A constant Contact is a helpful tool for automating, streamlining, and evaluating the results of email campaigns. When choosing an email marketing service, its important to consider the user interface, the maximum number of emails that can be sent, and the pricing options.
Global technology company Campaign Monitor offers an intuitive yet extremely effective email marketing platform. We provide top businesses with the email marketing tools they need to leave a lasting impression on their audiences as members of the CM Group family of brands.

Constant Contact vs Campaign Monitor: Overview

Constant Contact:

Constant Contact provides tools that make digital marketing simpler and more effective for small businesses. Constant Contact aims to assist users in creating solid connections and producing results, whether those results are increasing sales, expanding a customer base, or engaging an audience.

Users of Constant Contact will benefit from:

Expand their customer base

Build your list quickly using landing pages, lead ads on social media, and more.

Intensify interactions with clients

Connect with people where they are-on social media, via email, or via text-all from a single platform to increase engagement and produce better results for your company.

Make social media simpler

To raise awareness, encourage leads, and foster growth, create and manage social media posts and advertisements.

Sync with currently-used apps

Connect with currently in using digital tools to expand and sell more online more quickly.

Campaign Monitor:

Campaign Monitor is an intuitive email marketing tool that enables business owners of expanding enterprises to send lovely, pertinent newsletters, establishing a trustworthy channel to increase engagement with their subscribers and encourage devoted readership.

Marketers can easily deliver targeted content to huge lists of subscribers thanks to our lovely templates, drag-and-drop interface, and engagement-based segmentation.


PackageConstant ContactPackageCampaign Monitor
Starting at $9.99Per Month

$9.00 Per Month
Starting at $45.00Per Month

$29.00 Per Month
CRM Platform by $449.00Per MonthPremier$149 Per month

Pros and Cons:

Constant Contact:

Constant Contact allows users to send unlimited emails and just pay per list size.They could add to the features offered by other email marketing software, such as social media integration, more flows, etc.
The software offers a variety of automation options and handles welcome emails fairly well.Sometimes the monitoring parameters are not the simplest

Campaign Monitor:

It is simple to use, and easy to insert images, links, and text into, and its features can be adjusted to meet specific marketing requirements.It takes some planning and setup with custom fields/lists/segments to manage various subscriptions. Setting it up isnt exactly out of the box.
Transactional emails: Using Zapier to connect was incredibly simple.It would be great to have a little more control over padding, line height, kerning, etc. The WYSIWYG editor is fairly restricted, which makes it foolproof.


Constant ContactCampaign Monitor
AB Testing,Auto-Responders,CAN-SPAM Compliance,Customer Surveys,Drip Campaigns,Dynamic Content,Event Triggered Actions,Image Library,Landing Pages/Web Forms,List Management,Mobile Optimized Emails,Reporting/Analytics,Subscriber Management,Template Management,WYSIWYG Editor.MARKETING FEATURES,Auto-Responders,Event Triggered Actions,WYSIWYG Editor,Mobile Optimized Emails,Template Management,AB Testing,Drip Campaigns,Dynamic Content,Subscriber Management,List Management,Reporting/Analytics,CAN-SPAM Compliance,Landing Pages/Web Forms.  

Technical Details:

Constant Contact:

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationAndroidiPhoneiPad
Business ModelCloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Supported LanguagesDanish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
OfferingsFree Trial
IntegrationsShopify, Stripe, WooCommerce, Google Ads, WordPress, etc

Campaign Monitor:

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationAndroidiPhoneiPad
Business ModelCloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Supported LanguagesDanish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
OfferingsFree Trial
IntegrationsHubSpot, Zapier, Facebook Ads, Leadpages, etc.

Photos, Videos, and Screenshots:

Constant Contact:

Campaign Monitor:

Reliability and Support:

Constant Contact:

Do you want Constant Contact to handle your newsletters?

Should you host events:

Constant Contact stands out in this regard as one of the few email marketing tools that enables you to manage event invitations, registrations, and tickets. Remember that this feature has separate fees that are 5.4% plus $0.80 for each sold ticket and each transaction.

Not recommended if: You need complex automation:

Surprisingly, despite charging a premium, Constant Contact doesnt offer the most advanced automation. Youll discover that other, significantly less expensive tools, like MailerLite and Sendinblue, offer comparable levels of automation even though they dont offer triggered campaigns, autoresponders, or abandoned cart campaigns (only for Shopify).

Deliverability: As you can see from our tests on deliverability, Constant Contact performs admirably, regularly establishing connections with the most well-liked email providers (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook).

Customer support options include a knowledge base, live chat, phone support, and community-based support, to name just a few. The fact that the phone and chat support wasnt always accessible, however, annoyed me a little. However, when I was able to contact them, I did find the chat support to be helpful and responsive. Keep in mind that calling is necessary, which is very inconvenient, to cancel your subscription.

Campaign Monitor:

The goal at Campaign Monitor is to create a stunning, best-in-class email experience that is available to all marketers. Additionally, they are dedicated to continuously enhancing the security and dependability of their products, keeping Campaign Monitor a secure and reliable platform that enables you to continue cultivating deep relationships with your subscribers in addition to sending emails quickly and consistently.

Secure Individual Domains:

All custom domains created and confirmed in Campaign Monitor will guarantee that all account- and email-related links for all customers route through a secure (HTTPS) protocol.

Read our custom domains resource article to learn more about how to set up custom domains in Campaign Monitor and what they are.

Given the increased concern about internet security, all web browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (pictured below), are taking steps to ensure that users are aware when links they visit are not secure. Insecure links can put your account at risk for security, and the warnings are annoying to subscribers.

Subscribe forms with reCAPTCHA:

Put an end to spambots! We have automatically added an additional layer of security via Googles reCAPTCHA service for all of Campaign Monitors provided subscription options, including the copy/paste, subscribe form, hosted subscribe form, and embedded subscribe button.

In addition to ensuring the best deliverability and GDPR compliance, reCAPTCHA forms have been shown to significantly reduce spambot attacks and blacklistings. They also require no setup to enable on your subscribe forms or buttons.

Note: For additional security on top of the reCaptcha, it is advised that you update your HTML code if you are using the HTML copy-paste forms.

Two-step Authentication:

Two-step verification also referred to as two-factor authentication, adds an additional layer of security to your login procedure. An additional code is sent to an authenticator app on your phone as soon as you sign in to your Campaign Monitor account using your username and password, and this code is necessary to log in successfully. We strongly advise doing it even though its an additional step because the security advantages outweigh it.

Constant Contact vs Campaign Monitor Awards: 

Constant Contact:

  • 2012 and 2013 Stevie® Award Winner for Customer Service Department of the Year
  • Boston Business Journal Award for Most Admired Public Technology Company
  • DM Confidential Dealies Award for Best Email Service Provider
  • Best in Biz Gold Award for SaveLocal in the Small or Medium Business Service of the Year category
  • Gold Stevie® Award Winner in the Company of the Year - Computer Services category in the 2012 American Business Awards℠
  • 2012 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™, a ranking of the 500 fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, and clean technology companies in North America
  • 2012 and 2013 BtoB Social Media Marketing Awards for Constant Contacts use of Facebook®, Twitter®, and Pinterest®
  • 2012 Small Business Influencer Award
  • Boston Business Journals Power 50 Award
  • Silver Stevie® Award for Sales Department of the Year
  • 2020, 2021, and 2022 Trustradius Top-Rated Awards

Campaign Monitor:

  • G2 Crowd (Best of 2015 Users Choice Lists) 
  • Fortune (Best Work Places in the U.S.) 
  • CIOReview (20 Most Promising Web Application Solution Providers)
  • Marketing Tech Insights (Top Content Marketing Solution Provider)
  • BRW (Best Workplaces in Australia) 
  • BayArea News Group (Top Workplaces)
  • Great Place To Work (Best Small & Medium Workplaces in Asia)
  • Forbes (2016 Worlds Best 100 Cloud Companies List)

Who Is The Champion?

TableConstant ContactCampaign Monitor
Ease of Use4.34.5
Customer Service4.24.5
Value for Money4.04.5

As per the ratings, presented above, we can easily conclude that Campaign Monitor has got better ratings for everything. This proves that Campaign Monitor is comparatively better than Constant Contact.


Constant Contact:

Is there a maximum number of contacts with Constant Contact?

There is no restriction on how many contacts you can have in a single list. There is no requirement that the contacts be divided up into separate lists; you can have as many contacts on one list as you like.

Does Constant Contact count contacts who have unsubscribed?

Keep them in your account; you dont need to do anything with them because unsubscribed contacts arent included in your billable contacts list and we stop you from sending emails to them. Remove them from your account by deleting them. Your unsubscribed contacts will no longer be listed in your account if you do this.

How many emails can you send out with Constant Contact?

The series can be as short as one email or as long as 31 emails. When you want each email in the series to go out depends on the timing you choose. Contacts who trigger your series will be added to a queue to receive the following email in the series once youve activated it.

Campaign Monitor:

Can you attach files in Campaign Monitor?

Any kind of attachments cannot be sent along with campaigns or journeys. This is why: Email attachments are frequently used to conceal malware and viruses. This can affect your deliverability because emails with attachments are more likely to be caught in spam filters.

What is the purpose of a Campaign Monitor?

Global technology company Campaign Monitor offers an intuitive yet extremely effective email marketing platform. We provide top businesses with the email marketing tools they need to leave a lasting impression on their audiences as members of the CM Group family of brands.

Can a campaign in Campaign Monitor be sent again?

A campaign can be copied so you can send it again: Go to Sent by selecting Campaigns from the left-side menu. Click the three-dot menu after locating the sent campaign you want to copy (available when viewing as a list or thumbnail).


Our experience suggests that Campaign Monitor is more well-liked. One mention of it has been made since March 2021. On Reddit, HackerNews, and a few other platforms, we keep track of product recommendations and mentions. They can aid in determining which product is more well-liked and what consumers think of it.

Campaign Monitor estimates that email marketing has a 4400% Return on Investment. This implies a $44 profit for every dollar invested. The Direct Marketing Association reports that 66% of consumers have made an online purchase as a result of receiving an email marketing message in the past. - Referral: Reddit.


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