Today, in this article, lets talk about Campaigner. Well discuss the functions of this tool and how to use it. This article will also go over its features and pricing with you.

In this post, We will discuss Campaigner review & ratings, features & details, pricing, pros and cons, discount, and more.

Overall Ratings3.1
Dependability & Aid4.7
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What Is Campaigner?

Campaigner is an effective email and SMS marketing automation tool designed to help companies create strong, personal ties with their clients.

Campaigner’s Overall Ratings (3.1/5)

Amanda Alston

Amanda Alston (

Without the additional cost of a marketing suite, Campaigner provides all the fundamental and advanced email marketing functions you require to expand your organization. With SMS capabilities, basic and sophisticated process automation, and segmentation tools, Campaigner makes it simple to create and carry out effective campaigns.

For SMB and mid-market companies, Campaigner offers simple-to-use, scalable email marketing, and automation features. High-volume senders are another client of theirs.

  • Email Marketing Automation- To make sure you never miss the chance to contact your audience at crucial points in their journey, Campaigner provides a number of automation tools.
  • Workflows- With event- and trigger-based marketing automation, you can nurture leads, encourage repeat business, and transform customers into brand promoters.
  • SMS Marketing- Directly from Campaigner, you can create and send SMS messages as a stand-alone campaign or as a component of an email workflow.
  • Recurring Campaigns- Create and plan recurrent campaigns for your audiences frequent touchpoints.
  • Autoresponders- Send an email in reaction to consumer activity, such as subscribing to a newsletter or changing their preferences, automatically.
  • Segmentation- Create segments based on contact activity, campaign involvement, demographic information, previous purchase behavior, and more for targeted email marketing.
  • Dynamic Content- Include dynamic content blocks in your emails to give tailored material based on the preferences of each recipient at the moment the email is opened.

Users’ Ratings

We asked Amanda Alston, one of our in-house email marketing specialists, to open a Campaigner profile and test it out. The various email marketing services Campaigner provides are rated by Amanda and listed below.

If you sign up through our link, you could able to receive a discount if you choose to use Campaigner. Although we frequently receive commissions from purchases made using our connections, Amandas review was unaffected by this.

Lets have a look at what Amanda found while reviewing SendinBlue:

G2 TrustpilotTrustradiusCapterra Overall

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  • Auto-Responders
  • Create and automatically send premade copies in response to customers messages
  • Queue Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Contact Database
  • Image Library
  • Content Management
  • Email Monitoring
  • Email Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Routing
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance
  • Subscriber Management
  • AB Testing
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Contact Management
  • Segmentation
  • Geo Location
  • Workflows

Ease of Use

The drag-and-drop editor in Campaigner is simple to integrate into your routine work. You may personalize emails with your brands colors, photos, and logo using over 900 themes. Every tool is arranged into a set of logical drop-down menus at the top of the screen, making the platform simple to explore as well. Even novice users ought to have little issue finding what theyre looking for.

Campaigner Review

Additionally, Campaigners Reputation Defender works to protect the reputation of your brand. With the help of this tool, you can increase campaign engagement, deliverability, and ROI while guaranteeing that your emails are sent to valid recipients and not endangering your security. Even if youre new to email marketing, this makes managing campaigns simple.

Campaigner Pricing

STARTER$59ExperimentsDrag & Drop EditorFull code editor900+ Responsive TemplatesGeolocationSocial IntegrationLanding PagesFacebook Audience BuilderSuppression ListsBasic SegmentationRecurring Campaigns

ESSENTIAL$179ExperimentsDrag & Drop EditorFull code editor900+ Responsive TemplatesGeolocationSocial IntegrationLanding PagesFacebook Audience BuilderSuppression ListsBasic SegmentationRecurring CampaignsCDN Media Hosting50 MB 1 GB 1 GBRemove Campaigner BrandingDynamic ContentCustom FooterExclusion ListseCommerce IntegrationsConversion TrackingLocalization
ADVANCED$649ExperimentsDrag & Drop EditorFull code editor900+ Responsive TemplatesGeolocationSocial IntegrationLanding PagesFacebook Audience BuilderSuppression ListsBasic SegmentationRecurring CampaignsCDN Media Hosting50 MB 1 GB 1 GBRemove Campaigner BrandingDynamic ContentCustom FooterExclusion ListseCommerce IntegrationsConversion TrackingLocalizationAutomation WorkflowsSales EngineeringPurchase BehaviorAPI AccessStatic Segment Sampling

E-COMMERCE$79.95Shopify IntegrationMagento IntegrationUnlimited contactsAnd more

Technical Details

PlatformsWeb, App
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Business ModelSAAS 
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.
OfferingsUnique Features and FREE trial
IntegrationsHubspot, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Magento, etc.

Pros and Cons

Along with its many other advantages, Campaigner is the ideal choice for companies with a huge contact pool.The free trial requires a credit card. Campaigner offers a free trial, but to access it, you must input your credit card details. After the 30-day trial, your card wont be charged unless you decide to continue with the plan; however, the majority of email marketing solutions do not need credit card information at all.
Features that can be customized include email automation, reports, personalization, and experimentation, to name just a few. For instance, you may segment your contacts, test your subject lines, and automate answers to send a flawless email that is tailored to draw in your target audience.No free version is available. In contrast to the other email marketing services we studied, Campaigner solely provides premium choices.
Automated Workflows: Campaigner enables you to focus your attention where it is most needed by your company. Without your involvement, built-in marketing automation controls which emails are delivered to which recipients at what times.Its not ideal that some email servers tend to send us a lot of bounce-back emails.
Social media integration: Using a multichannel marketing strategy, you may immediately embed your companys social media feeds into your emails to increase engagement.Some essential features that are quickly becoming deal-breakers are missing from Campaigner. The utter inability to quickly and easily construct eye-catching sign-up forms for websites or popups is one of the largest shortcomings. They have some templates, but theyre just awful.

Photos, Videos & Screenshots

Campaigner Deals and Coupons

To avail the most exciting discounts and offers, please click here:

Reliability and Support

Campaigner Client Service:

On its website, Campaigner offers live chat, phone, and email contact options. We received prompt, courteous service from the live chat customer care as they addressed our queries. On its website, Campaigner offers additional resources like infographics, webinars, video lessons, and case studies in the resource area.

The customer service team at Campaigner is accessible Monday through Friday from 4 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. Campaigners knowledge library offers more than 350 articles in more than 25 categories as well as video tutorials to assist you in navigating the software, troubleshooting issues, and maximizing its tools in case you have queries outside of these hours.

Privacy Policy:

How we may process your personal data is described in this policy. Please visit this page frequently for updates as this Policy may be modified or changed from time to time.

This Policy is issued by j2 Global Canada, Inc. on behalf of the Company, the Campaigner, the Companys subsidiaries, and its affiliates (collectively, Company, Campaigner, we, us, and our). It is directed at all third parties with whom we interact, including clients, site visitors, App users, and other users of our services (collectively, you). In Section (S) below, the defined terminology used in this Policy is explained.

The company serves as the Controller for the purposes of this Policy. This Policy outlines the information handling procedures for Company websites that offer the Campaigner name and services (collectively, Services), whether they do so now or in the future. Information about how to reach us is given in Section (R) below.

This Policy may be modified or updated periodically to reflect changes to the applicable laws or to reflect changes in our practices with regard to the processing of personal data. We advise you to carefully read this Policy and to periodically check this page for any updates made in accordance with its conditions.

Collection of Personal Data: 

  • Data you provide: We may obtain your Personal Data when you provide it to us (e.g., where you contact us via email or telephone, or by any other means, or when you provide us with your business card).
  • Relationship data: We may collect or obtain your Personal Data in the ordinary course of our relationship with you (e.g., if you purchase a service from us).
  • Data you make public: We may collect or obtain your Personal Data that you manifestly choose to make public, including via social media (e.g., we may collect information from your social media profile(s), if you make a public post about us).
  • App data: We may collect or obtain your Personal Data when you download or use any of our Apps.
  • Site data: We may collect or obtain your Personal Data when you visit any of our Sites or use any features or resources available on or through a Site.
  • Registration details: We may collect or obtain your Personal Data when you use, or register to use, any of our Sites, Apps, or services.
  • Content and advertising information: If you choose to interact with any third-party content or advertising on a Site or in an App, we may receive Personal Data about you from the relevant third party.
  • Third-party information: We may collect or obtain your Personal Data from third parties who provide it to us (e.g., credit reference agencies; law enforcement authorities; etc.).

Creation of Personal Data:

For internal administration and analysis, we may additionally collect Personal Data about you, such as data on your past purchases and records of your contacts with us.

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Awards & Featured

Campaigner has been ranked as one of the best brand management tools by Capterra based on user evaluations. The extensive capabilities of Campaigner enable companies to keep up effective email relationships with their clients and evaluate the results of campaigns to determine areas for improvement.

Campaigner vs Other Software

Campaigner vs Campaign Monitor

Campaigners workflow functionality makes it ideal for people who wish to send a series of emails over time based on contact characteristics and behavior. The ability to construct segments and add custom fields makes this tool useful for highly targeted email marketing. Your users will need to be somewhat critical thinkers and more technically savvy than typical due to poor release communication and inadequate technical assistance. We learned about the system through much trial and error. Campaign Monitor is without a doubt among the greatest programs for running email marketing campaigns; it has a solid basis and can be customized for any business. It contains various pre-made templates to use if you are not a developer and are not familiar with code. Campaign Monitor is amazing, does exactly what it should, and is really simple to use.

CampaignerC Monitor

Campaigner vs Klaviyo

Klaviyo is really designed for conversion, thus it is preferable to go elsewhere if you are sending educational stuff to your subscribers or for internal communications. If you send this kind of email, no one will click through and make a purchase, which will negatively impact your overall analytics and give the impression that your click-through, buy values, etc. rates are poor. However, Klaviyo excels at flows and enticing users to subscribe or do specific activities (browse abandonment, cart abandonment, welcome series, etc.)


Campaigner vs Constant Contact

The ideal tool for appealingly disseminating information to many individuals is Constant Contact, which offers user-customizable images, material, and links. Additionally, it is the greatest method for keeping track of data on who received the email, clicked through, unsubscribed, etc. This platform makes it manageable to keep track of data at several constituent levels.

CampaignerConstant Contact

Campaigner vs  ActiveCampaign

Anyone looking for a ton of versatility in their building automation should check out ActiveCampaign. They excel at giving you the freedom to create any automation you want. Although it is slightly more expensive than some other email marketing services, you might choose a less expensive choice if youre sending out simple newsletters or dont require complex automation.

Campaigner Active Campaign

FAQs about Campaigner

How does Campaigner handle unsubscribes?

List-level and account-level unsubscribes are the two options that Campaigner provides readers for unsubscribing from emails. It enables you to select the approach that best serves your customers and company strategy.
Contacts can unsubscribe from particular mailing lists (such as a daily bargains list or monthly newsletters) using the list-level unsubscribe option. The account-level option allows contacts to unsubscribe from all Campaigner email lists linked to their account.

How does Campaigner price its services?

The amount Campaigner charges you depends on how many email subscribers your company has. Monthly or yearly billing is available for the four pricing tiers. You save 18% on the monthly pricing if you purchase a yearly subscription.

What user roles and permissions does Campaigner offer?

Full account access belongs to the account owner. This role is only given to one individual.
Using autoresponders, forms, and campaign assets, designers manage multiple content capabilities for email campaigns and experiments.
Email marketers have complete account access, excluding user billing and administration preferences.
The sorting of contacts, lists, custom contact fields, and segments is the responsibility of list managers.
Reporting Various report types can be viewed, managed, and exported by users.
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) users can see SMTP reports, send Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) messages-emails transferred from one specific email account to another across the internet-and send messages using this protocol.
API Users can authenticate with their credentials using Campaigners RESTful API.

What are Campaigners top competitors?

 iContact, Mailchimp, and Constant Contact are common alternatives for Campaigner.

What is Campaigners best feature?

Reviewers rate List management highest, with a score of 9.

Final Thoughts about Campaigner Email Marketing Software

Because of its capabilities that enable larger firms to scale their email campaigns at the proper cost, Campaigner is the finest email marketing software for them. Customizations, automated processes, and social media integrations are some of these features.

We would suggest Campaigner for:

  • larger and middle-sized companies.
  • organizations having a minimum of 5,000 email connections and a variety of email lists.
  • Businesses that are prepared to combine their social media with email efforts.

Campaigner is not something we advise for:

  • small enterprises with little existing contacts.
  • businesses with modest email marketing budgets.
  • companies looking for email marketing software that is free.

Campaigner Alternative Software

  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Campaign Monitor
  • iContact
  • Salesforce Email Studio
  • Emma
  • AWeber
  • Robly
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Klaviyo
  • Hubspot

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