Automizy is an Email Marketing Software that is designed to increase the open rates of your emails.

In this post, We will discuss Automizy reviews & ratings, features & details, pricing, pros and cons, discount, and more.

Overall Rating2.6
Dependability & Aid3.0
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What Is Automizy?

Automizy is a strong email marketing tool that allows small and medium-sized businesses, as well as marketing consultants, to deliver targeted emails and boost email open rates. Without any technical skills or knowledge, Automizy offers a simple interface through which you can develop your list of contacts, design interactive emails, create email automation to interact with clients, section your connections, and deliver targeted content. Automizys informative analytics assist marketers in making better data-driven decisions.

Automizy’s Overall Ratings (2.6/5)


Johnny Pellham (

Automizy is an email marketing software that employs various features to help marketers improve their open rate. Customizations, for example, could be used to make the emails more visually striking without the need to learn how to code.

It also has an intelligent email automation developer that allows you to create campaigns and sequences so emails are automatically sent based on how receivers communicate with your messages.

You also can test emails and subject lines to see what works and what doesnt in order to improve your email open rate. As Automizy performs the majority of the tasks youd expect from such an email automation tool, it can substitute all of ones email marketing tools.

Automizy contains Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that enables marketers to forecast email open rates and evaluate the impact of email subject lines. It includes features such as scheduling, tracking website behavior, subscriber and user management, data import/export, different user accounts, interest tagging, and more. Managers can also use analytics to gain additional insight into metrics such as exchange rates, brand awareness, click maps, and more.

Automizy integrates with a number of third-party applications, such as Elementor, Shopify, Verifybee, Zapier, Unbounce, and others. Monthly subscriptions are included in the price, and support is provided via email, FAQs, and other internet measures.

Users’ Ratings

We asked Johnny Pellham, one of our in-house specialists, to open an Automizy profile and test it out. The various email marketing services that Automizy provides are rated by Johnny Pellham and are listed below.

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Lets look at what Pellham found while reviewing Automizy: 

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So, what does Automizy have to offer small and medium-sized businesses? What role does it play in email marketing campaigns?

Lets dive into this email marketing automation system and see what it has to offer.

Form and landing page builder

You can use Automizy to develop landing pages and forms to attract additional leads for your business.

Automizy includes pre-built templates from which to choose. This eliminates the need for consumers to begin from scratch. Furthermore, these templates appear professional. Using them will give your operations a more legitimate appearance.

After youve chosen a layout, you can link it to a list of contacts, where Automizy will build all of the contact details you collect.

Of course, youll be able to modify various elements of the landing pages and forms. You dont even need to understand how to code to personalize your assets because it utilizes a drag-and-drop interface.

Simply drag and drop elements into the visual editor. You may include headers, photos, and text. It is also possible to incorporate design elements, resulting in a modern and sleek landing page as well as form design.

You are free to include a thank you page. And its just as simple to personalize.

The greatest feature is that Automizy is compatible with mobile devices. That means that all of the pages and forms users create are already mobile-friendly. You can preview your pages and forms on smartphones and tablets before publishing them.

You can add the form or landing page to the website in two ways. You could include the script - this is the best way to add a site to ones CMS without affecting the design. Users can add the code to the website if they are familiar with HTML.

However, you could also make the form or landing page available as a separate page.

The Statistics page allows you to keep track of live landing pages as well as forms. Here youll find data on the number of people who have registered, the number of people who have seen the form/landing page, and also the conversion rates.

In addition, you can embed forms in WordPress using third-party integrations such as Thrive Leads and Ninja Forms.

Email automation

Email automation allows you to automatically send an email to customers based on the rules you set. Other platforms may call this feature email drips or workflows.

Email automation can be used not only to send emails but also for customer relationship management and segmentation.

This feature is relatively easy to use. And once youve mastered it, youll be able to quickly set up a campaign - especially once youve learned all of the possible triggers, actions, and conditions.

The Automation Builder displays a number of boxes. You define the triggers, activities, and conditions in each box. By slowly building these boxes and trying to connect them, users are able to develop a sequence that can assist them in achieving their objectives.

There are a total of eight triggers available. You have the option of having a contact join a list, fill out a sign-up form, receive a tag, celebrate an anniversary, open an email, visit a landing page on your website, or land from a third-party platform via integration.

You can then configure actions such as adding or deleting a tag, making the contact wait a few days, upgrading custom fields, mailing welcome emails, or adding individuals to a specific list.

Users can add Conditions to divide the segments if you want to start introducing more than one route forward.

You could, for example, add a contact to a list if they already have a tag. If not, you can always write them an email.

You could use trigger points, behavior, and conditions to build various automation builds for various use cases. They can assist you in segmenting users according to their interests, sending the appropriate marketing materials to users according to their preferences, or promoting webinars to people who have been assigned a specific tag.

Email editor

If youre still sending boring, text-heavy emails, you should try Automizy. Why? Because, in comparison, its Email Editor helps make any email look modern.

Automizy as well as its drag-and-drop functionality will captivate you. It necessitates so little effort to utilize and always produces amazing results.

Drag columns, buttons, dividers, photos, and other elements onto your workspace to add them. Just edit people to your taste and youll finish up with such a professional design that you made from scratch.

It provides excellent value because you no longer need to employ a graphic designer to produce custom emails on ones representative.

You can send personalized emails by using the Automizy Advanced Editor. This will enable you to enter the recipients name as well as any other personal information that you have direct exposure to.

You could indeed embed videos in your emails to make them stand out. Automizy provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of what you can include within your email and how it looks. So you should test with all the options available.

Subject Line Tester

The Subject Line Tester uses AI technology from Automizy to forecast the success of your subject lines when you send them to people. It analyzes email campaigns using deep learning technology to generate the best predictions about the success of your subject line.

As per Automizy, its AI is still learning from real-world email campaigns. This distinguishes from other email subject line tests that rely on industry best practices that are infrequently updated.

When you create an email marketing campaign, you can add the subject line and request that Automizy enhance it.

Youll then be given a score that you can use to decide whether to replace the subject line with a good one or use it entirely. You can keep trying subject lines till your aggregate score is satisfactory.

Alternatively, you can use AB testing (split testing) to determine which subject lines are most effective based on how your receivers respond to your emails. Per campaign, you can AB test a maximum of four subject lines.


Third-party apps can be used to extend the capabilities of your email campaigns. Heres a list of all the tools that can be used with Automizy.

  • Contact generation: Elementor, WishList Member, Beacon, Fluent Forms, Group boss, Optimonk, Unbounce, and Green Forms
  • Sales: Hyperise, Silver Bots, Sales tools, Agile, InboxAds, and RetargetKit
  • Automation: Zapier, Integromat, Integrated,, and Pabby Connect
  • Email verification: Clearout and VerifyBee
  • E-commerce: Cart2WP
  • Public API: Rest API and Webhook

Importing contacts

There are three methods for importing contacts. You can manually enter contacts, import a listing as a CSV file, or integrate through third-party programs.

Once youve imported all of your connections, you can begin sending them email campaigns. If you dont have any links, you can establish one with Automizys forms and integrations and grow it over time.

Ease of Use

Users are quite comfortable using this platform at the heart of our marketing as well as outreach programs because it has a tremendous existing set of features and an inspirational route map.

Theyve come a long way since, with a user-friendly design and built-in templates. Ideal for small businesses looking to get started with automation. The REST API documentation plus functionalities are excellent, and it is really simple to integrate.

Automizy Pricing

Automizy pricing is determined by the number of active subscribers.

If you just have 200 (or fewer) members, it starts at $9 a month. However, when you have 10,000 members, the service would cost you $119 per month.

Regardless of how many members you have, you will always receive the following benefits:

  • Visual automation creator
  • Website behavior monitoring
  • Integrations
  • Users of API Analytics Unlimited
  • Sub-accounts are not limited.
  • Service for free migration

Customers who wish to automate company social media, as well as CRM, will find Automizy to be cost-effective. Smaller companies can sign up for $9 per month, which will eventually increase based on the number of members. Automizy offers a bespoke package depending on individual demands for an even more tailored solution.

Automize comes in three flavors: Automize Free, Automize Basic, and Automize Pro. The biggest distinction between the various options is the number of emails you can send every month.

Automizy, for example, allows people to send up to 1500 emails using unlimited contacts every month for free; but, if you require more, you would need Automize Basic, which allows you to send a maximum of 5000 emails with limitless contacts.

Builder of Visual Automation
APIs and integrations
Users are unlimited.
Sub-accounts are not limited.
Service for Free Migration

Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Business ModelCloud, SaaS, Web-Based
Supported LanguagesEnglish
IntegrationsElementorPabbly ConnectClearoutShopifyCart2WPVerifybeeSilfer BotsRetargetkitZapierUnbounceGroupboss

Pros and Cons

Simple and straightforward - The user-friendly interface and building tool make it easy to become fascinated with Automizy in general.There is currently no mobile app for Automizy; it is entirely web-based.
Powerful automation - Automizy provides easy yet strong automation with a wonderful visual automation builder.Design components - There are fewer customization choices, particularly when building forms.
Auto-resend - Emails could be sent back instantly if you need to increase open rates.Integrations - Currently, there arent as many integrations accessible. Furthermore, only a few third-party solutions interface directly into Automizy (e.g. landing page builders and opt-in form tools).
Price - The cost is quite reasonable, making it ideal for small businesses and startups.
AB testing - One can try subject lines to find which ones are more effective for your target demographic.

Photos, Videos & Screenshots

Automizy Deals and Coupons

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Reliability and Support

Phone support is not provided by Automizy Customer Support. Instead, they include an email address as well as a live chat option to answer your inquiries.

That is fantastic if you work from home since it gives you the freedom that most individuals require to satisfy customer needs without having to worry about the numerous tasks that being connected to your desk might entail.

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Awards & Featured

  • SaaSworthy Top 20 Fastest Growing Software (Q4 2020)
  • Software Suggest Best Value Software Winter 2022

Automizy vs Other Software

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FAQs about Automizy

What are the key features of Automizy?

The following are Automizys primary features:

- Leading Scorer
- Management of mailing lists
- Auto-Responders
- Reporting/Analytics
- Analytics/ROI Monitoring
- Emails that are mobile-friendly
- CTAs that are editabl

Who are the usual Automizy users?

Automizys usual clientele is as follows: Startups, SMEs, agencies, and corporations.

Automizy accepts which payment methods?

The main payment methods are accepted by Automizy: Monthly and yearly.

What kind of deployment is it?

Automizys deployment is cloud-based.

Final Thoughts about Automizy Email Marketing Software

Let us now conclude our Automizy evaluation.

Is really the Automizy Visual Automation Builder a good investment?

You have to agree that for the price, its absolutely worth considering. It also offers enough functions to aid your email marketing plan. It has an appealing user interface, auto-resend functionality, excellent customer service, a subject line generator, reasonable statistics, and third-party connectors.

While it is not as complex as some of its rivals, it is more than adequate for owners of small businesses and marketers who simply desire to see their open rates increase.

Because of the automated templates offered, its also an excellent alternative for newbies. Newbies should have little trouble creating landing pages, forms, and emails.

So, certainly, Automizy is an excellent option for anyone looking to automate business email marketing.

Automizy Alternative Software

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  • EngageBay
  • Salesflare
  • Omnisend
  • Agile CRM

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