discount if you choose to use Drip. Although we frequently receive commissions from purchases made using our connections, Johnny Pellhams review was unaffected by this.

Lets look at what Pellham found while reviewing Drip: 

G2 Trustpilot Capterra Trustradius Overall

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After reading through Drips features, Im confident youll accept that this email campaign system offers excellent value for money. Lets look at how Drip can aid your business.

Forms that are customizable

Drip allows you to construct your own lead-capturing forms without creating a single code line. Drip includes drag-and-drop capability, allowing you to create professional-looking forms with minimal effort.

You will be able to change the buttons, fonts, and general appearance of your forms. Youll also have power over who views these forms and when they appear on your page.

Heres an example:

Assume you have users who have recently abandoned their shopping carts. You may make the form appear for such people. You may present them with discounts to entice them to complete the deal.

You may also use such forms to request phone numbers and other contact details from potential leads.

Email and SMS automation

Drip provides SMS and email marketing to help you promote your services and products. You can send alerts to several subscribers; the number depends on the package you choose.

Email marketing is vital since it allows you to develop long-term partnerships. Marketing emails also make the consumer journey easier, resulting in more purchases.

Its also a platform for your sales staff or customer service professionals to contact everyone on the email list and answer any questions your leads may have about your company.

Emails, like customizable forms, can be customized without scripting. Drip employs a graphical email builder that allows you to drag and drop things into the email composer. This not only makes your emails easier to create, but it also gives them the appearance like they were created by pros, allowing the company to stand out.

You may also quickly design SMS messages that are as visually appealing as regular emails (SMS messages available as an add-on).

Other features include the ability to tailor emails based on a clients behavior. Simply tell Drip who you want to get your emails or SMS, and it will discover the correct recipients.

A/B testing

It makes no difference how skilled you are at email design. You wont know which elements function unless you put them to the test.

Fortunately, Drip has an A/B testing function that allows a marketer to test two different versions of the exact same site at the same moment and compare the outcomes.

You can observe which version receives the most views, clicks, and income. This allows you to make the changes necessary to optimize the emails for conversion.

Automation Workflows

Automation Workflows allow you to schedule and forget about your email campaigns. Automation Workflows, once configured, will trigger reactions based on what a consumer does.

Those unfamiliar with Drip can experiment with one of the suggested workflows. When youve mastered it, you may create a pipeline to send an email based on consumer behavior. You can, for example, send an email immediately after a client makes a purchase.

Another application is for greeting emails. You can send emails that showcase your items, exhibit your social credentials, display your social media profiles, state your objective, offer limited-time offers, as well as other marketing materials after a person registers for your website.

Some of the workflow templates are compatible with third-party systems such as Magento, Shopify, and even WooCommerce.

Social media Drip segments

Drip can connect with Facebook and Instagram to develop marketing campaigns that span these social media platforms.


The built-in reporting features will allow you to track and group people to fully understand their progress. This allows you to make changes to your Drip campaigns as they progress.


Drip collaborates with over 100 businesses to improve the functionality of their processes. You may link it not just to Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, but also to 

  • Facebook Custom Audiences
  • ClickFunnels
  • Instapage
  • Kajabi
  • Leadpages
  • OptinMonster
  • PayPal
  • Stripe 
  • Sumo 
  • Unbounce
  • Typeform 
  • Zapier

Ease of Use

Up to this point, this Drip report has been mainly positive, with high grades given to the software. Now lets look at how simple it is to understand how to use the Drip program. Despite its intricacies, youll find Drip quite easy to use as you create your first email campaign. The visual email editor provides a lot of flexibility in template choices and design, and its simple to add or delete segments, buttons, and photos wherever you like.

Youll find it quite simple to construct your automated workflow, but if you get lost, you can quickly go to the User Manual or seek assistance via chatting (more on that below). Overall, Drip does a wonderful job of easing the funnel process by providing simple processes that allow you to connect what you need.

When youre ready to dig into Drip and utilize all of the CRM features to assist your email campaign, you can anticipate a training time if you wish to make the most of the feature set. However, Drip obtains a great grade in the ease-of-use section because it is simple to sign up for and has a relatively plain design, as well as numerous support features such as webinars, courses, guidelines, and other resources.

Drip Pricing

So, how much will Drip set you back? Drip pricing is rather simple. Weve already stated that Drip offers excellent value for money. The reason for this is that the price you pay is determined by the number of persons on your mailing list.

That means there is only one option. You will receive all of the functionality. There are no levels to restrict your experience.

The monthly fee begins at $19. This allows you to manage up to 500 connections.

You can grow your connections to 2,000 for $29 per month. You can increase the contact limitation to 2,500 for $39 per month. The contact limit is increased to 3,000 for $49, and so on.

You will still receive the same features, such as unlimited email deliveries and account subscribers, email support, accessibility to the email building tool and forms, A/B testing, automation, and reporting, regardless of the number of contacts you enter.

You can also use subaccounts to manage other websites. These assist you in keeping expenses down for many sites and projects distinct.

Using Drip, you can simply set up a new sub-account, and those subscribers will be tallied against your primary accounts limit.

A 14-day free period is available, which should provide you with a better understanding of what Drip can accomplish and whether its ideal for you. Please keep in mind that the trial version does not include SMS and MMS abilities. For the free trial, you do not need to input your credit card information.

Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Business ModelSaaS
Supported LanguagesEnglish
OfferingsFree Trial, Free/Freemium Version

Pros and Cons

eCommerce-friendly features.There is no phone support.
Trial period (no credit card).Expensive for low-volume emailers.
Several integrations.
CRM characteristics that are robust.

Photos, Videos & Screenshots

Drip Deals and Coupons

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Reliability and Support

Our overall impression of Drip support is positive. Service is courteous and informed, and representatives can solve problems fast. We appreciate that they send you an email with a history of your talk after the occurrence so that you may refer to any directions and have a copy of the conversation if necessary.

What may disappoint some is that, regardless of account size, Drip does not appear to provide phone assistance or special account service. When you consider how intricate the eCRM system may get when you delve into its nuances, I can believe that many people would prefer to make a phone call.

Heres a rundown of the support choices available with Drip:

  1. Contact: You can email assistance, but reaction times are lengthy, so if possible, use another option.
  1. Form of Assistance: Select your requirement from a narrow dropdown list to get quick responses to that sort of question. If it doesnt work, you can send information to Drip and expect a response.
  1. Live Chat: You never have to ponder how youre going to contact Drip when youre operating in the Drip software. There is an easy-to-find button that starts your chat session regardless of where you are.
  2. In-Software Help: If youre looking for something specific, you can use the search function under the Learn tab. You can also access the User Manual, manuals, courses, webinars, and other resources and articles, all of which are simply navigable. There is a wealth of material available to assist you on your trip.
  1. Guides: Find step-by-step tutorials on a range of topics as well as detailed solutions to your Drip-related queries.
  1. Videos: Drip offers a Youtube page with a plethora of how-to tutorials. Drips REST API documentation is available online.
  2. Blog: Search for agency-specific categories such as quality standards, case analysis, email campaigns, marketing automation, and headlines.
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Drip vs Other Software

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Drip vs

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FAQs about Drip

What is the price of Drip?

Drip cost varies according to the number of contacts on your list. The price goes at $19 for up to 500 contacts.

Drip is a CRM.

Yes. Drip is primarily an email campaign automation tool, but it may also be used for customer relationship management.

What exactly is Drip software?

AnswerDrip is a cloud-based e-commerce solution that enables businesses, among other things, to automate their email marketing campaigns.

How do you implement Drip email marketing?

Drip functions by enabling users to develop triggers and actions. A marketer, for example, can send emails whenever a customer gives up a shopping cart.

Final Thoughts about Drip Email Marketing Software

Weve tried a lot of email campaigns and automation solutions, but Drip is one of the finest.

While they are aimed more toward e-commerce businesses, they have one of the leading email automation toolsets available. Furthermore, the platform is significantly more user-friendly than competing automation solutions.

So, if you want genuine email automation which can expand your company while you sleep, Drip is among the greatest options available.

But, ultimately, it is your view that counts, thus we strongly advise you to take advantage of their free trial to ensure that this platform is a better match for your companys needs.

Drip is the one email marketing platform that gets me the most thrilled when we talk about it. If your small company has grown to the point where it has hundreds of subscribers as well as monthly visits, you will most certainly profit from the enhanced automation that Drip provides.

Furthermore, it can assist you in better understanding your customers and sending more focused emails to increase conversion rates. However, if you dont yet have a lot of traffic or dont have a lot of time to devote to marketing, theres probably a less expensive competition thats a better fit for you.

Drip Alternative Software

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  • GetResponse
  • Klaviyo
  • Omnisend
  • Ortto

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