The process of promoting awareness of a good or service and turning that interest into revenue is known as lead generation.

Improper targeting, unqualified leads, and excessive work for the staff can occasionally result from a lack of defined processes and guidelines between the marketing and sales teams.

Automation is the best answer in these situations!

However, do not mistake automation for replacing human agents; automation only accelerates the process. We will know that Automated lead generation solutions.

You can increase your productivity and generate a consistent supply of sales leads with the help of committed staff and the appropriate automation technologies.

Lead Generation Automation: What is it?

Powered by AI algorithms and machine intelligence, automated lead creation combines outbound and inbound marketing strategies.

You start building up your automation to allow the leads and the data to flow to you rather than sourcing leads manually via the phone or cold emails.

This will give you another system to get quality leads to nurture, present, and close rather than having to be reactive and do lead generation every day.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Lead Generation?

The goal of creating a sales funnel is to make it as simple as possible for potential clients to locate your company.

Therefore, the more lead generation and lead nurturing activities you can automate, the better.

By providing automatic capabilities in the following categories, you can automate your process and speed it up while decreasing the workload on your team with the appropriate software and tools:

  • Building a list and collecting emails
  • Help Desk for Email Marketing & CRM Support
  • Data gathering and Lead Analytics
  • Content Promotion

List Of Email Marketing tools and Automation Solutions:

Your email marketing efforts can be made more effective by using email marketing automation, sometimes referred to as email drip marketing or workflows.

Although drip campaign tools might seem difficult to use, I assure you that anyone can utilize them with a little experience.

Such email list-building and branding solutions enable you to engage with subscribers in a more individualized manner in addition to providing them with a personalized experience.

All you are required to do is set it up and wait for it to automatically work its magic.

1. LeadStal:

Who are they?  They are a small group of initiators who are thriving to help people worldwide and make their lives easier and more augmented. Their mother company is called UpStal where this product was made. They aim to help their audiences generate leads for the growth of their businesses.

LeadStal Logo

LeadStal is a b2b lead generation tool that helps in extracting information from various online platforms just in a minute without any cost and single lines of coding knowledge. It gives you an ultra-fast lead collection with authentic information. Rest assured that they have an experienced team that designed this tool with utmost care so that it is very user-friendly and flexible. Lets get you familiar with their tools for you to generate leads through them:

LeadStal Tools:

How to use Gmaps by LeadStal to generate leads? 

1. Install the extension by clicking the Add to Chrome button. 

2. Go to Google map and search for a business like Beauticians in New York, US 

3. Click on the Generate Leads button, which will be shown beside the search results. 

4. Done! Now wait some time, it will scrape data from Google Maps and show you the result on the LeadStal result page.

 5. You can easily filter businesses from the result page and extract your google map data as a CSV file. 

This google maps extractor tool extracts Business Names, Subtitles, Categories, Addresses, Phones, Reviews, Ratings, Total Reviews, Positive Reviews, Negative Reviews, Websites, Social Media like (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube), and Valid Emails.

Rest assured that we provide valid email addresses and contacts which are still in use so connecting with our leads will lead you somewhere. Our metaverse is growing bigger and bigger every day so when you enter into our metaverse you will merge yourself with it and that will lead you to more leads. 

What is a Pinterest scraper by LeadStal?

A Pinterest Scraper is an extracting tool that scrapes information about users, posts, pins, shares, etc on Pinterest. It automatically gathers data from this image-sharing and social media service designed to enable the saving and discovery of images, animated GIFs, and videos. 

How to extract data from Pinterest?

You can download our LeadStal extension and add it to your browser. After adding our extension to your browser, when you visit Pinterest and want to extract data from it, you can search for any specific topic in Pinterest, and then you can click on our LeadStal button and our software will generate the leads for you, you can also filter the results according to your choice by customization. 

There is another way as well to extract data, and that is - you can visit a profile of your choice and you can get the list of that profiles followers and who he/she follows with their email id and social media handles. You can also export the list as a .csv file to use later on. 

IG Scrapper and Email Finder By LeadStal:

Instagram Scrapper search results can be scraped for all forms of Instagram information. It may also scrape information about Instagram followers and followings, along with likes, comments, hashtags, and location, from any profile that is searched. Users of Instagram and advertisers are permitted to download CSV files that contain information from various companies. The following data will be included in this tool:

  • Username 
  • Display Picture 
  • Full Name
  • Profile confidentiality
  • Number of Followers 
  • Number of Followed
  • Average Likes and Comments
  • User Bio
  • Estimated Post Engagement
  • Post Price
  • Story Price
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Location

      Email Validator: 

      LeadStal Email Validator is a real-time email authentication tool that can be used to check and verify your single and mass email lists. Its very user-friendly software. Simply type in your email address and press the check button. It displays whether the email address is legitimate or not. Any email address can be authenticated using our brilliant email validator.


      There are two unique types of features; One is a free single email address validator, which allows you to authenticate single emails online. 

      Two, a mass email address validator,  that enables you to paste a maximum list of 100 email addresses or upload a list of .csv files with numerous email addresses. Youll also be able to export your desired list into a .csv file according to your search in exchange for a fee for this premium feature. With a single click, it will check your inputted email addresses just in a sec. 

      Valid Emails:

      You can check the validity of your desired email addresses in this powerful tool. It will show you the authenticity of email addresses whether theyre valid or invalid. We offer you legit results so you wont have to worry about a bounce back!

      Email Finder:

      LeadStal Email Finder retrieves emails from any website or company with a simple click! Anyone can easily search for any valid email and export it in a CSV file with the aid of our robust email finder tool.

      And whats the easiest way to use this websites email finder? Simple: Simply enter your desired domain name (for example, and click the Find Emails button. Youll receive all of the domains contact emails.


      There are two different features, one is the Website Email Finder and the other is the Personal Email Finder.

      In Website Email Finder, if you enter any companys official and valid website into the box below, youll be able to obtain their email addresses. You can either search for a single entry or multiple entries. You can also upload a list of entries into a .csv file and also export your desired results into a .csv file to save for later.

      And in the Personal Email Finder, youll be able to find an employees personal email address company. All you have to do is put that persons valid first and last names and their companys website. 

      Find Emails:

      This tool not only finds the email addresses of a company or a person but also validates them. Our tool always provides you with an authentic email address with a 0% bounce-back rate!

      LeadStal Email Template:

      Our LeadStal Email Template is a tool that helps you to find various types of email formats that you can copy and use to write your own email, all you have to do is replace the sentences or words with your own. 
      Description: Struggling to write emails? Worry no more! LeadStal Email Template is here to help you. We provide various kinds of email formats that you can copy and write your own email, just copy the formats and insert your own writings into it with a simple click.


      Ultra Fast Lead Collection:

      They are the fastest in the business when it comes to gathering leads. There is no need to sit in front of your computer for hours to get your following list.

      Laser-targeted Emails:

      Sick and tired of leads that dont fit your company? Theyll present you with the most suitable options. Thus, more of those prospects end up becoming open-wallet customers.

      No Email Bounces:

      Sick of emailing nonexistent email addresses? Well, thats it for now. Theyll test to see if each lead is real before sending you the emails.

      Unbelievable Prices:

      Their rivals perform comparable work for 10X or more of what they charge. However, while working with them, you can get better service at a much lower price.

      Technical expertise is not required:

      There are way too many sophisticated tools. But theyre unique. Anybody, regardless of their professional expertise, can utilize this tool with ease.

      Multiple Platforms:

      For the purpose of generating leads, we created solutions for a variety of platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Maps. We created unique tools for each platform so you could use them with ease.


      $9.99/M2800 Credits/Month
      $35/M10,000 Credits/Month
      $250/M100,000 Credits/Month
      Fact:1 Credit = 1 Authentic lead you wont be charged by LeadStal for any false leads. If your lead had email addresses, phone numbers, or both, they would only charge you one credit.

      2. MailChimp:

      One of the most well-known email marketing automation systems, MailChimp has a ton of capabilities that let you make customized and transactional emails that send whenever triggered by a particular occasion, date, or activity.

      Mailchimp Logo

      With the wide set of layout and segmentation features included with this service, its simple to educate, encourage, and connect your contacts even if youre not around via automated emails.

      You may connect with prospects at all times using MailChimp, and you can progressively convert browsers into devoted customers.


      • Send-time improvement
      • Automation of customer journeys
      • Automation based on behavior
      • Automation based on data
      • transient emails
      • RSS-to-email


      Free plan available 10,000 sends per month (daily limit of 2,000)
      Marketing Essentials starts at $11/month based on 500 contacts.
      Mailchimps pricing page allows you to calculate your customized monthly sending limit and cost.

      G2 Rating: 4.3 out of 5 with 11,627 reviews

      Amazon SES:

      Amazon SES allows businesses of all sizes to customize their content to better engage their customers.

      There are several ways to integrate and send emails directly from this service, including the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) interface, AWS, or the Amazon SES UI.


      • Options for sending configuration
      • solutions for flexible deployment
      • Spam detector
      • Emails with click-through monitoring for transactions
      • Security and Sender Identity Management


      $0.10 per 1000 emails sent
      $0.12 per GB attachment sent

      G2 Rating:  4.3 out of 5 with 142 reviews

      3. SendinBlue:

      A fantastic all-in-one program that offers both SMS and email marketing services is SendinBlue.

      Based on the actions your customers take on your website or in your app, it enables you to create personalized workflows with automatic emails.

      Additionally, you can automate procedures like customer reactivation, nurturing of leads, and welcome messages.


      • Lead Scoring
      • Automation workflow designer
      • Tracking of site visitors
      • Management of leads
      • Analytics and Reporting
      • A/B testing
      • Segmentation


      Free: Up to 300 emails per day
      Lite: $25 per month for 10,000 Email volume
      Premium: $65 per month for 20,000 Email volume
      Enterprise: Custom pricing

       G2 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 with 1,420 reviews

      4. SalesHandy:

      For organizations and sales teams, SalesHandy automates and monitors email outreach from Gmail & Outlook.

      You can handle email monitoring, timing, and mail merge campaigns from a single dashboard.

      Your prospect email strategy will be simplified by some of its capabilities, including automated notifications and link monitoring, but it also necessitates a more active approach.


      • Tracking links for email marketing
      • Double tick alerts in real-time
      • No limit to the number of emails that opens
      • Pre-written Gmail email templates
      • Automated emails to follow-up


      Free plan: With unlimited email tracking, up to 3 team members
      Regular plan: Starting from $9 per month
      Plus plan: Starting from $22 per month
      Enterprise plan: Starting from $49 per month

      G2 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 with 142 reviews

      6. Zendesk:

      One of the greatest help desk applications is Zendesk, the most thorough automated ticketing system.

      All of your client interactions are displayed in a single, dynamic interface with this customer automation platform, which also provides web widgets, templates for ticket responses, and user history.

      Your customers experience is enhanced by Zendesks unified agent workspace, which offers quicker and more individualized support.


      • Automated chat assistance
      • Activity tracking and dashboard
      • Automatic responses to tickets
      • Bots with knowledge bases
      • Experience with self-service


      Support-only plan: $19 per agent/month
      Suite plan: $49 per agent/month

      G2 Rating:  4.3 out of 5 with 3,578 reviews

      7. ProPofs Help Desk Software:

      The IBM cloud-based hosting platform for ProProfs Help Desk has strong automation tools like ProProfs live chat, a built-in knowledge base, and a survey creator.

      Its multi-functional features, including a shared inbox, pre-written responses, automatic ticketing, and integrations, greatly enhance your ability to provide superior customer care.


      • Real-time communication
      • Automatic reactions
      • Reporting & Analytics Survey maker 
      • Knowledge base management
      • Multi-channel communication


      Free plan: with one user access
      Essentials: $15 per month (Yearly plan)
      Premium: $20 per month (Yearly plan)

      G2 Rating: 4.5 out of 5 with 32 reviews

      8. Zoho Desk:

      Another platform for workflow automation that you may use for business expansion is Zoho.

      To provide you with the greatest customer support service possible, it automatically prioritizes the record number of tickets you receive through various sources.

      Zoho Desk can also be tailored for your company in order to guarantee client pleasure.


      • Automatic reaction
      • Access limitations
      • Facilitated scripting
      • Channel integration across several
      • Automatic and customized ticket handling


      Standard plan: $14 per agent/month.
      Professional plan: $23 per agent/month.
      Enterprise plan: $40 per agent/month.

      G2 Rating: 4.4 out of 5 with 3,567 reviews

      9. Azuredesk:

      Azuredesk offers full integration services, an AI-powered knowledge base, and cloud-based automation to ensure consistent management across your various platforms.

      Including all kinds of enterprise-class enterprises that want to automate their operations at a low cost to users, the software provides a number of must-have features.

      It has third-party connections with JIRA, Olark, Slack, Charge Desk, and other services, as well as a ticketing system for tracking support incidents.


      • Automatic action
      • Live Talk
      • Adaptable branding
      • A knowledge base backed by AI
      • A self-service interface for managing numerous tickets easily


      One plus plan for all: $33/user/month (Yearly plan)

      G2 Rating:  4.6 out of 5 with 21 reviews

      10. SimilarWeb:

      A well-known BI tool called SimilarWeb Pro for competitive web measurement and online intelligence aids companies in making smarter judgments when formulating long- or short-term goals.

      Businesses may increase their own traffic and find new ways to reach larger consumers by studying website traffic.


      • View device traffic share
      • Competitor networks and display adverts
      • Website traffic comparison side by side
      • Detailed examination of the keywords of competitors
      • Tool for keyword research
      • Keywords for Google Analytics


      Free plan with limited access to historical data
      Premium plan: Get detailed information about this plan from their agents

      G2 Rating: 4.4 out of 5 with 214 reviews

      11. Woopra:

      To improve the customer experience, Woopra combines marketing automation and customer analytics. Because interactions are targeted and constant, customers will find them to be more valuable and relevant.

      You may create a centralized, real-time repository of all your consumer data using the Woopra platform, which 


      • Reports on Travel and Retention
      • Segmenting behavior
      • Individual event tracking
      • Conventional event tracking
      • Management of users, roles, and access


      Free plan with limited features
      Startup plan: $349 per month
      Pro plan: $999 per month

      G2 Rating:  4.4 out of 5 with 174 reviews

      12. Adobe Analytics:

      Adobe Analytics gives you real-time reports so you can optimize your website.

      You may combine, filter, and analyze data from any point in the customer journey with this application, which analyzes data in accordance with Adobe Cloud. 

      Additionally, it provides flexible reporting and predictive analytics.


      • Reporting in real-time
      • Trending
      • Backward-looking reporting
      • Segmenting the market
      • conventional event tracking


      You can get detailed information about pricing from their agents.

      G2 Rating: 4.1 out of 5 with 825 reviews

      13. Grammarly:

      One of the greatest tools for producing content is Grammarly, which checks for grammar mistakes, misspellings, plagiarism, and tone.

      Grammarly can assist you in making sure your material is free of errors so it will rank higher on search engines and offer a decent user experience for your visitors.


      • Plagiarism detection
      • Editor of Style Citation finder
      • Idea endorsement
      • Creating content
      • Creation of forms


      Free plan with limited features
      Monthly Subscription: $30 USD/month
      Quarterly Subscription: $60 USD/three months (billed as one payment)
      Annual Subscription: $144 USD/one year (billed as one payment)

      G2 Rating: 4.6 out of 5 with 1,103 reviews

      14. Wordtune:

      With the use of cutting-edge AI techniques and language models that comprehend the meaning and interpretation of the written text, Wordtune was developed.

      Wordtune stands out as the first AI-based writing companion thanks to these models, which go well beyond simple grammar and spelling corrections to assist you in expressing your own ideas in words.


      • Grammar review
      • Tone inspector
      • Sentence structure
      • Fashion Editor
      • Rephrase the sentence.
      • Autocorrect
      • Plagiarism detection
      • Engagement indicators


      Free plan: Start with limited basics
      Premium plan: $9.99/ month billed annually

      G2 Rating: 4.7 out of 5 with 15 reviews

      15. uses artificial intelligence to make copywriting quicker and easier. In essence, this utility creates your copy automatically.

      It guarantees that the duplicate it produces sounds as genuine as possible. Among the options offered by the software, you can modify the information you prefer and then modify it to suit your demands.


      • Merchandise descriptions
      • Blog entries
      • Facebook adverts
      • Startup imitates the brands value proposition
      • Sales copy for emails
      • Social Media captions


      Free trial available with limited features
      Premium plans: start at $35 per month

      G2 Rating:  4.9 out of 5 with 16 reviews

      Tools for CRM & Help Desk Automation:

      By using software to automate workflows and operations, customer service automation reduces the need for human interaction when responding to client inquiries.

      The software assists users in handling a variety of issues, including order changes, bug reports, finding opening hours, and other issues, with the aid of conventional rules plus artificial intelligence (AI).

      Tools for Lead Analytics and Data Collection:

      If you are confident that your lead generation attempts are serving your goals and intents, they will be more effective.

      Analytics and data collection technologies offer useful information, including information on reach, engagement, load times, and bounce rates.

      As a result, you may monitor all of these statistics and utilize them to enhance your performance in general.

      Tools for Content Marketing:

      Creating content is an excellent strategy to increase your websites organic traffic and lead production.

      However, producing interesting content might eventually take a lot of effort and be difficult.

      To make this process as simple as feasible for your staff, you should be knowledgeable about and utilize the appropriate tools.


      Good lead generation and marketing techniques are essential for business success, but managing everything at once is nearly impossible. Therefore, you require automation!

      Weve compiled a list of the top 15 lead-generating automation tools and programs in a variety of areas that will boost team efficiency and business expansion.

      But bear in mind that using just one tactic wont make your lead generation boost overnight.

      Consider enhancing the websites highlighted categories, then watch for results to appear gradually.

      We would like to thank you for reading and being with us. If you have any feedback then please let us know in the comments below!


      Automated Lead Generation260/$21.97
      Lead Automation140/$20.17
      How to automate lead generation30/$21.71

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