Amanda Alston

Amanda Alston – EliteEmailSoftware.com

Amanda Alston is a very hardworking and dedicated person. She is passionate about writing and technology, also one of our most tech-savvy writers. 

She has first-hand knowledge of editing articles and writing, polishing blogs, enhancing content, and guiding website owners through the procedures necessary to build a successful online presence. She now combines her significant writing expertise with her technical knowledge to break down some of the trickiest areas that intimidate inexperienced website owners as well as those that intrigue seasoned engineers among the EliteEmailSoftware readership.

Johnny Pellham – EliteEmailSoftware.com

Johnny Pellham is an extremely attentive and committed person. He has a good attachment to both technology and writing. He is one of our writers who are most tech knowledgeable.
He has his first experience editing writing and papers, increasing content on blogging, and helping website owners through the steps required to create a strong internet business. He now uses his significant technical knowledge with his writing skills to analyze some of the difficult topics that attract both experienced engineers and beginner website owners among the users of EliteEmailSoftware.